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540Announcements/Duyurular -- Fri, 05 Oct 01

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  • TRH
    Oct 5, 2001
      * Professional Network Night, 18 Oct. 01, Chicago IL, USA
      * Folkdance Performance, 05 Oct. 01, Chicago IL, USA
      * Culture and Art Fest, 06-14 Oct. 01, Adana, Turkey
      * Walnut Festival, 07-14 Oct. 01, Adilcevaz, Turkey
      * Ahi Week, 08-13 Oct. 01, Turkey
      * Kinzer on Turkey's role, 08 Oct. 01, Chicago IL, USA
      * CESS Meeting, 11-14 Oct. 01, Madison WI, USA
      * Nationalities Convention, 11-13 Apr. 02, New York NY, USA

      x0x Announcements/Duyurular -- Fri, 05 Oct 01

      * Professional Network Night, 18 Oct. 01, Chicago IL, USA

      TACA would like to invite you to the monthly Turkish American Professional
      Network's Night on the Town-Chicago.

      (An opportunity for socializing, networking among professional Turkish
      Americans.) For more information, please click on the link below:

      * Folkdance Performance, 05 Oct. 01, Chicago IL, USA

      You are invited to see a magnificent folk dance performance by the Turkish
      Cultural Group of Chicago (TCGC) as well as dances from different regions
      of the world at IIT International Fest 2001.


      Illinois Institute of Technology
      Hermann Union Building
      McCormick Auditorium
      3241 S. Federal Street
      Chicago, IL 60616
      Friday, October 5, 2001
      For more details please click on the link below:

      * Culture and Art Fest, 06-14 Oct. 01, Adana, Turkey

      Altin Koza Culture and Art Festival will start on 06 October this year.

      See http://www.adana-bld.gov.tr/koza/ for more.

      * Walnut Festival, 07-14 Oct. 01, Adilcevaz, Turkey

      One of the wlanut festivals will take place in Adilcevaz, Bitlis between
      07-14 October this year.

      * Ahi Week, 08-13 Oct 01, Turkey

      The week of the Ahi will celebrated throughout Turkey in the second week
      of Ocober this year.

      See http://www.kultur.gov.tr/english/kultursanat/halk-eren.html and
      http://www.byegm.gov.tr/yayinlarimiz/NEWSPOT/1998/NOV/N10.htm for more.

      * Kinzer on Turkey's role, 08 Oct. 01, Chicago IL, USA

      Stephen Kinzer (the first New York Times bureau chief in Istanbul), will
      discuss the role Turkey can play in fighting terrorism at a talk at 7 p.m.
      Monday, October 8 at Border's Book Store corner of Michigan Avenue and
      Pearson street, in Chicago, IL.

      For more information please click http://www.tacaonline.org/october8.htm

      * CESS Meeting, 11-14 Oct. 01, Madison WI, USA


      October 11-14, 2001
      University of Wisconsin-Madison

      The SOCIETY FOR CENTRAL EURASIAN STUDIES in conjunction with the
      Department of Languages and Cultures of Asia, the Central Asian Studies
      Program, and the Center for Russia, East Europe, and Central Asia at the
      University of Wisconsin-Madison is pleased to announce the convening of
      the second annual meeting of the Central Eurasian Studies Society. This
      annual conference of the Central Eurasian Studies Society replaces the
      earlier annual Workshop on Central Asian Studies.


      Arrival is Thursday, October 11 afternoon/evening and departure is Sunday,
      October 14 at noon. The keynote speaker(s), the registration fee, and
      additional details concerning the program will be announced at a later

      (There is usually an informal gathering on Thursday evening and the
      program begins on Friday.) Registration/meetings will take place at the
      Lowell Center at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Some meetings will
      also take place on campus near by. Hotel registration information is
      available at the end of this message.

      The goal of the annual Workshop on Central Asian Studies (established in
      1996) was to offer an opportunity for scholars, institutions, and
      organizations interested in the Central Asian field to meet annually to
      discuss how we research, teach, and coordinate efforts in the Central
      Asian field. One result of this series of annual meetings was an effort
      during the fourth annual workshop in 1999 to establish a new scholarly
      society known as the Central Eurasian Studies Society. This new society
      held its first annual meeting in conjunction with the fifth annual
      workshop in 2000, and held its first elections soon after. Information on
      the CESS follows.


      The Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS) is a private, non-political,
      non-profit, U.S.-based organization of scholars who are interested in the
      study of Central Eurasia, and its history, languages, cultures, and modern
      states and societies. We define the Central Eurasian region broadly to
      include Turkic, Mongolian, Iranian, Caucasian, Tibetan and other peoples.
      Geographically, Central Eurasia extends from of the Black Sea region, the
      Crimea, and the Caucasus in the west, through the Middle Volga region,
      Afghanistan, Central and Inner Asia, and on to and southeastern Siberia,
      Mongolia and Tibet in the east.

