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x0x The Race of Wooden Yachts

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    [See the following for more: http://www.focusmm.com/izr_16.htm http://www.meetundersails.com/boats/gulet.htm ] x0x The Race of Wooden Yachts By Idil Karayel
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 24, 2005
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      [See the following for more:
      http://www.meetundersails.com/boats/gulet.htm ]

      x0x The Race of Wooden Yachts

      By Idil Karayel

      Multi-coloured sailboats set out to sea, while the mild
      autumn sun warms our bones...

      Wait, sea, I am on my way. Send word to Bodrum, to the boats, that
      they should wait. The weather should be windy, to fill the sails. We
      will continue our adventure from where we left off. Follow me, if you
      are in love with the sea, the blue, sailing boats and Bodrum. I am
      going for unlimited pleasure and excitement. The 15th Bodrum
      International Wooden Sailboat Race, which takes place every year
      during the third week of October, will begin this year on 18th October
      with an introduction to the races, followed on the next five days by
      the races themselves. On the morning of 19th October, the wooden
      yachts will set sail from Bodrum Karada Marina and race to the first
      harbour, Turgutreis. The next day, the Gulf of Gokova will be sailed
      from beginning to end and the boats will anchor at Mersincik. After
      spending nights at Alakisla and Bitez, the winner will be determined
      by the time the yachts drop their anchors at Bodrum harbour on the
      evening of 23. October.

      The award ceremony will be held on the next day. The race is
      divided into four categories: traditionally-designed wooden yachts,
      classically-designed wooden yachts, modern wooden yachts and yachts
      made from materials other than wood. The yachts from this last
      category are regarded as guests and they are not included in the
      judging. As well as local yachts, foreign boats also take part in the
      Bodrum Cup, which is organized by ERA Bodrum Yacht Club. In the days
      when boats put out to sea for months on end, when there was a need for
      experienced sailors, ERA Yachting established the ERA Bodrum Yacht
      Club. On the one hand training is given with regard to yachting, while
      on the other hand the Bodrum Cup is organized. Training is provided
      for both captains and sailors.The wooden boats which take part in the
      race are kept busy by sailing enthusiasts all summer long. Although
      some of the sailboats only carry the captain and the crew, many local
      and foreign tourists participate in this adventure. This is the last
      voyage of the year. As well as experienced racers, one can meet
      yachting enthusiasts and novices.

      During the day they learn how to sail and also how to take
      part in races with team spirit. Of course, there are also the people
      who come to enjoy the last of the year's sun and sea. The
      multi-coloured sailboats, which set out in the morning from the
      harbour in the mild sun of autumn, resemble candies strewn over the
      sea. The wind fills their sails and the boats race to take the leading
      place. Teams work, hawsers are stretched, they sail into the wind.

      After the racing is over, other pleasures are enjoyed. Friendships
      develop, enthusiasms are indulged. Sometimes people disembark to walk
      along the shore.The events of the day are discussed. Dinnertime comes.

      Afterwards, it is time to join the crowds on land. I am passionate
      about the blue; the Bodrum Cup gives me an opportunity to indulge this

      Idil Karayel is a photographer and freelance writer
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