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x0x Turkish news for week ending 01 October 2005

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    {20051001trh.txt} x0x Turkish news for week ending 01 October 2005 [Best when viewed with the courier font.]
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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 01 October 2005

      [Best when viewed with the courier font.]

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      Edited by Gokce Gokalp

      * According to the daily Sabah, speaking after
      returning from his official visit to the United Arab
      Emirates on Thursday, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip
      Erdogan stated that Turkey would not accept any
      additional or different conditions to begin accession
      talks with the European Union.
      He added that Ankara would reject any alternative to
      full membership. The premier stated that a privileged
      partnership option was out of the question, adding that
      Turkey, on the eve of beginning its accession talks on
      Monday, wanted only full membership in the end.

      * In an interview with the Turkish daily Hurriyet
      published Friday, Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair
      reiterated his support for Turkey's European Union
      membership bid. "We have to begin the negotiations for
      Turkey's accession," he told the newspaper. "Afterwards
      there will be a lot of ups and downs, which is
      inevitable in such a process", he added.
      "The accession of a large, important country like
      Turkey to the European Union is an important issue.
      But there is determination, and moreover Turkey is an
      honor for the European Union. For two reasons I am
      personally in favor of Turkey's membership in the
      European Union. First, Europe will benefit, not
      retreating into itself. Economic and political
      integration will make the world a better place. Second,
      Turkey is a country, which can be a bridge between
      Europe and Arab countries," Mr. Blair said.

      * The Turkish-American business Council briefed Tuesday
      in Istanbul a delegation of US senators visiting
      Turkey. The senators were in Turkey to hold a series of
      official and unofficial meetings with Turkish officials
      on recent developments in Turkey.
      Speaking to reporters, California State Senator Bob
      Margett said that Turkey and the US were close allies
      sharing common interests, adding that the US would
      continue to back Turkey's European Union membership to
      the end, reported the daily Turkiye.

      * According to the Turkish daily Sabah, speaking at a
      ceremony at the Turkish Language Council marking the
      73rd Turkish Language Festival Monday, President Ahmet
      Necdet Sezer stated that the Turks shouldn't forget
      that if the Turkish language degenerates, then its
      social structure and unity would also suffer.
      "Today leaders, actors, and writers should all strive
      to use our rich language Turkish correctly. Everyone
      should use Turkish correctly and try to improve it, "
      he stated.

      * Speaking at the Turkish War Academy Monday to mark
      the new education year, Turkey's Land Forces Commander
      Gen. Yasar Buyukanit stated that Turkey was faced with
      two threats, namely reactionary actions and terrorism.
      He added that he condemned those who characterized
      the Turkish Armed Forces fight against the terrorist
      group Kurdish Worker's Party aggressive military
      operations, reported the daily Sabah.

      * According to the daily Sabah, the southern Turkish
      province of Hatay with its ethnically and religiously
      diverse population is now hosting the First Meeting of
      In his address at the opening of the five-day
      gathering on Sunday, Turkish Prime Minister Recep
      Tayyip Erdogan stated that people from different
      faiths, languages and races should live together in
      peace in the World.
      Present at the meeting were scholars, leaders of
      Turkey's Greek Orthodox, Jewish and Armenian
      communities, and ambassadors from 45 countries.

      * According to the use reports published in the Turkish
      dailies Star and Turkiye, Turkey's economy minister and
      chief European Union negotiator Mr. Ali Babacan stated
      that "Turkey will not accept the European Union's
      negotiations framework if it includes unfair
      provisions" in Washington on Sunday.
      Mr. Babacan told a group of international investors
      in a closed-door meeting that some European Union
      countries were trying to attach unjust and irrelevant
      provisions to Turkey's negotiations framework document.
      Mr. Babacan reportedly stated that Ankara wouldn't
      accept such a document and warned that should such
      provisions be included, its negotiations with the
      European Union might not begin on Oct. 3. Mr. Babacan
      also stated that Turkey isn't happy with the draft
      framework and will conduct intense diplomacy over the
      next week in order to change it.
      In related news, Mr. Babacan met with International
      Monetary Fund Managing Director Rodrigo Rato.
      International Monetary Fund First Deputy Managing
      Director Anne Krueger and Turkish Central Bank
      President Sureyya Serdengecti also attended the
      Mr. Babacan also met with Austria's Finance Minister
      Karl-Heinz Grasser, US Treasury Undersecretary Tim
      Adams and Europe Investment Bank President Philippe


