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x0x Turkish news for week ending 19 March 2005

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    {20050319trh.txt} x0x Turkish news for week ending 19 March 2005 [Best when viewed with the courier font.]
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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 19 March 2005

      [Best when viewed with the courier font.]

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      By Jan Claire

      * Amid the risk of more landslides in Sugozu village in
      Koyulhisar, Sivas, the Turkish daily Hurriyet reports that
      fifteen people are trapped under the soil. The landslide
      buried 21 houses, according to the Crisis Management
      division of the Turkish Prime Ministry Directorate
      General's office. Nine people have been hospitalized, and
      five additional people were treated and released.
      Anatolia News Agency reported that dozens of rescuers
      were immediately sent to the area, along with earth-moving
      equipment, but they have been unable to get to work with
      the fears their equipment could cause another slide.
      The area where the landslide occurred had been declared
      risky for settlement by local construction authorities,
      but residents refused to move out of their homes perched
      on the slope.

      * News is out Friday that Turkmen and Arab Shiites
      demonstrated yesterday in the northern Iraqi oil city of
      Kirkuk against the Kurdish desires to annex the city.
      Local Sadr representatives were very clear in their
      opposition to the Kurdish plan to implement Iraq's interim
      constitution, which would return tens of thousands of
      Kurds who were expelled from Kirkuk.
      According to the local Sadr representatives, the
      demonstraters were there to denounce the transitional law
      and its article 58.
      "This article clearly calls for resolving former
      president Saddam Hussein's four-decade policy of
      'arabization' in which he moved Shiites from the south to
      Kirkuk and removed the city's native Kurds," the
      representatives said, "Arabs are Iraqis, and we must
      continue to live with our Turkish, Turkmen and Christian
      brothers in the city of Kirkuk - and nobody has the right
      to chase us out!
      According to the Agence France Presse, Iraq's outgoing
      foreign minister Mr. Hoshyar al-Zebari said the country's
      leading Shiite and Kurdish political blocs had agreed that
      the next government would implement Iraq's transitional
      law on Kirkuk. Mr. Hoshyar al-Zebari is an ethnic Kurd.
      Kirkuk's final status will be settled after the
      permanent constitution is in place and after a full census
      is conducted throughout Iraq.

      * Thursday, a Turkish man received a 7-1/2 year sentence
      in prison for threatening to blow up a passenger jet
      flying over Germany.
      Mr. Burhan Bayrambey, age 28, issued the threat just a
      few minutes after the flight took off from Munich enroute
      to Istanbul in June of last year.
      He had waved his mobile phone and shouted, "Don't panic,
      I've got a bomb in my hand," and after the plane made an
      emergency landing in Munich, he was captured.
      No weapons or explosives were found onboard the plane.
      All 150 passengers left the plane safely, after minister
      Bayrambey jumped out an exit door and was injured.
      His demand was for the plane to land in Hamburg, Germany
      where his former wife lived. During the court trial, he
      said he was upset about the breakup of his marriage, and
      hoped that by hijacking the plane he could persuade his
      wife to see him again.
      He was convicted of hostage-taking, and causing a risk
      to air traffic, even though his defense lawyer said he was
      "confused and disoriented" at the time of the incident.

      * Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has once
      again criticized the Turkish media on Thursday, for what
      he called, "exaggeration and even fabricating news
      He said, in a news story published in the Turkish daily
      Cumhuriyet - and we quote - "Exaggerated stories irritate
      our citizens. The media shouldn't forget the psychological
      effects of what they report. The media must support
      security forces so as to protect and promote our country's
      national interests".
      Mr. Erdogan has been critized, in turn, by Turkish
      media, for inhibiting press freedom by blaming Turkish
      media coverage for triggering negative European responses
      to the police stopping an Istanbul demonstration.
      On Thursday, the Turkish daily Hurriyet reported that
      three more policemen have been suspended over the March
      6th protest clampdown on the womens demonstration. The
      three officers were found to have used excessive force
      against demonstrators in the protest.
      So far, a total of six policemen have been suspended,
      whose actions were harshly critized by the European Union.

