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x0x Turkish news for week ending 29 January 2005

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    {20050129trh.txt} x0x Turkish news for week ending 29 January 2005 [Best when viewed with the courier font.]
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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 29 January 2005

      [Best when viewed with the courier font.]

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      Edited by Jan Claire

      * MSNBC has reported that Turkey is calling for stability in Iraq. The Turkish
      Foreign Affairs Ministry called on the Iraqi people to vote in favor of a return to
      stability in Sunday's election.
      The Ministry statement indicated there is a potential for increased instability in
      Iraq if various groups go after their own interests rather than those of the whole

      * The Turkish daily Turkiye reports that Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
      president Mr. Talat, who is currently in Brussels for an official visit, said that the
      Turkish Cypriot side could start a new peace process aimed at reuniting the
      island even before the elections scheduled for Feb. 20.
      Speaking to reporters, Mr. Talat stated that he had met with representatives
      from the European Union and told them the economic isolation of the Turkish
      Republic of Northern Cyprus should be brought to an end.
      Mr. Talat added that the Greek Cypriots should be motivated to engage in a
      new in a new UN process.
      Last year's efforts to reunite the island failed when the Greek Cypriots voted
      against the United Nations' proposal. The Turkish Cypriots accepted the

      * The New York Times reported that Turkey's military is prepared to intervene if
      post-election clashes erupt in northern Iraq or if Iraqi Kurds try to form an
      independent state.
      The New York Times was giving coverage to Turkey's Deputy Chief of Staff
      Gen. Ilker Basbug's recent statement on the latest developments in Iraq.
      The general said the military command was closely following events in the
      ethnically divided northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, which Iraq's Kurds are eager to
      control, the daily wrote.
      Turkey fears that the Kurds would exploit a political victory in Kirkuk elections to
      form their own state, precipitating a breakup of Iraq that could threaten Turkish
      In related news, the Financial Times commented on General Basbug's
      statement that he did not elaborate, or suggest that Turkey might intervene in
      Iraq if Kirkuk were to become a Kurdish stronghold. But his comments are the
      most forceful from the powerful Turkish armed forces in some time, the British
      daily added.

      * On the same issue the Turkish daily Turkiye reported the comments of Turkey's
      Foreign Affairs Ministry:
      Spoiling the demographic structure of Kirkuk would be a serious threat for the
      future of all of Iraq, said Foreign Affairs Minister Abdullah Gul before his
      departure for Poland to attend a ceremony of the 60th anniversary to
      commemorate the victims of Auschwitz and its liberation by Russian soldiers
      near the end of World War II.
      Expressing Turkeys concern over the status of oil-rich northern Iraqi city of
      Kirkuk, Mr. Gul said migration of large number of Kurds to the city could
      destabilize Iraq and pose a security problem for Turkey, adding that Ankara had
      warned the US and the United Nations about the matter.

      * Turkey's Central Bank Governor Sureyya Serdengecti was named as the
      Central Banker of the Year by the prominent international finance magazine The
      Banker, reports the Turkish daily Sabah.
      Slowing inflation to single digits for the first time in a generation has been one of
      two key pillars of Turkeys economic rescue package, the other being strict fiscal
      discipline, wrote The Banker.
      In concluding a draft agreement to provide a new three-year $10bn loan, the
      International Monetary Fund described the taming of inflation as one of the major
      policy successes of the past three years, paying tribute to the independence and
      effectiveness of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey.

      * News came out yesterday from the Macedonian Press Agency, that Turkish
      textile workers are going to receive a 6 percent pay raise after their trade unions
      and their employers agreed to settle the recent labor dispute.
      The employees will receive four bonuses over a 30-month period. The trade
      union, Teksiv has been in dispute with textile employers for nearly 5 months.


      * Turkey's tourism sector enjoyed a record year in 2004, both in revenue and in
      the number of visitors, according to figures released by Turkey's State Statistics
      Institute on Wednesday.
      Revenue from tourists from outside of Turkey was up some 20 percent in 2004
      compared to the previous year, with $15.8 billion being generated.
      This compares to $13 billion in 2003 and was well in excess of the
      government's initial projections and well in line with the hoped for $16 billion
      target set later in the year.
      Of the money generated by overseas tourists, $12 billion came from foreigners
      and the remaining $3.8 billion from expatriate Turks returning for a visit, the
      Institute said.
      In terms of numbers too, 2004 was a bumper year, with a total of 20 million
      tourists coming to Turkey, of whom 17 million were foreigners and 3 million
      expatriates, according to the State Statistics Institute.

