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x0x Turkish news for week ending 27 November 2004

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    {20041127trh.txt} x0x Turkish news for week ending 27 November 2004 [Best when viewed with the courier font.]
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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 27 November 2004

      [Best when viewed with the courier font.]

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      Ahmet Toprak edited today's news. Your host today is Fuad Tokad

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      Edited by Jan Claire

      * This week's news stories include a suggestion by Turkish President, Ahmet
      Necdet Sezer who has asked Muslim countries to work toward recognizing the
      Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
      According to the Turkish daily Turkiye, he spoke to the Permanent Committee for
      Economic and Trade cooperation of the Organization of the Islamic Conference and
      noted that the United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan, had told the
      Security Council there was no good diplomatic reason for isolating the Turkish
      He said the time has come to develop relations with the Turkish Cypriots, who
      have suffered enough with many trade embargoes and restrictions.

      * In our European Union news roundup:
      Regarding the European Union accession talks for Turkey's entry into the group,
      the European Union has pressed Turkey - again - to quicken the pace of its
      reforms but said there is still no clear consensus among the 25 countries in the
      Union as to whether Turkey should be admitted.
      Just this week, in an article written for the French daily, "Le Figaro", the
      former French president Mr. Valery Giscard d'Estaing said that he feels Turkey is
      not a "European Country"... and that perhaps the European Union should offer
      Turkey a so-called "privileged partnership" rather than full Union membership.
      "Turkey being a predominately Muslim country was not an obstacle to its
      European Union membership bid, and that fact could not be used as a reason for
      rejecting Turkey. BUT, according to the Cumhuriyet news agency, Mr. d'Estaing
      stated that Turkey is not part of the European continent since only 5-percent of
      its landmass, and 8-percent of its population are actually in Europe.
      Regardless of the former French President's feeling, MSNBC has reported that
      the president of the French National Assembly is going to visit Turkey with a
      delegation of the assembly's member political parties. The National Assembly
      president Mr. Jean-Louis Debre stated that Turkey must be allowed into the
      European Union, and he wants his delegation to discuss the membership bid with
      Turkish officials. Due to conflicting opinions from the French government over
      the Turkish European Union bid, there is a growing feeling that France is
      becoming isolated within the European Union.
      Remembering that the representative of the Netherlands is currently the
      rotating President of the European Union, it was important that another Dutch
      leader, Foreign Affairs Minister Bernard Bot, is onboard with his opinion that
      Turkey could begin its accession talks with the European Union by the end of 2005
      or early 2006. He addressed the European Affairs Commission this week and said
      that if European Union leaders accept a conditional "yes" for Turkey's membership
      talks, then negotiations could begin by the end of Next year at the earliest.

      * Is the Turkish Government ready to go online? The Turkish daily Hurriyet's
      online news service is reporting that "e-Government" will be in place by the New
      Their report indicates that Turkey is nearly ready to go online with
      applications for enrolling into schools, registering for driver's licenses and
      passports, and other ways of making interaction with the Turkish Governmental
      agencies easier for citizens.
      Mr. Cengiz Aydogdu, the General Director of Census and Citizenship Affairs of
      the Turkish Interior Ministry, hopes the system will be launched at the end of
      December in Ankara, to be followed later on by the other provinces.
      He said the identity sharing system will be the first in the world and he
      indicated that work is going on to have this access be available to Turkish
      citizens abroad, as well.

      * Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan addressed the Business Forum of the
      Standing Committee of the Islamic Conference this week and suggested that the
      Islam world should take a good, long look at itself and offer itself criticism.
      In his words, he said, "It is high time for self criticism, and we have to do
      In his address inaugurating the Forum's meetings, Mr. Erdogan said that
      countries have put in much effort to overcome economic and political strains,
      which the Islamic civilization faces for the last centuries.
      He stated that globalization has created the need of change in our societies,
      and necessitates the stepping up of efforts to eliminate problems. He said, "The
      time has come and even passed for self criticism."
      He offered the suggestion that the world of Islam must see itself more as a
      world citizen.

      * On the Iraq front, MSNBC had a report this week stating that Iraq already has a
      border security cooperation agreement in place with Syria, and is now seeking to
      extend the deal to Turkey and Iran.
      Interviewed at an international conference in Egypt, Turkish officials said
      Ankara had welcomed Baghdad's proposal for an agreement to prevent infiltration
      of terrorists into Turkey and other neighboring countries.
      At the Egyptian summit, there was broad support for democratic elections in
      Iraq, scheduled for January 30th, and for full resumption of Iraqi control over
      the affairs of the country.