      The Central Eurasian Studies Society's purpose is to promote high
      standards of research and teaching, and to foster communication among
      scholars through meetings and publications. The Society works to
      facilitate interaction among senior, established scholars, junior
      scholars, graduate students, and unaffiliated scholars in North America
      and throughout the world. We hold an Annual Conference, and coordinate
      panels at various conferences relevant to Central Eurasian studies. The
      Society also works to promote the publication of peer-reviewed scholarship
      and other information essential to the building the field. As soon as
      practicable, we plan to begin publishing, twice annually, a bulletin that
      focuses on research reports, book reviews, information on the current
      state of the field worldwide, and related topics.

      We invite anyone who shares these interests to become a member and
      participate in our activities.

      To learn more about CESS:

      1. Come to the Information Meeting on CESS at the ASN Convention.

      2. Contact CESS President, John Schoeberlein, by e-mail at:

      <CESS@...>, or write to: John Schoeberlein/CESS, Harvard
      Forum for Central Asian Studies, 1737 Cambridge St., Cambridge, MA 02138

      3. Attend the Second CESS Annual Conference in Madison, Wisconsin, 11-14
      October, 2001. For further information about the Annual Conference,
      contact Steve Sabol <sosabol@...> or Uli Schamiloglu

      To become a member fill in the on-line registration form. Dues are $30
      for full members; $15 for student and retired members; and free for some
      members from depending on which countries they come from:

      The CESS Board elected in 2000 consists of the
      following people:

      John Schoeberlein (ex officio, President),
      Marianne Kamp (ex officio, "Past-President")
      John Colarusso
      Alisher Ilkhamov
      Wang Jianping
      Virginia Martin
      Steven Sabol
      Uli Schamiloglu

      * Nationalities Convention, 11-13 Apr. 02, New York NY, USA

      "Peoples, Nations, and States:
      A Cross-Disciplinary Convention"

      7th Annual World Convention of the
      Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN)
      International Affairs Building
      Columbia University
      New York, NY
      Sponsored by the Harriman Institute
      April 11-13, 2002

      100 panels on the Balkans, Baltics, Caucasus, central Europe, Central
      Asia, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, China, and Mongolia, as well as thematic
      panels on nationalism, Islamist movements, conflict resolution,
      democratization, demography, language issues, geography, interpretations
      of history, ethnicity in film and literature, theoretical approaches to
      the nation.

      The Annual World Convention of the Association for the Study of
      Nationalities (ASN) has become the most attended international scholarly
      gathering dealing with issues of national identity, nationalism, ethnic
      conflict and state-building in central and eastern Europe, the former
      Soviet Union, Central Asia, and adjacent areas. More than a hundred
      participants travel from overseas for the event, particularly, but not
      exclusively, from western and eastern Europe. Disciplines represented
      included political science, history, anthropology, sociology, economics,
      geography, and sociolinguistics.

      The central theme of the 2002 Convention addresses the complex interaction
      of identity, security, and cooperation, in both the past and the present.
      Proposals may focus on particular cases, theoretical questions, or
      cross-regional comparisons. Papers or panels comparing cases of the
      postcommunist world with cases from other regions of the world are
      encouraged. Given contemporary trends and events, proposals dealing with
      Islamist movements, intercultural contact and exchange, the Balkans, and
      Central Asia are particularly welcome. Unlike most conventions, ASN
      accepts individual paper proposals, although full panel proposals have a
      greater chance of being accepted, due to space constraints.

      The ASN World Convention's yearly theme specifically refers to a core
      number of panels. Since the Convention is far larger in scope than a
      thematic conference, we invite, as in previous years, proposals on a wide
      range of topics related to identity, nationalism, conflict and
      state-building in central and eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union,
      Central Asia, and adjacent areas.

      The ASN website http://www.nationalities.org

      Panel/Roundtable Proposals. There is no particular application form to
      fill out. The vast majority of proposals were e-mailed to the Program
      Chair last year, but proposals sent by fax or regular mail are also
      accepted. For instructions on the proposals, see the "Application
      Information" below. All proposals must be sent to the Dr. Troy McGrath,
      ASN Convention Program Chair, Arnold Hall, Box 76, Hatwick College,
      Oneonta, NY 13820, email: mcgratht@... Deadline for proposals:
      December 6, 2001

      For information on panel and paper proposals:

      Dr. Troy McGrath
      ASN Convention Program Chair
      Political Science Department
      Arnold Hall, Box 76
      Hartwick College
      Oneonta, NY 13820
      tel.: 607-431-4586
      fax: 607-431-4351
      email: mcgratht@...

      For information on exhibits and advertisements in
      the convention

      Gordon Bardos
      ASN Convention Director
      Harriman Institute
      Columbia University
      1216 IAB
      420 W. 118th St.
      New York, NY 10027
      tel.: 212 854 8487
      fax: 212 666 3481
      email: gnb12@...