      * The daily Turkiye has reported that Turkish president
      Mr. Ahmet Necdet Sezer has said he would travel to Syria
      on April 12 to pay an official visit as originally
      He commented to a reporter: "Of course I will go," and
      told of his plans to visit Syria after the landmark trip
      last year by the Syrian president to Turkey.
      There had been advice to Sezer not to go to Syria in the
      midst of international pressure on Damascus to withdraw
      its troops from Lebanon.
      Turkish Foreign Affairs Minister Abdullah Gul has said
      that Turkey is already acting together with the
      international community on the Syria issue and carrying
      out its consultations and discussions with both allies and
      neighboring countries to reach a peaceful settlement on
      the troop withdrawal from Lebanon.

      * On the Syrian issue, a Turkish delegation including five
      members of the Justice and Development Party and three
      Republican People's Party deputies met in Washington DC
      with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.
      US and Turkish relations were discussed and the Turkish
      daily Milliyet reported that US Deputy Defense Secretary,
      Paul Wolfowitz expressed U.S. worries about the recent
      developments in Syria.
      The Turkish parliamentarians stated that Turkey attaches
      great importance to its relations with regional countries
      and has good relations with its neighbors.
      Milliyet reported that Mr. Wolfowitz told them, "if your
      relations with Syria are on good terms, then we request
      that you use this position to convince Syria to withdraw
      its troops from Lebanon".
      The Turkish parliament delegation also met with
      officials from the State Department and the White House
      and they communicated that a reason for much of the
      anti-Americanism in Turkey is the continued presence of
      the rebel group Kurdish Workers Party in northern Iraq.
      They also brought up the need to end the isolation of
      the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. They asked for
      U.S. assistance on the Cyprus issue.
      Both the Turkish and US representatives felt the
      meetings were valuable, and promised that further
      discussion and action will be forthcoming.

      * On Thursday, Turkish President Sezer approved the
      controversial bill giving expelled students amnesty and
      allowing them to return to their universities for the next
      Students expelled on academic or disciplinary grounds
      will be allowed to return, if they comply with the rules.
      The amnesty includes those students who refused to remove
      their headscarves following the ban in Turkey.
      The ban on headscarves, however, has been in place since
      Turkey approved a legislation banning the use of
      headscarves in schools and universities in June 1997,
      sparking heated debates between the government and
      religious groups.


      By Hilal Koc

      * The latest documentary from famed Turkish director Tolga
      Ornek, "Gallipoli" opened in theaters in Turkey.
      Coincidentally, the 18 of March is the 90th anniversary
      of the Gallipoli War. The war is known as providing the
      impetus for Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern
      Turkey and its first president, to rise in prominence, and
      the rise of the sovereign nation states of Australia and
      New Zealand.
      The film will also be in movie theaters in Australia,
      New Zealand, England, Germany and be shown in US starting
      June 6th.
      Tolga Ornek also directed critically acclaimed
      documentaries "Ataturk," "Nemrut," and "Hittites."
      For this project, Ornek teamed up with producer Hamdi
      Doker and was sponsored and supported by Dogus Holding,
      Garanti Bank, Calik Holding, Deva Holding, Koc Alliance
      and many other Turkish giants.
      For more details on the film, log on to

      * The first annual "Cukurova Multi-tonal Music Festival"
      kicked off in the southern Mediterranean Turkish city of
      Adana last week and lasts through the 20th of March.
      The committee organizing the event hopes to initiate
      more conversation and facilitate increased cultural
      enlightenment in the region. The goal is to make the
      southeastern city a "cultural center."

      * The "Turkish-Chinese Cultural Night" was held in the
      Northwestern Turkish city of Bursa and was hailed a
      success by the Ankara based Chinese Consulate General Song
      Aiguo and Istanbul Consulate Yuhong Yang.
      The event which featured speechs, photography exhibits,
      dance and fashion shows will be held again next year.