      * Just how much corruption exists in Turkish government may boil over into the
      forefront soon as two former Turkish energy ministers were in court this week
      over alleged kickbacks in government purchasing contracts. The trial, however,
      was delayed until December 21 at the hearing.
      If convicted, the two could face jail terms of up to 10 years.
      According to Ali Carkoglu, an associate professor of political science at
      Sabanci University, "Many Turks believe that all politicians are corrupt and that
      the system is not capable of professionally addressing the problem." He
      continued, saying, "There is no autonomous body within the state administration
      that can solve corruption problems without being answerable to some political
      boss somewhere."

      * The United States is growing concerned that its defense firms could be excluded
      from Turkey's attack helicopter project.
      The Bush administration feels that Turkey's Defense Ministry could seek to
      select more European defense contractors as part of their attempt to win
      membership in the European Union and to acquire industrial expertise and
      technology. The administration has raised this issue with Turkish Prime Minister
      Turkey has sought U.S. help for modernizing Ankara's military, and just last
      month, the Bush administration announced plans to upgrade Turkey's entire fleet
      of F-16 fighter aircraft in a sale that could equal 3.9-billion dollars.

      * Turkish Press briefings this week indicate the Turkish firefighting tugs
      controlled a fire on board a Liberian tanker carrying 74,000 tons of Russian
      crude oil.
      The 766-foot ship is now 17 miles off the Turkish coast and according to Mr.
      Adnan Erdal, the regional director of the Turkish Maritime Affairs Department,
      "there is now nothing to worry about."
      Luckily, there were no injuries among the ship's 20-person crew.


      Edited by Hayal Koc

      * An exhibition entitled "Turks: A Journey Of Thousand Years 600-1600" will be
      showcased in London, England beginning January 18th, 2005, until April 12th.
      The exhibition will display the long journey of the Turks throughout history
      and will include more than 300 artifacts selectively chosen from 11 museums
      around the world.
      The Turkish and Islamic Arts, Topkapi, Suleymaniye, Diyarbakir, Konya and the
      Turkish Military museums will also loan artifacts for the exhibition.
      The most valuable pieces include Ottoman sultan Yavuz Sultan Selim's precious
      stone-studded dagger, gold-encrusted chess sets, and various pearl and wooden
      pieces of furniture. Also included are remains from the Ottoman Empire, such as
      unique swords, shields, writing kits, porcelain, silverware, and clothing.
      A portion of Mehmet Siyahkalem's miniatures depicting strange and chaotic
      characters will even be displayed.
      In all, the exhibition will include artifacts from the Uygur, the Timur, the
      Selcuk and the Ottoman Empires.
      Be sure to visit the museum if you are in London!

      * Dr. Mehmet Taslayan, head of the Archeology Museum in Izmir, Turkey and the
      Smyrna Archeological Study, presented the findings from the on-going Smyrna
      archeological study to students and enthusiasts alike at universities in France
      and Italy.
      The study is one of the largest archeological studies of ancient settlements to
      date, and has progressed with surprising speed. Over 10,000 archeologists from
      various countries, such as the United States and Brazil have contributed to the
      study, which is set to be completed in 2005.
      The archeologists hope that the opening celebrations of the archeological site
      will coincide with the "World Universities Summer Sports Games" celebrations in
      Izmir. But in order to do so, they need an additional $700,000 in funding, which
      the City of Izmir is said to have promised the group. The portion of the
      settlement that will be open to the public is a 3-story building, complete with
      galleries and statues.
      Dr. Taslayan added that his team will design a marketing program to increase
      tourism to the site.
      Dr. Taslayan will receive an award for his leadership in the Smyrna
      archeological study on December 3rd in Paris, France.

      * The Orthodox Church of Istanbul announced last week that the sacred remains of
      St. Grigorios Theolog and St. Ioannis Hrisostomos were being returned to Istanbul
      once again after almost 800 years.
      A delegation headed by the Orthodox patriarch from Istanbul went to Rome this
      weekend and attended a ceremony in order to collect the ancient saints' remains.
      The church will lead gratitude prayers November 28th, 29th and 30th. The sacred
      remains were originally kept in a Byzantine church in what is than Constantinople
      but were sent to Rome by the Crusaders in 1204. The Crusaders were to actually
      help the Byzantines, but instead they captured and sacked the City.
      According to the Associated Press, by returning the relics Pope John Paul II
      was seeking to heal rifts with Orthodox Christians.

      * This year Istanbul will host "Bosnian Culture Week" November 29th through
      December 3rd.
      The event aims to strengthen the friendship and understanding between the two
      countries, which already have cultural and religious similarities.
      The event will include various musical performances, sporting events and
      artistic displays.

