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599Retransmitting: Turkish News for week ending 26 january 2002

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    Feb 1, 2002
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      * Daily Cumhuriyet reports that President Ahmet Necdet Sezer received
      Turkish-European Foundation administrators on the first anniversary of the
      foundation's establishment on Tuesday.
      The Foundation's Chairman Mr. Ziya Muezzinoglu said if the European
      Union found itself unable to embrace Turkey at its southern and eastern
      edge, then European integration would remain unfulfilled.
      Mr. Muezzinoglu briefed President Sezer on the aims of the foundation.
      "Since its establishment," he said,
      "Turkey has implemented a series of radical reforms to move in line with
      the democratic values espoused by the European countries and under the
      guidance of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.
      "Turkey and the European Union need each other. Integration with the
      Union should be carried out on the basis of full membership relations and
      with conditions equal to those of the other Union member countries.
      Starting membership negotiations with the Union is of the utmost
      importance in terms of Turkey's future. "
      Turkey is a candidate for membership to the European Union, but the
      negotiations to become a full member is full of conditions that Turks
      often object and find unacceptable.
      The Europeans on the other hand say that the conditions apply to all
      member states.

      * The leader of the right-wing Nationalist Action Party Mr. Devlet Bahceli
      says he is opposed to the amendment of Turkey's penal code to allow the
      teaching of minority languages.
      Mr. Devlet Bahceli is a deputy prime minister in Turkey's three-party
      coalition government.
      The major beneficiary from such an amendment would be Turkey's Kurds.
      Wire reports are saying that in recent weeks the Turkish government
      clamped down on students who have circulated petitions to start courses in
      the Kurdish language.
      One of the conditions that The European Union is asking Turkey to
      fulfill is to allow education in the mother tongues of ethnic groups.

      * Daily Cumhuriyet reports that The European Council's Parliamentarians
      Assembly passed a resolution on Tuesday, urging both the Greek Cypriot
      administration and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to act to
      improve the situation on the island.
      Addressing the Greeks, the Assembly told it to avoid political messages
      that might provoke Turks concerning the issue of European Union

      * Commenting on Turkey's prime minister Mr. Bulent Ecevit's' visit to the
      US last week, American ambassador to Turkey Mr. Robert Pearson told that
      it was a successful one, reported the Turkish daily Turkiye.
      "Our political leaders have established a very important agenda for both
      countries, and now our duty is to work hard to reach those targets." Said
      Ambassador Pearson.
      Underlining that the US administration will remove all textile quotas on
      Turkish exports removed by 2005, Ambassador Pearson said, "Up to now, the
      50% of them were already lifted."

      * General Rashid Dostum, the deputy defense minister in Afghanistan's
      interim government, met this week with Turkish Foreign Affairs Minister
      Ismail Cem while on a visit to Turkey.
      General Dostum briefed Mr. Cem on the situation in his country and
      cautioned Turkey about Iran.
      General Dostum said that Iran is taking advantage of the devastation in
      Afghanistan and fomenting sectarianism in the region to become more
      General Dostum also said that Afghanistan needs Turkey's help to train a
      national army and a police force as Turkey had helped train Afghan
      officers in the past.
      General Dostum is from the Uzbek Turks of the Afghanistan that make up
      about 6 percent of the population.
      When Taliban army defeated his forces some years ago, he sought refuge
      in Turkey and lived there for several years in exile.

      * Speaking to Turkish channel TRT-1 on Sunday, Turkish Prime Minister
      Bulent Ecevit cautioned Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein that he should take
      seriously warnings from US President George Bush, reports the daily
      "In any operation against Iraq, we would be successful" Mr. Ecevit
      Mr. Ecevit also said that the US would consult Turkey about any possible
      military strike against Iraq as part of the war against terrorism.

      * Italian officials in Trieste are claiming that a human smuggling gang is
      headed by Kurds affiliated with the Turkish rebel Kurdistan Worker's
      Party, reports the daily Hurriyet.
      According to the Italian officials the gang smuggled around 9,000
      Kurdish illegals from Turkey to Europe via land and sea last year. The
      gang than channeled the money gained from the operation to the Kurdistan
      Worker's Party.
      The Italian officials say that they captured three members of the gang
      who all confessed to the crimes.

