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1636x0x Turkish news for week ending 29 August 2009

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    Sep 2, 2009
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      * According to the Turkish daily Hurriyet, Turkish
      Prime Minister Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan described
      on a televised address on Thursday the government
      initiative to solve the decades long conflict with
      the Kurdish rebels.
      Mr. Erdogan called on the opponents of the
      government initiative to drop their opposition and
      join forces with him.
      Rebuffing accusations by Nationalist Movement
      Party leader Devlet Bahceli that the initiative
      amounts to treason, and claims by Republican
      People's Party leader Deniz Baykal that the
      initiative would damage Turkey's unity and
      political identity, Mr. Erdogan said, "Whoever
      tries to find a treasonous plan in this project of
      fellowship is causing the most damage to Turkey.
      The limits laid down by the Constitution are
      "We will never allow any intention or attempt to
      divide Turkey or cause damage to our national
      unity or to the unitary structure of our state.
      "We will not take even the smallest step that
      could harm Turkey's interests. What we are doing
      is for the benefit of our country.
      "It is for the benefit of our 71.5 million
      citizens. Our government has always emphasized
      this: one nation, one country, one flag, one
      Mr. Erdogan added, "Everyone should know this very
      clearly: The purpose of this move is to establish
      a democratic environment where everyone living in
      this country can freely express themselves."
      Stating that the initiative would bring an end to
      mourning over fallen sons, Mr. Erdogan said, "We
      want our children to live in peace in these
      territories. This is a democratic initiative, an
      initiative of love and fraternity. This initiative
      is a revelation of the common mind."
      Stressing that the southeastern Anatolia issue
      cannot be resolved by military means alone, Mr.
      Erdogan called it a multifaceted issue, with
      social, economic, cultural and psychological
      dimension dimensions, adding, "Above all, it has a
      diplomatic dimension. It is an issue of humanity.
      It is an issue of democracy."

      * According to the Turkish daily Sabah, NATO
      Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen arrived in
      the Turkish capital Ankara on Thursday for
      official talks, in his first visit to Turkey in
      his new post.
      Speaking to reporters, Mr. Rasmussen said the
      future and the ways to boost the alliance would be
      discussed during his talks with Turkish officials.
      Mr. Rasmussen said he was looking forward to
      closer cooperation with Turkey.
      As part of his visit, Mr. Rasmussen attended an
      iftar (fast-breaking dinner) along with Prime
      Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan that was hosted by
      the Ankara branch of the ruling Justice and
      Development Party.
      Before his trip to Turkey, daily Hurriyet wrote on
      Thursday that Mr. Rasmussen expressed his concerns
      about Turkish-Greek 6 relations. Mr. Rasmussen
      thinks that these relations are affecting the
      alliance's efforts in Afghanistan and Africa.
      He said that he would like to raise the question
      of better cooperation between the two NATO members
      during his visit to Turkey, and later to Greece.

      * According to the Anatolia News Agency, a new
      ferryboat service from Turkish Cyprus to Lebanon
      has started.
      Lebanese tourists will be able to take the
      ferryboat as part of package service and stay in
      Turkish Cyprus for four days.
      Turkish officials say that the isolation of
      Cypriot Turks will be lessened with this service.
      Currently the republic of the Cypriot Turks is
      under international sanctions due to effective
      Greek lobbying.

      * According to the Turkish daily Hurriyet,
      following a two-day ministerial level meeting of
      the Friends of Democratic Pakistan in Istanbul,
      Pakistani Foreign Affairs Minister Shah Mehmood
      Qureshi held bilateral talks with his Turkish
      counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu, and was also received
      by Turkey's president Mr. Abdullah Gul at the
      Cankaya Presidential Palace in Turkey's capital
      The United Nations sponsored meeting of the
      Friends of Democratic Pakistan meant to
      facilitate international aid to ensure and
      maintain Pakistan's stability in the face of
      terrorist activities by the Taliban. Attendees
      included delegates from 20 member countries as
      well as the United Nations, the European
      Commission, and other international institutions
      such as the World Bank, Asian development Bank and
      Islamic development Bank.
      While the main focus of assistance was combating
      terrorism and promoting stability in Pakistan, the
      meeting also discussed the results of a private
      sector meeting and pilot project for
      reconstruction in the Malakand region. A
      declaration was also issued calling for efforts to
      boost Pakistan's internal strength, create
      permanent partnerships, expand economic
      opportunities, and focus on developing Pakistan's
      energy sector.
      The Istanbul meeting of the Friends of Democratic
      Pakistan also served as a preparatory meeting for
      the first Friends of Democratic Pakistan summit,
      set to be co-hosted next month in New York by
      President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister
      Gordon Brown and Pakistani President Asif Ali

      * Turkish researchers have succeeded in producing
      a protein which prevents the uncontrolled division
      of cancerous cells in transgenic rats' milk,
      reports the Turkish daily Sabah.
      The interferon gamma protein promises to be a
      breakthrough in treating such diseases as cancer,
      hepatitis and viral infections.

