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172x0x A glimmer of hope shines for Nemrut

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    Apr 2, 1999
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      x0x A glimmer of hope shines for Nemrut

      Ankara - Turkish Daily News

      The only surviving members of the 2,000-year-old Kommanege kingdom on
      Mount Nemrut will be protected by the International Nemrut Foundation
      based in Holland.

      Foundation director Maurice Crijns stated that they were going to
      protect and save the statues from the Kommanege kingdom that were
      sculpted on the 2,150-meter-high peak of Mount Nemrut, the Anatolia
      news agency reported.

      During a visit to Adiyaman, Crijns indicated a protocol was being
      signed between the Culture Ministry, the Foundation for Protecting
      Culture and Natural Heritage, the International Nemrut Foundation and
      the Turkish Democracy Foundation to protect and save the giant
      sculptures, which are included on UNESCO'S World Heritage List and are
      considered to be the eighth wonder of the world.

      Pointing out that they had taken over the responsibility of protecting
      the sculptures as well as the tumulus on Mount Nemrut, Crijns said,
      "According to the protocol we will restore the sculptures to their
      original form, and then they'll be transported to galleries to be
      built by the Culture Ministry. Then imitation sculptures will replace

      Crijns added that the tomb on the mountain's peak, which until now has
      never been open to the public, would also be opened up for visits. "If
      this project can be carried out, the Nemrut sculptures will be as
      popular as the pyramids in Egypt," stated Crijns, adding that the
      project would be financed by the Turkish Democracy Foundation and the
      International Nemrut Foundation.
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