      * The 3rd Annual Ankara Jazz Festival will kick off this year with a performance
      by the Turkish Jazz Organization. The event will last 10 days and will include
      performances by musicians from all over the world and will showcase the various
      types and styles of jazz music. A special addition to this year's festival is the
      several younger jazz groups performing as well. For more information on the
      event, visit the Bilkent University website.


      Exchange rate for the U.S. dollar in Turkish Liras: 1,421,000


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey----------: 41/23 Foggy
      Antalya, on the Mediterranean------: 59/41 Mostly Sunny
      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey---: 54/37 Foggy
      Izmir, on the Aegean---------------: 55/37 Mostly Sunny
      Trabzon, on the Black Sea----------: 46/39 Showers

      Seawater temperatures

      Black Sea measured at Trabzon 59
      Marmara Sea measured at Tekirdag 63
      Aegean Sea measured at Bodrum 72
      Mediterranean Sea measured at Alanya 72


      Edited by Mark Nowak

      * UEFA Champions' League

      Sparta 0 - 1 Fenerbahce

      Team Pld W D L GF GA Pts
      Man. United 5 3 2 0 14 6 11
      Lyon 5 3 1 1 12 8 10
      Fenerbahçe 5 2 0 3 7 13 6
      Sparta 5 0 1 4 2 8 1

      * UEFA Cup

      Steaua 2 - 1 Besiktas

      Clubs Pld W D L GF GA Pts
      Steaua 3 2 0 1 4 2 6
      Besiktas 2 1 0 1 4 3 3
      Athletic 2 1 0 1 3 3 3
      Standard 2 1 0 1 2 3 3
      Parma 3 1 0 2 2 4 3

      * Turkish Soccer - Super League

      Week 13 results
      Sakaryaspor - Samsunspor 4 - 2
      Trabzonspor - Fenerbahce 0 - 2
      Ankaraspor - Konyaspor 1 - 3
      Galatasaray - Malatyaspor 1 - 1
      Denizlispor - Kayserispor 2 - 1
      Besiktas - Rizespor 2 - 2
      G.Birligi - Sebatspor 1 - 1
      Diyarbakirspor - Ankaragucu 0 - 1
      Gaziantepspor - Istanbulspor 0 - 1

      Week 14 matches
      Ankaragucu - Galatasaray 0 - 1
      Malatyaspor - G.Birligi
      Sebatspor - Denizlispor
      Konyaspor - Trabzonspor 1 - 1
      Fenerbahce - Diyarbakirspor
      Kayserispor - Gaziantepspor
      Istanbulspor - Sakaryaspor
      Rizespor - Ankaraspor
      Samsunspor - Besiktas


      Team Pts
      1. Fenerbahce 34
      2. Galatasaray 32
      3. Trabzonspor 30
      4. Denizlispor 25
      5. Rizespor 22
      * 6. Malatyaspor 21
      7. Konyaspor 19
      8. Gaziantepspor 18
      9. G.Birligi 18
      10. Besiktas 17
      11. Samsunspor 17
      12. Ankaraspor 15
      13. Diyarbakirspor 15
      14. Ankaragucu 15
      15. Istanbulspor 10
      16. Kayserispor 8
      17. Sakaryaspor 7
      18. Sebatspor 6

      * Turkish Basketball - Mens'

      Team GP W L PF PA P
      1 Efes Pilsen 5 5 - 419 321 10
      2 Ülker 5 5 - 445 344 10
      3 Fenerbahçe 5 5 - 414 383 10
      4 Beþiktaþ 5 4 1 425 385 9
      5 Banvit 5 3 2 407 403 8
      6 P.Karþýyaka 5 3 2 353 368 8
      7 Erdemir 5 3 2 367 369 8
      8 Aras I.T.U 5 2 3 412 447 7
      9 Galatasaray 5 2 3 374 413 7
      10 Tuborg 5 2 3 357 370 7
      11 Büyük Kolej 5 1 4 324 381 6
      12 Türk Telekom 5 - 5 396 424 5
      13 Tekelspor 5 - 5 370 409 5
      14 Darüþþafaka 5 - 5 333 379 5

      *Turkish Basketball - Womens'