      * Medical Day was celebrated with a concert put on by
      well-known group Kargo at Saklikent, in Turkey's capital
      city of Ankara.
      Medical Day, observed on March 14, has a history
      indirectly dating back to 1827, when a medical school was
      established to teach modern medicine. The first activities
      leading to the establishment of the actual day took place
      on March 14, 1919, when Istanbul was under Allied
      The medical students' protest of the foreign presence
      became a tradition and is still celebrated as Medical Day.
      In honor of Medical Day Kargo, which has finally
      released an album called "Fire and Water" after a
      four-year hiatus, performed some of their new songs during
      the concert at Saklikent.
      Ankara's amateur rock group Gece (Night) also appeared
      on stage that evening, performing their own
      funk-alternative brand of rock music.

      * Preparations for forming a federation for the smartest
      dogs in the world, known for their loyalty towards their
      owners, "Kangals" are underway, according to Dogan News
      The Cumhuriyet University Kangal Research and Breeding
      Center head Mr. Yusuf Ziya Orak said: "When we achieve
      2,000 registered breeders and dogs, a federation will be
      formed. Furthermore this federation will then gain the
      right to join the International Dog Federation."
      He said that the research would determine the exact
      number of Kangals and breeders at hand.
      He added that foreign countries were misinformed about
      these dogs, because they thought only one type called the
      Anatolian Shepherd exists and stated:
      "The federation will show to the world there are
      different types of Kangals with different characteristics
      in our country, like Kars and Akbash. For us to achieve
      this we need at least 2,000 dogs and registered breeders."
      Mr. Orak said that to preserve the pure breeds of
      Kangals was important and that studies to draw up genetic
      maps were being conducted at the Middle East Technical

      * The 24th Annual International Istanbul Film Festival,
      organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts,
      is approaching with full speed. The Festival sponsored by
      AKBANK will be replete with some of the most striking,
      newest and world-class films, special screenings, guest
      stars and chats with masters of cinema from April 2 and to
      17th, 2005.
      Once again, the Festival will practically lock
      film-lovers into the movie-theaters in April with
      approximately 170 films to be screened.
      Among these films will be some brand new films that
      participated in world-acclaimed festivals last year and
      were appreciated and greatly honored with awards, as well
      as unforgettable cinema classics and masterpieces from the
      masters of cinema.
      The first female director ever to win the Palme d'Or at
      Cannes Film Festival with the movie Piano, Jane Campion of
      New Zealand, and one of the most impressive actors in the
      history of cinema, Harvey Keitel, will visit Istanbul for
      the Film Festival.
      Jane Campion will chair the jury of the International
      Golden Tulip Competition. She will be in Istanbul
      throughout the second week of the festival, and Harvey
      Keitel will arrive on April 14th.
      Jane Campion and Harvey Keitel's Piano will be screened
      on April 15 th, Friday at 7 PM at Emek Movie-Theater.
      Before the screening, they will meet with the audience.
      What's more, Harvey Keitel will receive at the Closing
      Gala scheduled for April 16th, "The Life-Time Achievement
      For more information, please log on to

      * The collaboration between Turkish photographer Muammer
      Yanmaz and Selen Akcali is now on display.
      The project, called "40 Station New York," is a
      photography exhibit of 40 Turks living in New York, all
      taken in subways and metro stations. The project was
      first conceived when Mr. Yanmaz took several memorable
      pictures of Turks in French metro stations in 2002.
      The interesting exhibit will be shown in its sponsor
      Mavi Jeans stores in Turkey until May 4th and then moved
      to New York for another month.

      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in New Turkish Liras: 1.32


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey----------: 59/41 Partly Cloudy
      Antalya, on the Mediterranean------: 72/57 Clear
      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey---: 61/46 Rainy
      Izmir, on the Aegean---------------: 70/46 Partly Cloudy
      Trabzon, on the Black Sea----------: 59/46 Rainy

      Snow depths at skiing locations:

      Erciyes, in Kayseri, Central Turkey 24 inches
      Ilgaz, in Kastamonu, North Central Turkey 83 inches
      Kartalkaya, in Bolu, Western Turkey 55 inches
      Palandoken, in Erzurum, Eastern Turkey 18 inches
      Saklikent, in Antalya, Southern Turkey 35 inches
      Sarikamis, in Kars, Eastern Turkey 35 inches
      Uludag, in Bursa, Western Turkey 93 inches


