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x0x Turkish news for week ending 24 September 2005

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    {20050924trh.txt} x0x Turkish news for week ending 24 September 2005 [Best when viewed with the courier font.]
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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 24 September 2005

      [Best when viewed with the courier font.]

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      Edited by Fuad Tokad

      * Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party
      government is under fire from all opposition parties in
      the Turkish Parliament for having approved the
      privatization of the Galataport project by a consortium
      that includes the Ofer Group, which has been
      beleaguered for making a huge profit on its Turkish
      refinery TUPRAS shares after the privatization of 51
      percent of the company, reports the Turkish Daily News.
      Motherland Party Istanbul deputy Mr. Emin Sirin
      submitted a parliamentary question demanding that the
      Galataport privatization tender be annuled, claiming it
      could have been sold for 10 times the amount it was
      actually sold for, namely, $ 4.2 billion
      Speaking at a press conference he asked whether Prime
      Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had met with
      representatives of the Ofer Group during the Davos
      meetings in Switzerland. He said the government had
      abused its powers, claiming the ministers would be
      facing trial at the Council of State in the future for
      their actions. He said Motherland Party was willing to
      support the Republican People's Party if it called for
      a vote of "no confidence" in the government.
      True Path Party Denizli deputy Mr. Ümmet Kandogan
      also called for the Galataport tender to be
      abrogated, asking Finance Minister Kemal Unakitan to
      tell them which companies were invited to take part in
      the tender.
      He said he wanted to learn whether the Offer Group
      winning the Galataport tender and its subsequent
      purchase of 15 percent of TÜPRAS was just a coincidence
      or a pre-arranged plan.
      Republican Peoples Party parliamentary group deputy
      leader Kemal Anadol also asked the government to
      clarify the shadowy parts of the Galataport deal,
      asking whether there had been a meeting at the Prime
      Ministry concerning the tender. He noted that former
      Prime Minister Mesut Yilmaz was facing charges at the
      Supreme State Council over a similar meeting, adding
      they would be using all their power to uncover the
      secrets behind the deal.
      True Path Party leader Mr. Mehmet Agar claimed
      TÜPRAS, Galataport and Kusadasi Port were being given
      away by the government, adding that they would not
      stand for it.
      Mr. Agar said the government was ignoring corruption
      allegations leveled against them. "The company that
      purchased 15 percent of TÜPRAS made $800 million
      overnight. Some say the owner of this company met with
      the prime minister a day before TÜPRAS was privatized.
      Is this true?"
      Mr. Agar also said the Turkish media was coming under
      the control of foreigners, asking for the cancelation
      of all media sales to foreign-based companies.
      Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday
      that he had met with officials from the Ofer Group
      during the Davos Forum in Switzerland but noted that he
      always tries to meet with businessmen in order to
      attract more investment to Turkey.
      Speaking during Faih Altayli's "Teke tek" show on
      Turkish private channel ATV, Mr. Erdogan said it was
      his duty to ensure the country's assets fetched the
      highest possible value, adding that the Ofer Group as a
      huge international tourism concern was in a perfect
      position to maximize the Galataport project. He said
      discussions with Ofer officials were on general issues
      and not on specific projects and added that the Ofer
      offer for Galataport had been twice as much as the
      second highest bid.

      * A report prepared by the Turkish police said 20
      million tablets of synthetic drugs were found
      throughout Turkey in police operations over the last
      five years, the Anatolia news agency reported.
      According to the report, there has been an increase
      in the smuggling of synthetic drugs such as ecstasy
      and Captagon, and 3,444 people were taken into custody.
      The report states that the drugs are being
      distributed throughout Turkey from Istanbul and
      reaching other cities via hidden "caches" in
      tractor-trailers or cars. Most of the ecstasy pills
      were confiscated in Istanbul and in seaside resort
      cities, especially during summer tourist season.
      The report claims ecstasy use has markedly increased
      since 2000. Despite this, drug use in Turkey seems
      quite low when compared to drug use in European


      Edited by Hayal Koc

      * The 9th International Istanbul Biennial, organized by
      the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, is
      continuing and will end on October 30, 2005.
      Over 3000 guests press, critics, curators, and museum
      directors have been participating in the biennial which
      started on September 15. The festival is showcasing 55
      projects by 71 international artists, with the theme
      being "Istanbul" as metaphor, prediction, reality and

      * The 44-year old excavation project still taking place
      in Malatya, in east central Turkey, has led to some
      facsinating findings. Archeologists have unearthed
      numerous ancient artifacts, in addition to the world's
      oldest castle and casket. They hope to turn the site
      into an open-air musuem in the coming years.

