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x0x Bolu: A place in heaven

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      x0x Bolu: A place in heaven

      Selahattin Sonmez

      ANKARA - Turkish Daily News

      Give yourself a treat and spend a weekend in Bolu. Bolu is a heaven on
      earth with its green mountains, lakes, charming rivers, thermal and
      cold water springs, forests and ski centers.

      When it comes to Bolu, Yedigoller, Abant and Kartalkaya are the first
      places that come to mind, but Bolu is a complete tourist heaven with
      its other beauties such as Mudurnu, Goynuk and Lake Sunnet. For those
      who want to escape the stresses of the city and crowded metropolitan
      areas, Bolu is a perfect choice with its historical, cultural and
      natural qualities.

      Mudurnu, commonly referred as a part of heaven, is a pleasant district
      in Bolu province. It is close to both Ankara and Istanbul, which gives
      people an opportunity to get away from the overcrowded, polluted and
      exhausting cities. What makes Mudurnu special is its unmatched beauty,
      and we will probably hear its name mentioned more often in the tourism

      These beauties of Bolu were promoted to famous chefs, gourmets and
      members of the press through a "photo safari" organized by the Bolu
      governorship. Guests arrived in Bolu as part of the "Promoting Bolu
      Cuisine with Famous Chefs and Gourmets" project and toured Bolu's
      Goynu district, Mudurnu and Lake Abant.

      Participants also visited the historical Goynuk houses built in the
      Ottoman style, Fatih Sultan Mehmet's teacher Aksemseddin's tomb and
      the Zafer Kulesi (victory tower) built by Hursit Bey, the first local
      governor of the district, in memory of the victory at Sakarya.

      These places from heaven are waiting to be explored. Mudurnu has a
      population of nearly 5,000 but if its villages are also included, this
      figure increases to 30,000. It is becoming a tourism paradise with old
      houses, mosques, hamams (turkish baths) and lakes.

      Mudurnu is one of the oldest residential areas of Anatolia, with its
      first settlement dating back to ancient times. It has played a
      significant role in Anatolia becoming a Turkish land, since Mudurnu
      was among the first places in which Turkish society settled. Mudurnu,
      which was also among the first homes of the Seljuks and the Ottomans,
      is more like an open-air museum today. A growing number of tourists
      arrive every day in Mudurnu, which lies 200 kilometers from Ankara and
      300 kilometers from Istanbul. The friendly people of Mudurnu are happy
      to host foreign and Turkish tourists in their district.

      The historical mosque and the hamam (Turkish bath) built in the
      Yildirim Beyazit period is the symbol of the district. The stone and
      wooden houses along the pathway fascinate visitors. These houses,
      representing the history and culture of the area, are under
      protection. Kanuni Sultan Suleyman Mosque is worth a visit. The
      Armutcular mansion, built during the Ottoman period, enchants visitors
      with its architecture, interior and wooden carvings. Historical
      artifacts from the Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman eras bring a mystical
      air to the province.

      Even a small tour in Mudurnu amongst the myriad of blues and greens
      can give comfort and peace. Mudurnu is known as the greenest part of
      Bolu, the city of lakes. Mudurnu with its fresh air and friendly
      people awaits you. Mudurnu is 15 kilometers from Lake Abant and 28
      kilometers from Lake Sunnet.

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