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521x0x Turkish news for week ending 01 September 2001

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  • TRH
    Sep 3, 2001

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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 01 September 2001

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      * The Reuters new agency reported that Turkish women became the 32nd
      person to die in a massive hunger strike organized mainly by left-wing
      The activists are protesting against the prison restructuring that is
      intended to reduce the number of prisoners in each cell.
      Although still supported by many activists around the World, some of the
      supporters from Europe recently criticized the strikes and ensuing deaths
      as being unwarranted for the purpose.

      * The Voice of America says that at least seven demonstrators and two
      policemen have been injured in clashes in the mainly Kurdish city of
      Diyarbakir in southeastern Turkey.
      The protesters were planning to travel to Turkey's capital Ankara to
      participate in a rally organized for September 1st, proclaimed as the
      "Peace Day".
      Turkish authorities, however, banned the rally for fear of violence.
      The police in Diyarbakir was trying to prevent the people from boarding
      buses going to the capital.
      The Agence France-Presse reported that police arrested 25 people.

      Speaking of the rally, Reuters reported today that the prison cells in the
      Turkish capital Ankara overflowed on Saturday as police detained thousands
      in a bid to stop the rally. Reuters characterized the detained as Kurds
      and the rally as "Kurdish rally".
      Police also broke up a crowd of 2000 people in Istanbul by using

      * The New York Times reports that the Turkish security forces are still
      looking for the suspect in the murder of the prominent businessman Mr.
      Uzeyir Garih.
      Recent evidence is suggesting that a 32-year-old drafted soldier killed
      Mr. Garih to rob him of his valuables.
      The drafted man was a convicted murderer who is released from prison
      after a recent amnesty. Turkish press has been criticizing the Prime
      Minister and the ruling coalition's leaders for releasing violent

      * According to Reuters, a Turkish energy official said that Turkey would
      complete tender calls to supply equipment for a pipeline on its soil to
      carry Caspian oil to the World markets by the end of 2001. The
      construction is then to start on June 24, 2002.
      The energy official said that Azerbaijan and Georgia, two other
      countries that pipeline will go through, will hold the same process.
      Bechtel of San Francisco will carry out detailed engineering studies in
      Azerbaijan and George a, and a German consulting firm along with his
      Turkish partners in Turkey.
      Many Western oil firms such as British Petroleum, US's Unocal, Norwegian
      state oil company, Turkish petroleum, Japan's Itochu, Ramco Saudi-American
      Delta Hess our partners in the project.
      Many such as Texaco, Total, FianElf, Chevron and Eni are also showing
      The pipeline has many competitors and challengers. Among them are
      Russia's state-owned oil and transportation company.
      The dispute between Azerbaijan and Armenia, instability in Georgia, and
      the interference by ethnic lobbyists on behalf of Armenia in the U.S. are
      also of concern to the proponents of the pipeline.

      * Turks observed the Victory Day on August 30, commemorating the victory
      over the invaders at the end of the 1st World War.

      * News reports are saying that the Turkish economy shrunk by 8.5 percent
      in the first half of this year.
      Earlier in the year, a row between the Turkish prime minister and the
      president triggered a major slide in the value of the Turkish currency and
      major selloffs in the Turkish stock market.
      Along with these the Turkish economy came to a standstill.
      Turkish exports, however, recovered quickly, in fact, later increased
      significantly due to a weak Turkish currency.
      The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank along with many other
      countries have since been helping Turkey financially with new loans and

      * The Financial Times reports that the Turkish preachers are urging the
      faithful to have faith in the Turkish currency.
      In the traditional Friday prayers, the preachers told the crowds to give
      the national currency the value it deserves. They asked the Turks to shy
      away from using the dollar or the deutsche mark.
      The state run Religious Affairs Directorate distributed the sermon to
      the preachers.
      The financial times says that the Religious Affairs Directorate took its
      cue from a campaign started last week by some business groups to try to
      boost the Turkish currency.
      Experts, however, say that campaigns like this won't have any effects on
      the currency let alone on the battered economy.
      They say a consistent pursuit of sound economic policies in line with
      monetary and fiscal reforms is the key to the recovery of the economy and
      the Turkish currency.

      * The international investing advising company, Schroder Salomon Smith
      Barney (SSSB), based in London, has estimated that the banking sector in
      Turkey will recover as from the next year, reports the daily Milliyet.
      SSSB has estimated that the bank incomes, which have amounted to $909
      million in 2001, will reach $1.3 billion in 2002.
      The Treasury bond's average annual interest, which is 91% this year,
      will be 67% next year.
      One US dollar will go up to 1,600,000 Turkish liras by the end of this
      year and 2,000,000 Turkish liras next year.

      * Speaking of the exchange rates, one US dollar was fetching 1,388,000
      Turkish liras on Friday.


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees C (Degrees F), Weather

      Istanbul (Marmara Region)--------: 33/24 (91/75) Partially Cloudy
      Izmir (Aegean Region)------------: 35/25 (95/77) Scattered Clouds
      Antalya (Mediterranean Region)---: 33/21 (91/70) Clear
      Ankara (Central Anatolian Region): 36/22 (97/72) Scattered Clouds

      Seawater temperatures

      Trabzon (Black Sea) 79
      Kumkoy (Marmara Sea) 75
      Bodrum (Aegean Sea) 81
      Alanya (Mediterranean Sea) 8


      Edited for the Turkish radio hour by Cuneyt Capanoglu

      * The joint Turkish-Greek concert, organized by Neapolis Municipality of
      Salonica, Greece, was held in Aristo Square last Sunday night.
      Prior to the concert, official guests and musicians marched with torches
      and the flags of Balkan countries.
      Greek Culture Minister Evangelos Venizelos, Minister of Macedonia and
      Thrace, Yorgos Pashalidis, Turkey's Anatolian News Agency General Director
      and Executive Board President Mehmet Guler, Mayor of Kusadasi township of
      western Turkish province of Aydin, Fuat Akdogan, former Tourism Minister
      Bahattin Yucel and some of the Greek deputies attended the concert.
      Zulfu Livaneli and Maria Farandouri, representing Turkiye and Greece,
      respectively, spoke for peace and friendship among Balkan nations.
      For their efforts to improve bilateral relations between the two
      nations, both Livaneli and Farandouri received "Frienship" awards.
      Livaneli received his award from Paraskevas Paraskevopoulos, Chairman of
      Macedonian press Agency Executive Board, and Farandouri received her award
      from Mehmet Guler, General Director of Anatolian News Agency.