      Team GP W L PF PA P
      1 Fenerbahçe 6 6 - 436 368 12
      2 Erdemirspor 6 5 1 505 371 11
      3 Ceyhan Bld. 6 5 1 475 390 11
      4 Beþiktaþ 6 4 2 447 441 10
      5 Migros 6 4 2 420 418 10
      6 Mersin Bld. 6 3 3 484 433 9
      7 Galatasaray 6 3 3 414 422 9
      8 Çankaya Univ 6 2 4 434 444 8
      9 ÝÜSK 6 2 4 457 486 8
      10 Botaþ 6 1 5 418 449 7
      11 Burhaniye Bld. 6 1 5 434 505 7
      12 Orimcam 6 - 6 369 566 6

      * H. Turkolgu stats:

      Orlando 117 - 99 Atlanta, 31 minutes, 12 points, 1 rebound, 0 assists
      Orlando 83 - 89 Portland, 34 minutes, 27 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists
      Orlando 86 - 83 Pacers, 18 minutes, 16 points, 0 rebounds, 1 assist

      * M. Okur stats:

      Utah 90 - 80 Houston, 25 minutes, 20 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist

      Mehmet Okur sunk an improbable baseline jumper over Yao Ming, a perfect ending to
      a perfect shooting game. Okur, who signed a six-year free agent contract with
      Utah over the summer, had his best game with the Jazz by scoring a season-high 20
      points on 8-of-8 shooting as Utah defeated Houston 90-80 Friday night. "I felt
      good, especially playing against a big guy like Yao Ming. Tonight I could take
      the 3-pointer or put the ball on the floor and make foul shots," said Okur, who
      played only 25 minutes and has yet to start for the Jazz. Yao acknowledged he
      struggled with Okur's agility and said, "On any team he plays for he could star,
      but he plays off the bench for the Utah Jazz and makes them much stronger."

      Utah 99 - 101 Chicago, 23 minutes, 15 points, 8 rebounds, 1 assist
      Utah 75 - 76 New Orleans, 30 minutes, 10 points, 3 rebounds, 0 assists
      Utah 92 - 89 Atlanta, 28 minutes, 18 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists

      * The Istanbul-Besiktas soccer team has been ordered to play their next three
      home matches behind closed doors. The public will not be allowed to see the
      Turkey's football federation imposed the punishment on the Istanbul club as
      part of a crackdown on hooliganism and ineffective security at games. A fan was
      stabbed to deat at their Inonu Stadium last Sunday, and after the punishment was
      handed down, the chairman of the Besiktas team, Yildirim Demiroren said, "We want
      football fans to be able to watch matches in peace with their families."
      The victim of the stabbing was a 16 year old, visiting Istanbul on holiday. He
      was stabbed by another Besiktas fan attending a game against Rizespor.
      The football federation issued a statement ordering tighter security and better
      organization - including a ruling that clubs should no longer be involved in
      organizing travel for their supporters for "away matches".
      Sports reporters and others blame the problems on a "gang culture" within the
      football clubs, overcrowded stadiums, and inadequate security. There is a feeling
      that all this becomes a breeding ground for violence.


      *** The Alaturka restaurant underwrote today's program,
      where gourmet Turkish cooking is an art:

      869 Geary St, (cross street Larkin)
      in San Francisco

      For reservations: (415) 345-1011



      {A$agidaki duyuru haberlerden SONRA yayinlanacak}

      *** Turkish American Association of California has partially
      underwritten today's program. TAAC is a non-profit
      charitable organization established to promote better
      understanding between Americans and Turks.

      If you have any questions about Turks and Turkey,
      give them a call:


      or e-mail them at


      *** Turkuaz magazine, a nation-wide magazine aimed at connecting fellow
      Turkish-Americans and educating Americans about Turkish culture,
      current events and has officially launched their new website
      http://www.turkuaz.us The website is designed as a billboard for the
      cultural life of the Turkish-American community in the US. Every week,
      the events calendar is updated with the many interesting events and
      programs organized throughout the country. The staff actively
      encourages any feedback you may have, including any announcements
      you'd like to make.

      *** Tune in to the following broadcasts in the Bay Area:

      - Every Saturday at 5 P.M. to the
      Turkish Cultural Program on KUSF FM 90.3
      - Every Tuesday at 10 P.M.
      KKUP 91.5 to the Orient Express
      - Tune in to KPFA FM 94.1 every Monday at 10 A.M. for
      Music from Africa-Asia, hosted by Kutay Kugay.
      - Mondays 7:00 - 10:00 P.M. 89.5 FM
      International Program KBES
      (Covers Stanislaus County all the way to Manteca),
      Hosted by George Geevargis.
      - International Cultural Program.
      San Francisco World TV Channel 29
      Sundays at 9-10 A.M.
      Also can be viewed in other cities in California, Chicago,
      New York, Russia, and Georgia.
      Consult with 415-564-7778 timing and stations.

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