      * The New York Times recently published an article by
      Richard Bernstein that introduced Americans to the
      unique archeological artifacts located in Turkey.
      The article focuses on the first Congressional
      building ever built by the Lycian Empire, which was
      recently unearthed in central Turkey.
      Mr. Bernstein states that even the American
      Consitution drew its inspiration from the first
      democratic society of the Lycians.
      The Empire consisted of 23 city-states, each with
      it's own congressional structure. These city-states
      would then send 2-3 representatives to the general
      Empire Congress, very similar to our system in America

      * The 15th Akbank Jazz Festival will be held in
      Istanbul between October 5th and 15th.
      The festival will include world renowned performers
      such as Patricia Barber, Dave Holland, Abdullah
      Ibrahim, Henry Threadgill, as well as the most famous
      names in Turkish jazz, Ilhan Ersahin and Tuna Ötenel.
      Workshops will be organized throughouy the festival,
      and a "Jazz Hour" will take place in the afternoons.

      * The Terry Fox Run, named in honour of Canadian
      amputee runner Terry Fox, will take place this year in
      both Ankara on October 2nd and Istanbul on November
      The eight-kilometer fun-run and walk around the
      campuses of the Middle Eastern Technical University in
      Turkey's capital Ankara and the Istanbul Technical
      University in Istanbul aims to raise money in Terry's
      21 years of age, Terry Fox attempted to run across
      Canada to raise money for cancer research.
      Unfortunately, his journey was cut short, due to
      illness. The Run is an excellent opportunity to
      celebrate Terry's legacy and help keep his dream of a
      cure for cancer alive. All funds raised from the event
      will be forwarded to Turkish Cancer Foundation.

      * Another running event: The Only Marathon to Run
      Between Two Continents, the 27th Intercontinental
      Eurasia Marathon will take place next Sunday, October
      2, 2005.
      There are three seperate races--a 42 km. Marathon
      Run, a 15 km. Run and a Fun Run.
      Anyone who is interested may participate and enjoy
      the view, while getting a good workout.


      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in New Turkish Liras: 1.34


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey----------: 66/55 Showers
      Antalya, on the Mediterranean------: 81/66 Showers
      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey---: 73/63 Showers
      Izmir, on the Aegean---------------: 81/66 Showers
      Trabzon, on the Black Sea----------: 77/68 Showers

      Seawater temperatures

      Black Sea measured at Trabzon 75
      Marmara Sea measured at Tekirdag 75
      Aegean Sea measured at Bodrum 73
      Mediterranean Sea measured at Alanya 79


      * Turkish Soccer Superleague

      Week 6 matches

      Sivasspor 2 - 1 Trabzonspor
      Ankaragucu 1 - 1 Gençlerbirligi
      Kayserispor 3 - 1 Rizespor
      Konyaspor 5 - 1 Diyarbakirspor
      Malatyaspor 0 - 1 Denizlispor
      Ankaraspor 3 - 3 Samsunspor
      Besiktas 1 - 2 Fenerbahçe
      Gaziantepspor 1 - 2 Erciyesspor
      Manisaspor 1 - 4 Galatasaray

      Week 7 matches:

      Trabzonspor 0 - 2 Manisaspor
      Denizlispor Gaziantepspor
      Fenerbahçe Kayserispor
      Gençlerbirligi Malatyaspor
      Ankaraspor Besiktas
      Diyarbakirspor Ankaragucu
      Erciyesspor Sivasspor
      Rizespor Konyaspor
      Samsunspor Galatasaray


      Clubs Pnt
      1 Galatasaray 16
      2 Fenerbahce 14
      3 Kayserispor 12
      4 Erciyespor 12
      5 Trabzonspor 11
      6 Sivasspor 11
      7 Konyaspor 9
      8 Manisaspor 8
      9 Besiktas 8
      10 Gaziantepspor 8
      11 Ankaraspor 7
      12 Samsunspor 5
      13 Denizlispor 5
      14 DiyarbakirSp 5
      15 Rizespor 4
      16 GenclerBir. 4
      17 Ankaragucu 3
      18 Malatyaspor 3

      * Turkey Under-17 soccer team beat Mexico 2-1 at the age group World
      Championship in Peru to top opening round Group B.


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      Turkish American association of California is cordially inviting you to the
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      The celebrations will take place on October 29 at Hyatt Regency downtown
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      Turkish music, Turkish folk dancing and much more!
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      - Help develop a feeling of community among Turkish-American children.
      -> or come volunteer with us to help us continue this effort that's starting
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