      * The daily Cumhuriyet reports that the mosaics of Zeugma will be ready
      for viewing by June 2002.
      Experts completed the restoration frescoes found at the site and the
      work on almost 700 square meters of mosaics at the ancient Zeugma site
      will start in the coming days.
      The ancient city of Zeugma was partially inundated by the
      rising waters of a new dam. Turkish and International teams
      conducted emergency excavations and saved many precious mosaics, statues
      and other artifacts.
      The ancient city is compared to Pompeii with its rare and
      beautiful findings from the Roman period.
      See the following for more information on Zeugma:

      * Italian painters will open a joint exhibition at the Efes Museum in
      Selcuk township of Izmir. the exhibit will feature 100 paintings of 41
      Italian painters, including 13 women painters.
      The exhibition, which was organized, by Efes Museum Director Selahattin
      Erdemgil and Modern Italian Painters' Association Chairman Gian Carlo
      Cenava will open on September 1, 2001.

      See http://www.selcukephesus.gen.tr/english/muze.html for more on the

      * The Turkish News reports that the restoration of the theater in the
      ancient city of Metropolis has been completed. The theater was the site
      for a concert on August 30th, the Victory Day.
      Professor Recep Meric of Dokuz Eylul University Archeology Department is
      in charge of the excavations. He stated that the excavations in
      Metropolis have been going on for 12 years and only 5% of the city has
      been uncovered to date.
      The 900-seat capacity Metropolis amphitheater is one of the
      best-protected theaters in the world and the restoration and landscaping
      of the amphitheater began two years ago.
      Professor Meric also stated that the use of suitable stones and careful
      reconstruction raised the seating capacity to 1,500 seats.
      See http://www.metropolis.org.tr/content-uk.htm for more on the


      Edited for the Turkish Radio Hour by Mark Nowak

      * Turkish Premier soccer early:

      Week 3 results:

      Trabzonspor 5-0 Bursaspor
      Göztepe 2-1 Samsunspor
      Antalyaspor 3-3 Yimpas Yozgatspor
      Besiktas 4-0 Diyarbakirspor
      Gençlerbirligi 0-1 Istanbulspor
      Çaykur Rizespor 3-6 Galatasaray
      Fenerbahçe 4-1 MKE Ankaragücü
      Gaziantepspor 0-0 Denizli
      Kocaelispor 2-0 Malatyaspor

      Week 4 matches:

      Ankaragücü - Gençlerbirligi
      Samsunspor - Besiktas
      Denizli - Rizespor
      Kocaelispor - Fenerbahçe
      Istanbulspor - Göztepe
      Diyarbakirspor - Trabzonspor
      Bursaspor - Gaziantepspor
      Yozgatspor - Malatyaspor
      Galatasaray - Antalyaspor


      Team Pts
      1. Trabzonspor 9
      2. Göztepe 9
      3. Istanbulspor 9
      4. Galatasaray 7
      5. Kocaelispor 7
      6. Ankaragucu 6
      7. Fenerbahce 6
      8. Denizlispor 4
      9. Besiktas 4
      10. Yozgatspor 4
      11. G.Birligi 2
      12. G.Antep 2
      13. Rizespor 1
      14. Samsunspor 1
      15. Diyarbakirspor 1
      16. Bursaspor 1
      17. Antalyaspor 1
      18. Malatyaspor 0

      * Champion's League:

      Galatasaray (TUR) - Levski Sofia (Bul) 2-1 1-1 Galatasaray 3-2 on

      Rangers (SCO) - Fenerbahce (TUR) 0-0 1-2 Fenerbahce
      2-1 on aggregate

      * UEFA Cup

      Zimbru (MLD) - Gaziantepspor (TUR) 0-0 1-4
      Gazientepspor 4-1 on aqgregate

      *Turkish Football Federation Chairman Haluk Ulusoy and Greek Football
      Federation Chairman Vassilis Gagatsis signed a
      cooperation protocol to launch a joint initiative to host Euro 2008
      Football Championship. FIFA Executive Board member and UEFA
      Vice-President Senes Erzik of Turkey and Turkish and Greek football
      federations officials attended the signing ceremony at the Conrad Hotel in

      Speaking at the signing ceremony, Ulusoy said that signing of this letter
      of intent was an historic development in relations between Turkey and

      * In today's Worldcup qualifiers, the Turkish national soccer team beat
      Slovakia 1 to 0 in Slovakia.


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      Latif Bolat: Musical and Visual Illustrations of Turkey
      Saturday, September 22, 11:00 AM, Trustees' Auditorium
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      Traditional Turkish Folk and Sufi Music by Latif Bolat
      Saturday, September 22, 2:00 PM, Trustees' Auditorium
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      folk traditions, accompanying himself on the baglama (long-necked

      Islamic Calligraphy by Mohamed Zakariya
      September 16, 2:00 PM, Trustees' Auditorium
      Free with museum admission.
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