      By Mark Nowak

      * Turkish Soccer - Premier Divsion

      Week 24 Results

      Trabzonspor 4 - 3 Sakaryaspor
      Ankaragucu 1 - 1 Denizlispor
      Istanbulspor 0 - 3 Galatasaray
      Konyaspor 2 - 0 Malatyaspor
      Fenerbahçe 3 - 2 Gençlerbirligi
      Rizespor 2 - 1 Sebatspor
      Diyarbakirspor 3 - 0 Gaziantepspor
      Samsunspor 3 - 3 Kayserispor
      Ankaraspor 2 - 4 Besiktas

      Week 25 Matches

      Denizlispor 2 - 0 Fenerbahçe
      Malatyaspor 0 - 1 Rizespor
      Gaziantepspor 2 - 0 Ankaragucu
      Kayserispor 0 - 0 Istanbulspor
      Besiktas 0 - 0 Trabzonspor
      Galatasaray - Ankaraspor
      Gençlerbirligi - Konyaspor
      Sebatspor - Samsunspor
      Sakaryaspor - Diyarbakirspor


      Team Pts
      1. Fenerbahçe 62
      2. Galatasaray 57
      3. Trabzonspor 56
      4. Besiktas 46
      5. Rizespor 40
      6. Denizlispor 39
      7. Konyaspor 34
      8. Gaziantepspor 34
      9. Malatyaspor 31
      10. Ankaraspor 30
      11. Gençlerbirligi 29
      12. Samsunspor 29
      13. Diyarbakirspor 29
      14. Ankaragucu 28
      15. Kayserispor 20
      16. Istanbulspor 19
      17. Sakaryaspor 19
      18. Sebatspor 10

      * Turkish Basketball - Men's

      Team Pts
      1 Efes Pilsen 38
      2 Ülker 37
      3 Be?ikta? 35
      4 Fenerbahçe 32
      5 Tuborg 31
      6 P.Kar??yaka 30
      7 Türk Telekom 30
      8 Erdemir 29
      9 Darü??afaka 28
      10 Banvit 27
      11 Tekelspor 26
      12 ?.T.Ü 26
      13 Galatasaray 25
      14 Büyük Kolej 25

      Turkish Basketball - Women's

      Team Pts
      1 Be?ikta? 38
      2 Fenerbahçe 37
      3 Erdemirspor 36
      4 Ceyhan Bld. 34
      5 Mersin Bld. 34
      6 Migros 32
      7 Çankaya Üniversitesi 29
      8 ?ÜSK 28
      9 Bota? 25
      10 Galatasaray 23
      11 Orimcam 22
      12 Burhaniye Bld. 22

      * ULEB Euroleague Top 16 Basketball Standings

      Group D
      Macc. T-A 4 - 0
      Montepas. 2 - 2
      Cibona 1 - 3
      Ulker 1 - 3

      Group G
      AEK 3 - 1
      Efes Pilsen 3 - 1
      Benetton 2 - 2
      Prokon 0 - 4

      * FIBA Europe League

      Playoffs - Quarter Finals

      Fenerbahce 70-67 Besiktas
      Fenerbahce leads series 1-0

      * NBA

      Hidayet Turkoglu Pts rebs assts mins
      Orlando 90 - 98 Seattle 12 0 2 24
      Orlando 102 - 110 LA Clippers 1 2 2 15
      Orlando 94 - 105 Sacremento 14 5 1 26
      Orlando 82 - 98 New Jersey 23 3 3 27

      Mehmet Okur
      Utah 80 - 94 New Jersey 12 4 1 17
      Utah 84 - 103 Indiana 16 1 2 29
      Utah 73 - 92 Cleveland 7 7 1 27
      Utah 62 - 64 Detroit 7 11 3 36

      * The two World Cup 2006 qualifiers are just around the
      corner and Turkish team coach Ersun Yanal has announced a
      24-man squad to compete against Albania on March 26 in
      Istanbul, and against Georgia on March 30 in Tbilisi.
      Fenerbahce's goalkeepers Volkan Demiral and Rustu Recber
      have been placed on the team, as well as top players of
      Galatasaray, Besiktas, Galatasaray, Trabzon, and


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