      Edited by Hilal Koc

      * The Turkish National Library will be displaying the
      World's first and only private miniature book
      collection in Turkey's capital Ankara from October
      According to a statement released on Monday by the
      Turkish Culture and Arts Joint Management Project,
      the collection, compiled by Azerbaijani collector
      Zarife Salahova over a period of 20 years, consists of
      more than 4,000 books published in 48 countries.
      Books on Turkic nations that are also members of
      Turkish Culture and Arts Joint Management Project
      such as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and
      Tataristan, will make up the majority of the exhibit.
      The exhibition will also feature micro-sized
      publications of World -renowned literary works.
      The oldest piece in the exhibit dates back to 1815.
      The smallest piece in the exhibit is 2x2 mm and 16
      pages long; the largest book is only 100x100 mm.

      * Organized by the Goethe Institute in Istanbul and
      Lamia Congress & Event Management, the Cabaret Nights
      series presents Django Asül, a Turkish stand-up
      comedian living in Bavaria, on October 1.
      "Cabaret King" Asül, who performs more than 300 shows
      per year, is one of the most important names on the
      German cabaret scene. He will be on stage for the first
      time in Turkey and will perform his new solo show
      "Hard-liner" for a German-speaking audience in
      Mercedes Benz Turk is the main sponsor of Cabaret
      Nights. Siemens, Osram and Lufthansa are also
      sponsoring the show, which takes place four times a
      year at the historic Teutonia building in Tünel
      district, a classic meeting place of Germans in
      The audience will comprise Germans, Austrians, Swiss
      and other German-speaking peoples. Beer, an
      indispensable drink of both cabaret and German culture,
      will be offered by Beck's during the show.

      * Mary Lee Settle, novelist and founder of the
      Pen/Faulkner award for fiction, has died from lung
      cancer aged 87.
      Ms. Settle died on Tuesday at her home in Ivy, said
      Jessica Neely, executive director of the Washington,
      D.C.-based PEN/Faulkner award.
      Ms. Settle founded the annual award in 1981 to honor
      the best work of fiction by an American author.
      While Settle won the National Book award in 1978 for
      "Blood Tie," a novel about Europeans and American
      expatriates living in Turkey, she was perhaps best
      known for "The Beulah Quintet." The five-book series
      traces a family's history from 17th century England to
      West Virginia in the 1980s.
      Ms. Settle loved Turkey, where she spent many years.
      She collected her observations of Turks, Turkish
      Culture and history in a book titled "Turkish
      Reflections" that got published in 1996.

      * Turkish violinist Cihat Askin, a member of Istanbul
      Technical University's State Conservatory, has been
      training 28 talented children from seven provinces in
      Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to
      play the violin as part of the "Cihat Askin and His
      Young Friends" project.
      While attending the Mersin Music Festival, Mr. Askin
      told the Anatolia news agency that the aim of his
      project was to gather and educate children who have the
      ability to play the violin, adding that they started
      the project with support from the Turkish State
      Conservatory, selecting Northwest Turkish city of Bursa
      as the first pilot region in 2001.
      "What I am doing is getting all the children
      together, aged between 8 and 16, and providing
      cultural exchanges through the project. For instance, a
      young genius from Northwestern border province of
      Edirne can meet talented people from southern
      Mediterranean province of Mersin. The children glow
      with excitement of the prospect of playing on stage,"
      said Mr. Askin.
      He said both he and his colleagues from various
      conservatories around Turkey contact teachers to
      discover which children have the potential to play the
      violin. "Children chosen from Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir,
      Mersin, Bursa, Edirne, Denizli and the Turkish Republic
      of Northern Cyprus will continue their education in
      their hometowns, and every month we will get all the
      children together and rehearse for three days in
      preparation of upcoming concerts," said Mr. Askin.
      Mr. Askin said they would start performing concerts
      on October 1 in the Turkish Republic of Northern
      Cyprus and move on to Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Denizli,
      Bursa and Mersin.

      * The Turkish Polyphonic Choir Association is
      recruiting new choir members through auditions
      conducted by a jury in Ankara. A musical background is
      not required to audition, although an interest in music
      is desired.
      There are six choir groups under the umbrella of the
      Turkish Polyphonic Choir Association:

      -- The preschool children's choir,
      -- The youth choir,
      -- The children's [above the age 9] choir,
      -- The girls' choir,
      -- The association choir and
      -- The adults' choir.