      * Daily Hurriyet reports that the State Minister for the Economy Mr. Kemal
      Dervis released a statement saying that fiscal discipline to improve
      balance sheets of the state-owned enterprises was one of the most
      important factors to bolster the credit worthiness of the Turkish economy.
      Mr. Dervis pointed out that the current period was a critical turning
      point for the success of Turkey's economic program to gain steam.
      Mr. Dervis also stated that international financial institutions intend
      to increase and continue their support for Turkey's economic program.
      Turkey has been going through a severe economic crisis for the past 11
      month. The Turkish government brought in Mr. Dervis, a formal World Bank
      executive, to fix the economy.

      * The daily Aksam reports that The International Maritime Organization has
      selected a Turkish scientist to chair one of its main committees. Mr.
      Osman Kamil Sag will be the new chair of the International Maritime
      Organization 's committee overseeing standards of training and
      certification for watchkeeping and seafarers. The International Maritime
      Organization is a specialized United Nations agency responsible for
      improving maritime safety and preventing pollution from sea vessels.


      Exchange rate for the U.S. dollar in Turkish Liras:



      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees C (Degrees F), Weather

      Istanbul (Marmara Region)--------: 10/5 (50/41) Partially Cloudy
      Izmir (Aegean Region)------------: 15/7 (59/45) Partially Cloudy
      Antalya (Mediterranean Region)---: 17/8 (63/46) Showers
      Ankara (Central Anatolian Region): 3/-3 (37/27) Foggy

      Snow heights at skiing locations:

      Uludag (Bursa, Western Turkey) 99 inches
      Kartalkaya (Bolu, Western Turkey) 118 inches
      Palandoken (Erzurum, Eastern Turkey) 26 inches
      Ilgaz (Kastamonu, North Central Turkey) 98 inches
      Erciyes (Kayseri, Central Turkey) 83 inches
      Sarikami$ (Kars, Eastern Turkey) 39 inches


      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Cuneyt Capanoglu

      * An exhibition entitled: "Hittites: a Nation with One Thousand Gods"
      opened in Bonn, Germany.
      Mr. Istemihan Talay, Turkish Culture Minister, attended the inauguration
      and stated that the exhibited works of art were cultural treasures that
      belong to and serve humanity.
      He also thanked those who contributed to the exhibit and expressed his
      hope that such activities would help promote friendly relations between
      Turkiye and Germany.
      The Hittite exhibit, containing a total of 161 works of art, was
      collected from 16 different museums in Turkiye and the exhibit will remain
      open through June 9, 2002.
      Mr. Wenzel Jacob, the curator of Bonn Culture Hall, said that the
      exhibited Hittite treasures were priceless and shed light to our past.
      Prof. Dr. Tahsin Ozguc, one of the archaeologists responsible for Hittite
      excavations, was also present.

      Meanwhile, another exhibit entitled "Troy: the Dream and the Fact", also
      in Germany, is being extended beyond its original scheduled closure on
      January 17, 2002. It will remain open through April.
      The remains of the ancient city of Troy are also located in Turkey.

      * CNN is airing a new documentary film that portrays the Turks and Turkiye
      to be praiseworthy.
      This documentary film, entitled "Desperate Hours," presents the details
      on how Turkiye provided refuge to the European Jewry escaping Nazis and in
      supporting the Jewish organizations arranging their transport to
      CNN aired three segments from this documentary and also interviewed its
      producer and a Holocaust scholar, Michael Berenbaum.
      The five?part film will be shown on January 22nd in Atlanta through the
      joint efforts of the Atlanta Jewish Committee and the Turkish Cultural
      Stating that Turkiye had welcomed Europe's Jews during World War II and
      was a safe haven for them, Berenbaum said: "Very few people know the
      opportunities provided by Turkiye to the European Jews during the
      Holocaust years. This film aims to demonstrate the important role Turkiye
      played during that terrible period."
      Interviews with survivors show that they met unprejudiced, warmhearted
      Turks and enjoyed their stay in Turkiye. Close to 20,000 Jews came to
      Turkiye and some joined the academic community by either studying or
      teaching at Turkish universities.
      The Daily Hurriyet also reports that some Turkish diplomats issued visas
      to help the Nazi victims escape to Turkiye at a great risk to themselves.
      Footnote: According to our radio program's archives, a Turkish diplomat
      in Nazi occupied Rhodes helped many local Jews escape to Turkiye by
      issuing them Turkish passports.
      This decent man paid dearly for his work when the Nazis threw a bomb
      into his apartment and killed his wife and his daughter. Recently,
      Government of Israel finally recognized his efforts and honored this
      Turkish diplomat.