      * The Anatolian News Agency reports that scores of historical artifacts from
      Turkish museums will be on a worldwide tour starting in May.
      28 artifacts will be in the U.S. starting in May 2005 in an exhibit entitled "The
      Aegean during the Trojan Wars and Bronze Age". Among the 28 objects will be
      jewelry, axes, vases and amphoras.
      The U.S. will also have 50 textile objects from Istanbul's Topkapi Museum.
      119 objects, such as children's caftans, traditional and historic dresses, a
      bejeweled book reading stand, crib, child's riding set, and child's carriage will be
      displayed in Holland.
      Germany will host an exhibition titled "Commerce and Raw Material Acquisition
      During the Bronze Age in the Mediterranean Area" with 242 objects provided by
      Among the U.S. institutions that will exhibit the Turkish artifacts are the
      Smithsonian Institute's Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Houston Museum of Natural
      Science and Lauderdale Museum of Art
      See http://www.asia.si.edu/exhibitions/future.htm

      * The world renowned the relief of a lion with a horoscope on top of Mount
      Nemrut in southeastern Turkey was not the only one at the site, reports the
      Anatolian News agency.
      Professor Eric Moorman of the Amsterdam University says that there was one
      more lion with a horoscope. He is basing his conclusions after inspecting the
      fragments collected on the mountaintop in 1960s by Dr. Karl Dorner, a German
      The horoscope that is still standing at the site has Jupiter, Mercury and Mars,
      along with 19 stars and a Crescent depicted around the relief of the lion. The
      horoscope includes a date, July 7, 62 B.C., marking the ascension to throne of
      King Antiochos I of the Kommagenes.
      Mount Nemrut is a 6500-foot mountain located in Adiyaman province of Turkey.
      The Kommagene Dynasty ruled the area from a 80 B.C. to 72 A.D. King
      Antiochos I of Kommagene, who ruled from 69 to 36 B.C., ordered a sacred
      burial site constructed at the top of the mountain for himself and his royal family.
      The burial site has numerous gigantic statues, reflecting Greek and Persian
      Although the site is far away from the major tourist destinations in western and
      southern Turkey, numerous visitors have been flocking to the region in recent
      There is also a local annual festival that takes place with a participation of
      renowned artists and musicians.
      To protect the site and to conduct scientific and archeological research a
      Netherlands based foundation has been set up some years ago. In 1987
      UNESCO declared the site a "World Heritage Monument".

      * Local authorities in southeastern Turkish town of Araban are saying that the
      historic fortifications there require urgent maintenance and restoration work.
      The fortifications date back to the ancient Hittites who build them some 3800
      years ago.
      The mayor of town Mr. Hasan Dogru is urging the central government to
      allocate funds to save the the fortifications.

      * The Turkish Daily News reports that a Turkish bus driver in the Aegean city of
      Izmir has created a small garden in the bus he has been driving for years.
      Mr. Mehmet Akbiyik, who drives a shuttle route in town, is constantly attending
      to the flowerpots he has installed in the driver's area of his vehicle.
      Mr. Akbiyik says that he couldn't imagine a world without plants and adds: "My
      job is extremely tiring. I relieve my exhaustion by looking after the plants in my
      bus, which I love very much."
      Mr. Akbiyik said he talked to his plants every day before work. He also said that
      the passengers liked his bus, too, and added that some of them even wait just for

      * Saturday in Ankara, Mr. Deniz Baykal and his last remaining challenger for the
      top position in the Republican People's Party will make their final speeches and
      Turkish Daily News informs us that they and other news agencies feel Mr. Baykal
      will be expected to win.
      Mr. Baykal has been criticized and faced a national campaign by his opponent,
      Sisli Mayor Mr. Mustafa Sangul.
      According to the latest projections, though, Mr. Baykal will win comfortably.
      The Republican Peoples Party is the largest opposition party in Turkey's
      parliament with 171 seats of the total 550. The ruling Justice and Development
      Party has 367 seats.