      Auditions for the preschool children's and the
      children's choir will be conducted on Saturday, the
      youth choir audition on October 8, the adults' on
      October 9, the girls' on October 9 and the association
      on October 13.
      Interested parties can select from among the groups
      according to age and music knowledge and apply for
      the relevant audition.
      The only restriction is that audition participants
      for the association choir must know solfege, the
      process of assigning syllables to degrees or steps of
      the diatonic scale.
      Members of the Turkish Radio and Television Ankara
      Youth Choir established both the association and the
      choirs in 1989. The association choir was the first to
      be formed, followed by the children's choir, the youth
      choir, the girls' choir and the pre-school children's
      choir, the last of which is unique in Turkey.
      Choirs affiliated with the Turkish Polyphonic Choir
      Association have given more than 100 concerts since
      its founding.
      The choirs attend music festivals and give concerts
      during festivals and special occasions both in Turkey
      and abroad.
      For further information Web site
      http://www.polifonik.org .

      * The opening night of the 42nd Annual Antalya Golden
      Orange Film Festival has been postponed due to
      thunderstorms in the area.
      Actors, musicians and guests are expected to walk the
      red carpet accompanied by a concert by famed Turkish
      singer Sezen Aksu on Sunday.
      Among the invited guests are German actress Nastassja
      Kinski, David Carradine, Peter O'Toole, Mathilda May,
      director John Irvin, Terence Stamp, Woody Harrelson,
      Chinese actor Yeo-reum Han and Michael Madsen.
      Mr. Madsen will also serve as a judge. Ms. Catherine
      Deneuve, who was set to receive a lifetime
      achievement award will be unable to attend but will be
      sending her daughter in her place.
      Award-winners will receive monetary compensation this
      year, which is set at approximately $250,000 in local


      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in New Turkish Liras: 1.34


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey----------: 79/52 Partly Cloudy
      Antalya, on the Mediterranean------: 81/70 Showers
      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey---: 79/59 Partly Cloudy
      Izmir, on the Aegean---------------: 73/63 Showers
      Trabzon, on the Black Sea----------: 79/63 Partly Cloudy

      Seawater temperatures

      Black Sea measured at Trabzon 73
      Marmara Sea measured at Tekirdag 72
      Aegean Sea measured at Bodrum 75
      Mediterranean Sea measured at Alanya 79


      *** The Alaturka restaurant underwrote today's program,
      where gourmet Turkish cooking is an art:

      869 Geary St, (cross street Larkin)
      in San Francisco

      For reservations: (415) 345-1011


      {A$agidaki duyuru haberlerden SONRA yayinlanacak}

      *** Turkish American Association of California has partially
      underwritten today's program. TAAC is a non-profit
      charitable organization established to promote better
      understanding between Americans and Turks.

      If you have any questions about Turks and Turkey,
      give them a call: 1-415-646-0946

      or e-mail them at taac@...


      Turkish American association of California is cordially inviting you to the
      celebrations of the 82nd anniversary of the foundation of the Turkish

      The celebrations will take place on October 29 at Hyatt Regency downtown
      this year.
      Turkish music, Turkish folk dancing and much more!
      Visit to the Turkish American association's Web pages for more details.

      *** Planning to go to Turkey? Take a look at our Web pages
      that are full of articles and information furnished by
      travelers like yourselves:


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      *** Bay Area Turkish Community School started on September 11, 2005

      You still have time to enroll your kids! The next session of the school will
      be tomorrow.
      Come be a part of the Turkish Community School in the 2005-2006 school year.


      approximately every other
      Sunday 10:30am-12:30pm.


      - Help our children develop their Turkish speaking, reading, writing and
      comprehension skills.
      - Introduce them to the Turkish culture, values, traditions and history.
      - Help develop a feeling of community among Turkish-American children.
      -> or come volunteer with us to help us continue this effort that's starting
      its 16th year .


      Bay Area Turkish Community School is open to

      - Children of ages 5-12 and,
      - Young adults and adults who'd like to volunteer.


      contact: (415) 646-0946,


      North May Turkish Classical Music Ensemble is looking for players
      traditional Turkish classical instruments such as oud, ney,
      tanbur, kanun or kemence, bendir or kudum; or even western
      instruments that easily adapt to Turkish music, such as cello.

      The ensemble is also looking for people who can sing in Turkish,
      or are interested in learning.

      The group is open to anyone with a sincere interest in Turkish

      For details call Hank Levin at 415 492-0728, or email:

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