      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Mark Nowak

      * Turkish Soccer: Premier League

      Week 19 results:

      Fenerbahce 2-0 Istanbulspor
      Malatyaspor 4-1 Ankaragucu
      Göztepe 3-1 Diyarbakirspor
      Rizespor 1-1 Yozgatspor
      Antalyaspor 2-0 Kocaelispor
      Samsunspor 0-2 G.Birligi
      G.Antep 5-2 Trabzonspor
      Denizlispor 1-1 Galatasaray
      Besiktas 2-1 Bursaspor

      Week 20 Matches:

      Denizlispor - G.Antep
      Samsunspor - Göztepe
      Kocaelispor - Malatyaspor
      Diyarbakirspor - Besiktas
      Istanbulspor - G.Birligi
      Ankaragucu - Fenerbahce
      Galatasaray - Rizespor
      Bursaspor - Trabzonspor
      Yozgatspor - Antalyaspor

      Team Pts
      1. Galatasaray 43
      2. Besiktas 42
      3. Fenerbahce 37
      4. G.Antep 31
      5. Ankaragucu 30
      6. Istanbulspor 30
      7. Kocaelispor 28
      8. Bursaspor 27
      9. Trabzonspor 25
      10. Göztepe 24
      11. Denizlispor 22
      12. Diyarbakirspor 21
      13. G.Birligi 21
      14. Samsunspor 21
      15. Rizespor 20
      16. Antalyaspor 20
      17. Malatyaspor 18
      18. Yozgatspor 17

      * In an effort to provide more strike power up front, Turkish Super League
      leaders Galatasaray have signed Romanian forward Radu Niculescu on a loan
      agreement with his present team, National Bucharest.
      The 27-year-old Niculescu, will be with the Istanbul club on a four
      month loan, with the possibility that he may be signed to a longer term
      contract at the end of the season.

      * Call it the luck of the draw but Turkey is going to have to fight if it
      wants to repeat its performances in the last two European Championship
      qualifying rounds and make it through to the finals, this time to be held
      in Portugal in 2004. While the top seed in Group Seven, Turkey has been
      joined by England, which is showing more than a bit of form of late, as
      well as the Slovakians, no pushovers themselves. Rounding out the group
      are European minnows Macedonia and postage stamp size Liechtenstein.
      Qualifying games for Euro 2004 begin on September 7. Only the winners of
      each of the ten groups, along with host Portugal are assured of a place in
      the finals. The ten runners up from the group stage will be left to fight
      it out in play off matches to determine the final five places.

      Group Seven - Turkey, England, Slovakia, Macedonia, Liechtenstein

      * The Turkish national basketball team defeated the Dutch team in the
      Netherlands with a score of 89-73.
      Following this accomplishment, in the fourth group qualifications match
      of the 33rd European Men's Basketball Championship, the Turkish team has
      become group leader.


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      Turkey has long been a crossroads between Europe and the Middle East.
      Current challenges in the Middle East have drawn Turkey and the United
      States even closer together. In his first visit to the Bay Area
      since his appointment, Ambassador Logoglu will discuss the future
      of U.S.-Turkish relations.

      His Excellency Faruk Logoglu was appointed Turkish Ambassador to the
      U.S. in September 2001, after serving as Undersecretary of the Turkish
      Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His career in Turkish public service has
      spanned over thirty years.

      He has represented Turkey at the European Union and the
      United Nations, and in Bangladesh, Germany, Denmark, and Azerbaijan.
      Ambassador Logoglu has taught political science at Middlebury College
      And received a doctorate in political science at Princeton University.

      Program Details:

      Where: the World Affairs Council
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      When: Monday, February 11, 2002
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