      * Speaking to Hurriyet daily on Sunday, Turkey's
      State Minister for Foreign Trade Zafer Caglayan
      discussed ministry plans for a restructuring of
      Turkey's handling of trade relations across the
      Stating that world trade would fall $4 trillion
      due to the global economic crisis, Mr. Caglayan
      said, "In light of this, we will adopt a
      target-oriented foreign trade approach based on
      the unique features of each country worldwide to
      improve Turkey's exports by diversifying foreign
      trade markets."


      * Anatolia News Agency reports that a museum
      displaying amphoras, or ceramic jugs, from various
      periods in Turkey's Mediterranean province of
      Mersins Silifke area is drawing more attention
      from visitors each day.
      Some 6,000 people reportedly visited the museum in
      Tasucu town last year, a figure that has already
      increased to 8,000 this year. Most of the visitors
      are foreign tourists.
      "There are more than 500 amphoras having
      characteristics of Syria, Palestine, Cyprus and
      the Italian peninsula," said Arslan Eyce, the
      chairman of the Tasucu Foundation for Education
      and Protection of Natural Life.
      An amphora is a type of ceramic vase with two
      handles and a long neck narrower than the body.
      Amphorae first appeared on the Syrian coast around
      the 15th century BC and spread around the ancient
      world, being used by the ancient Greeks and Romans
      as the principal means for transporting and
      storing grapes, olive oil, wine, oil, olives,
      grain, fish, and other commodities.

      * Vercihan Ziflioglu of Hurriyet Daily News
      reports that Harput's historical fort in Turkey's
      eastern province of Elazig is being restored.
      The Foundation for the Promotion and Protection of
      Environment and Cultural Heritage will be carrying
      out the restoration work.
      The fort was built by the ancient Urartus. The
      president of the foundation Professor Metin Sozen
      says that it was possible to observe traces from
      all civilizations that existed in Anatolia in the
      Harput Fort.

      * The winners of the International Antalya Golden
      Orange Film Festival Honorary Awards have been
      announced, the Hurriyet Daily News reports. The
      Festival will take place this year from Oct. 10 to
      17 for the 46th time.
      Vedat Turkali, for his enriching efforts in
      Turkish film as a script writer, director, poet
      and novelist; director Ulku Erakalin; musical
      theoretician and composer Yalcin Tura; and actress
      Sevda Ferdag will be granted with the Golden
      Orange Honorary Award.
      Actor Erol Gunaydin will be bestowed with the
      "Yildirim Onal Memorial Award."
      Additionally, film set worker Halil Dede will
      receive the "Cinema Endeavor Award," which is
      given to those working behind the camera, due to
      his devoted hard work.
      The International Antalya Golden Orange film
      Festival takes place every year in Turkey's
      Mediterranean province of Antalya.

      * Two Turkish philanthropists turned a historical
      lighthouses lodging building into a library with
      more than 500 books on maritime studies and
      lighthouses, reports Turkey's Dogan News Agency.
      The philanthropists are former Istanbul Bar
      Association Chairman Yucel Sayman and his wife
      Hacer Sayman.
      Mr. Yucel Sayman rented the Ayvacik Sivrice cove
      lighthouse keepers lodge from the Coast Guard
      General Directorate in 2008. After undergoing
      infrastructure work, the building, said to have
      been built in 1805, has become a library. The
      historical building now named the Sivrice
      Lighthouse Maritime Library, will be opened
      officially in October in a ceremony.
      Mr. Sayman said the library archives contain
      novels, research papers, childrens books and
      documents on lighthouses in various languages. "My
      goal is to create an archive of 5,000 books from
      the Ottoman period and to make this place into a
      center that will be visited by those engaged in
      scientific research," he said.
      Mr. Sayman said he also wished to establish a
      small-size maritime museum next to the lighthouse
      yard, which is also home to a miniature replica of
      the old lighthouse from the 1940s. He said film
      and documentary screenings would be held in the
      library garden during the summer months.

