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    [See more at: http://www.turkradio.us/adrasan ] x0x Adrasan By ERSIN DEMIREL The Bay of Adrasan, whose spellbinding beauty attracts nature lovers, is one of
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      [See more at: http://www.turkradio.us/adrasan ]

      x0x Adrasan


      The Bay of Adrasan, whose spellbinding beauty attracts nature lovers, is
      one of the Mediterranean's hidden treasures. A nyone who has gone from
      Antalya to Kumluca will know. About 100 km down the road when you look in
      the direction of the sea, a lake appears, surrounded by green mountains
      with a beach in the shape of a bow. If you heed the irresistible call of
      the water and take the sharply curving road from the turnoff for Olimpos,
      a pleasant surprise awaits you. The 22-km road goes first to Cavuskoy,
      then, winding through orange groves and greenhouses, it ends at a bay with
      pine trees nestled against the Beydaglari mountains. This is Adrasan Bay,
      which preserves its splendid beauty like a precious treasure, offering its
      blessings only to privileged nature lovers.


      The buildings at Adrasan, which was incorporated as a township in 1996,
      have been withdrawn 100 m from the shore in keeping with a new zoning
      ordinance. The 2-km strip of beach lined with hotels, pensions and
      restaurants is permeated with fascinating natural beauty. With its
      silhouette like a kneeling camel, Elig Tepesi, a hill which is an
      extension of Musa Dagi to the east, adds an unusual aspect to the beach.
      The view of the bay is spectacular from the top of the hill, an hour's
      walk away. And from the old mine on the hill, which is covered with pine
      trees on the west, you can get an unmatched panoramic view encompassing
      both Elig Tepesi and Tahtali Dagi. Two tiny streams empty into the sea at
      points on either side of the bay. Early risers will catch an unforgettable
      view of the sun suddenly bursting out of the sea like a big orange tree.
      While walking on the beach at sunrise, you can collect the brownish yellow
      screw shells that are unique to Adrasan. The crystalline sea, visible to a
      depth of 25 m, offers optimal conditions for diving and underwater
      photography. And surfing, water skiing, paddle boats and canoeing are also
      available. But the most popular part of Adrasan is the stream of the same
      name, which is lined with pensions reached by small wooden suspension
      bridges reminiscent of the bridges over the Bosphorus at Istanbul.

      These authentically furnished 'pavilions' on the water, which is peopled
      by perpetually ravenous ducks, offer an unusual atmosphere.

      Acting like a natural air conditioner, a special current over the stream
      disperses the humidity and provides a cool breeze even in the sweltering
      heat of summer.


      The boats swaying gracefully along the shore offer holiday-makers two
      equally magnificent routes for a 'blue cruise'. On the first, the boats
      head for an island off Cape Gelidonya, Suluada, which is known for its
      natural springs that can cure kidney ailments. The island also boasts a
      beach the color of bottle glass with tiny white pebbles, which is a refuge
      for the Mediterranean seal. Boats proceeding parallel to Suluada are in
      for a big surprise. The last stop on this cruise, which passes through a
      narrow tunnel wide enough for only small boats, is Kelleci Bay, where
      natural spring water seeps down from the rocks and the beach has
      coarse-grain sand. The second route includes Gemleyik, an interesting
      fjord, as well as a phosphorescent blue cave and the bays of Ceneviz and
      Sazak on either side of the peninsula. This cruise ends with Cirali Bay
      and a tour of the ancient city of Olympos. The walking paths around
      Adrasan Bay, where the pine trees grow down to the sea, provide another
      alternative for those seeking escape from the sun. The dirt road on the
      left goes to Sazak Bay, two hours from Adrasan. The hill behind this bay,
      which is one of the frequent routes of yachts setting out on a 'blue
      cruise', provides a matchless view of both Sazak and Ceneviz Bays. The
      road to the right of Adrasan Bay will take you first to a tiny cove where
      boats moor in winter and then to the tiny Adrasan lighthouse at the point.
      A pleasant two and a half hour hike along the 'Lycian Way' trekking route,
      which is indicated by red and white signs, will bring you to the ancient
      city of Olympos at the summit of Musa Dagi, where you can breathe the air
      of the ancient city as you stroll amidst the ruins.


      But you can't come to Adrasan without seeing Cape Gelidonya. A day trip
      will let you enjoy the Mediterranean's endless beauty from early morning
      to dusk. The first stop on this trip is Cape Gelidonya (Kirlangic), which
      constitutes the eastern tip of the Bay of Antalya.

      An approximately 25-minute walk will bring travelers with a passion for
      discovery to a fairytale realm -Gelidonya Lighthouse, a narrow strip of
      land piercing the heart of the Mediterranean, and the Besadalar islands
      that surround it. On the return you can take a break for a swim at tiny,
      secluded Korsan Bay, where the ruins of the ancient city of Melanippe are
      located. The landing at Papaz Iskelesi is ideal for cooling off. After
      Gelidonya peninsula and countless bays with views of the Besadalar, you
      will come to the summer houses at Mavikent, adorned with colorful flower
      boxes and built on wooden stilts with wheels against the threat of

      And don't forget to bid the Mediterranean blue a final farewell from the
      hill with the ruins. Pleasantly exhausted, you're ready now to begin your
      return ... until the beauty here, of which you can never get enough, calls
      you back once again.

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