      Exchange rate for the U.S. dollar in New Turkish Liras: 1.31


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey----------: 61/45 Rainy
      Antalya, on the Mediterranean------: 64/57 Showers
      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey---: 55/45 Rainy
      Izmir, on the Aegean---------------: 64/55 Showers
      Trabzon, on the Black Sea----------: 66/55 Mostly Cloudy

      Snow depths at skiing locations:

      Erciyes, in Kayseri, Central Turkey 16 inches
      Ilgaz, in Kastamonu, North Central Turkey 31 inches
      Kartalkaya, in Bolu, Western Turkey 39 inches
      Palandoken, in Erzurum, Eastern Turkey 26 inches
      Saklikent, in Antalya, Southern Turkey 45 inches
      Sarikamis, in Kars, Eastern Turkey 33 inches


      Edited by Mark Nowak

      * Turkish Soccer - Super League

      Konyaspor - Galatasaray 0 - 2
      Besiktas - Malatyaspor 1 - 0
      Diyarbakirspor - Istanbulspor 1 - 0
      Ankaraspor - Sebatspor 2 - 1
      Sakaryaspor - Gençlerbirligi 2 - 2
      Fenerbahçe - Rizespor 2 - 0
      Trabzonspor - Kayserispor 3 - 1
      Ankaragucu - Samsunspor 1 - 2
      Gaziantepspor - Denizlispor 3 - 1

      Week 19 Matches

      Galatasaray - Gaziantepspor
      Rizespor - Konyaspor
      Malatyaspor - Ankaraspor
      Samsunspor - Fenerbahçe
      Kayserispor - Diyarbakirspor
      Denizlispor - Sakaryaspor
      Gençlerbirligi - Besiktas


      Team Points
      1. Fenerbahce 46
      2. Galatasaray 42
      3. Trabzon Sp. 40
      4. Besiktas 32
      5. Denizli Sp. 30
      6. Rize Sp. 29
      7. Gaziantep Sp 27
      8. Malatya Sp 25
      9. Samsun Sp 23
      10. Ankara Sp. 22
      11. Genclerbirligi 22
      12. Diyarbakir Sp. 22
      13. Konya Spor 20
      14. Ankaragucu 19
      15. Sakarya Sp 17
      16. Istanbul Sp. 15
      17. Kayseri Sp. 11
      18. Sebat Spor 9

      * The Turkish Prime Minister, Tayyip Erdogan, is going to take part in a soccer
      match in Inonu Stadium on February 22nd. The special appearance will help
      raise funds for the Tsunami victims.
      Erdogan will play in the Super League Mix, against the Foreigners League. The
      Turkish daily Hurriyet said Erdogan had played soccer on the team of the
      Istanbul Municipality from 1971 to 1981 and was going to join the famous
      Fenerbahce team of Istanbul but his father would not allow him to do so, thus
      ending his professional soccer career.

      * Turkish Basketball - Men
      Team Pts
      1 Efes Pilsen 24
      2 Besiktas 24
      3 Ülker 24
      4 Fenerbahçe 23
      5 Erdemir 20
      6 Tuborg 20
      7 P.Karsiyaka 19
      8 Türk Telekom 18
      9 Darüssafaka 18
      10 Tekelspor 17
      11 I.T.Ü 17
      12 Galatasaray 17
      13 Banvit 16
      14 Büyük Kolej 16

      * Turkish Basketball - Women

      Team Pts
      1 Fenerbahçe 26
      2 Besiktas 24
      3 Erdemirspor 23
      4 Ceyhan Bld. 23
      5 Mersin Bld. 21
      6 Migros 20
      7 IÜSK 19
      8 Çankaya Üniversitesi 18
      9 Botas 17
      10 Galatasaray 16
      11 Burhaniye Bld. 14
      12 Orimcam 13

      * NBA

      Hidayet Turkoglu stats

      Orlando 108 - 101 Washington 31 pts, 5 rebounds, 2 assists in 28 minutes
      Matched his career high with 31 points -- 17 in the second quarter

      Orlando 83 - 95 Memphis 9 pts, 5 rebounds, 0 assists in 27 minutes
      Orlando 78 - 89 Houston 8 pts, 5 rebounds, 0 assists in 28 minutes
      Orlando 115 - 111 Philadelphia 22 pts, 4 rebounds, 2 assists in 35 minutes

      Mehmet Okur stats

      Utah 91 - 93 Minnesota 11 pts, 10 rebounds, 5 assists in 34 minutes
      Utah 109 - 100 Seattle 17 pts, 7 rebounds, 2 assists in 25 minutes
      Utah 105 122 Seattle 19 pts, 6 rebounds, 0 assists in 32 minutes
      Utah 94 110 Memphis 22 pts, 5 rebounds, 0 assists in 25 minutes

      Ibo Kulutay stats

      Seattle 104 - 93 LA Lakers 0 pts, 0 rebounds, 0 assists in 2 minutes


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