      * According to the Anatolia News Agency, Istanbuls
      Turkish Dance Festival will bring together Turkish
      folk dances with folk dances of the world in
      September. The festival, featuring Spanish
      flamenco, Cuban salsa, Argentinean tango,
      Brazilian samba, Ankaras misket and Aegean
      cokertme, will be held in September.
      Festival events include dance courses by national
      and international dancers, special shows and
      amateur dance shows. The festival is expected to
      turn into a platform where the worlds dance
      cultures come together.
      The six-day festival will host dancers from
      Germany, Russia, the United Arab Emirates,
      Lebanon, Greece, France, Ukraine, Tunisia,
      Belarus, Italy, Switzerland and various Turkish

      * Archaeologists have concluded this year's
      excavations at the Aizanoi Ancient City reports
      the Anatolia News Agency. Ruins of the ancient
      City are located in the Cavdarhisar village in
      Turkey's Aegean province of Kutahya.
      Excavations this year began on August 3rd. The
      excavation team was headed by professor Ralf von
      den Hoff of the University of Freiburg in Germany.
      The excavations in the ancient city first began in
      1970. Aizanoi Ancient City was first discovered by
      European travelers in 1824.
      Archaeologists have so far unearthed the world's
      best-protected Zeus temple, a theater for 20,000
      people, a stadium for 13,500 people, two
      bathhouses, one of the world's first stock
      exchange building, five bridges, the "Meter
      Steunene" holy area and necropolises.
      Also, settlement layers from 3,000 B.C. were found
      around the Zeus temple. The findings are being
      exhibited at the Kutahya Archeology Museum.

      * Hurriyet Daily News reports the Nev Shalom
      Synagogue in Istanbul's Galata district will be
      the venue for Turkeys Jewish community who is
      looking forward to participating in a series of
      activities for the European Day of Jewish Culture.
      On the day at the event on September 6 Jewish
      community will help the public at large discover
      the cultural and historical heritage of Judaism.
      "This day carries a special importance for us. The
      key point is to make our culture known. We are a
      community of 23,000 in a country of 70 million.
      Thats why we give a lot of importance to such
      events," said Deniz Baler Saporta, a spokeswoman
      for Turkeys Jewish community.
      Begun as a local initiative in the Alsace region
      of France, Culture Day went international in 1999.
      This year its theme is Jewish Festivals and
      Traditions and its roster is likely to include as
      many as 800 separate, simultaneous events in 28
      The events in Istanbul will include exhibitions,
      concerts and panels. But the highlight will
      certainly be the symbolic circumcision ceremony,
      along with the Ramadan dinner, that will take
      place at Beyoglus Municipality Building. As the
      European Day of Jewish Culture has coincided with
      the Moslems' holy month of Ramadan this year, the
      iftar will be held as a symbol of unity between
      cultures. Everyone who wants to join is invited to
      do so.
      The synagogue will also host a chamber-music
      concert titled "Reflections from Jewish Themes,"
      which will be performed by pianist Jerfi Aji,
      violinists Cihat Askin and Aida Baydag,
      clarinetist Aysegul Kirmanoglu, violist Tuba Ozkan
      and cellist Yelda Ozgen Ozturk.
      Another performance on the culture day will
      feature the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki
      Choir, which is directed by Kostis Papazoglou and
      includes 14 sopranos, 7 altos, 4 tenors and 5
      basses. The concert will take place in the
      Ashkenazi Synagogue.

      * Vercihan Ziflioglu of the Hurriyet Daily News
      writes that a master of installation art will
      bring examples from his 50-year professional
      career to Istanbul from the world's museums.
      Sarkis' exhibition "Site," which will open Sept.
      11 at the Istanbul Modern Museum in the historical
      neighborhood of Karakoy, will be the most
      comprehensive exhibition of his work ever
      displayed. Sarkis is a Turkish born Armenian
      artist who lives in Paris.
      Even though he has previously organized a few
      exhibitions in Istanbul in recent years, his new
      exhibit will be the first of its kind in many
      "Memory has turned into image for the first time
      in this exhibition. Images wanted to come together
      and called for each other. I have never made a
      combination using images thus far," said the
      The images that Sarkis mentions are the
      photographs some 20,000 of them that he has
      taken in his exhibitions for half a century. From
      his massive archive, the artist has chosen just 50
      images for this exhibit.


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