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x0x Climbers' dance with the rocks of Aladaglar

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    [See more: http://www.turkradio.us/aladaglar/ ] x0x Climbers dance with the rocks of Aladaglar GOKSEL BOZKURT ANKARA - Turkish Daily News A journey to the
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      [See more: http://www.turkradio.us/aladaglar/ ]

      x0x Climbers' dance with the rocks of Aladaglar


      ANKARA - Turkish Daily News

      A journey to the peak of a mountain is like lovers endlessly courting
      each other, an outdoor courtship full of fantastic surprises, as far as
      rock climbing is concerned. In every phase of climbing, a mountain climber
      sees each rock like a step to be experienced and enjoyed instead of an
      enemy to be fought. It is as if climbing were like two lovers dancing to
      the symphonic voice of the wind. Reaching the peak of the mountain is the
      climax of this courting process between the two lovers. Applause erupts
      from nature when sunlight brightens the lovers. Greetings are made and the
      dance ends.

      Mountain climbing is one of the most challenging and exciting branches
      of climbing and is an exhilarating experience. It requires experience,
      necessary gear and, most important of all, patience. Each rock the climber
      attempts to reach is a step closer to the peak. This thin line between
      life and death can only be overcome with determination and the climber's
      knowledge that a rock is as forgiving as it is impenetrable.

      For those who think the summit of a mountain is a photo they can hang in
      their living rooms, the climber and the rock may appear as two eternal
      rivals fighting to overcome each other. However, the mountain climber and
      the mountain know well that this is not the case. They are two friends and
      lovers. They have nothing against each other. This is why a mountain
      climber feels free, at home and at peace only when he is near a mountain,
      in a camp or at the summit.

      A climber comes before the mountain equipped with pegs, carbine, chock,
      hammer, specially woven ropes in his backpack… His aim is to reach the
      peak by conquering the challenging route. Before he takes the first step,
      he thinks about the route he has already climbed 10 times before in his
      mind. The only things on his mind now are the mountain and the route. The
      mountain, rising hundreds of meters before him, and the risks he is about
      to face are not so important because he knows how to approach the mountain
      and how to touch it with a belief and knowledge that his friend will never
      betray him.

      The climber is ready for the days and hours of exciting, but at the same
      time exhausting, experiences that lie before him. Contrary to common
      belief, an experienced climber takes no chances. This is no death-defying
      experience for him. All risks are assessed and all precautions taken
      before the trip begins.

      A climber has to overcome the sun during the day and freezing
      temperatures at night. A climber pushes on as the sun warms and winds burn
      his face. He eats his food and sleeps while sitting on a rock.

      If one has to climb with a team, a main safety station is established at
      the starting point of the route. The lead climber begins to climb up alone
      while a friend mans the security station below. Now is the time to begin
      the exhilarating dance accompanied by the symphonic whisper of the wind.
      This dance, which one wishes will never end, goes on rising through the
      deep blue of the sky…

      Climbing becomes a struggle of a conscious mind and that the risk of
      which is reduced to the minimum… Every piece of rock or crack he reaches
      is like a lover who the climber falls for, entrusts his life to.

      The Aladaglar (Crimson Mountains) in Nigde are among the most popular
      mountains in Turkey in terms of mountain-climbing routes. Climbers feel
      content with this mountain range because many friends are already there to
      embrace them… The most challenging and untouched rocks are the Demirkazik
      North Wall at 700 meters and Parmak Kaya. Many climbing routes at various
      levels of difficulty await climbers discovering them. However, climbers
      feel different on these two rocks… The picture of happiness is portrayed
      there… Endless deep blues are met there…

      Aladaglar awaits you with the pleasures of generous nature and adds one
      more victory in its history with its magnificent Demirkazik Kuzey Duvari,
      Yedigoller (Seven Lakes), Kapuzbasi waterfalls, Celikbuyduran waters…

      First ascent to Demirkazik North Wall in 1991:

      In September 1991 Ertugrul Melikoglu was the first to climb the
      Demirkazik North Wall, which was thought to be almost impossible to climb.
      Giyasettin Demirhan and Murat Yildirim followed Melikoglu and ascended the
      summit a week later in the beginning of October 1991. Thus they motivated
      other young climbers to climb Demirkazik, for years considered a dangerous


      The Aladaglar Mountains form part of the central Taurus range running
      from the southwest to the northeast of southern Turkey. The long range is
      situated in the provinces of Nigde and Adana with peaks of approximately
      3,700 meters in height. Aladaglar's summit is usually reached from the
      boundaries of the Camardi and Cukurbag villages in Nigde. There is a
      chalet under the supervision of the General Directorate of Youth and
      Sports in Demirkazik Village.

      Among the important peaks are Demirkazik (3,756 meters), Kizilkaya
      (3,725), Direktas (3,510), Kaldi (3,688), Guzeller (3,461) and Vayvay Hill

      The Big and Little Seven Lakes located in the Yedi Goller (Seven Lakes)
      region offer beautiful scenery, especially in spring and summer. The
      Kapuzbasi waterfall, which lies 15 kilometers from Barazama Village is a
      magnificent natural treasure that is worth visiting. Those who don't know
      the region and are inexperienced would be well advised to ask
      professionals to accompany them.

      Copyright 2006, Turkish Daily News. This article is redistributed with
      permission for personal use of TurkC-L readers. No part of this article
      may be reproduced, further distributed or archived without the prior
      permission of the publisher. Contact: Turkish Daily News Online on the
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