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1580x0x Turkish news for week ending 01 November 2008

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    Nov 7, 2008
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      x0x Turkish news for week ending 01 November 2008

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      * The Turks in Turkey and around the World
      celebrated the 85th anniversary of the foundations
      of the Republic of Turkey on October 29.
      The day was also celebrated here in the Bay Area
      last Saturday in Redwood City with a commemoration
      event organized by the Turkish American
      Association of California.
      The Turks in Sacramento will be commemorating
      the event today.
      The Republic of Turkey was founded after the
      collapse of the Ottoman Empire at the end of the
      First World War and an ensuing five-year-long war
      against the invaders.
      In related news, three members of the US House
      of Representatives caucus on the U.S. Turkish
      relations, Robert Wexler (Democrat of Florida), Ed
      Whitfield (Republican of Kentucky), and Kay
      Granger (Republican of Texas), issued a message
      marking the Republic Day for Turks living in the

      * The Turkish daily Aksam reported on the comments
      made by Mark Parris, the former U.S. ambassador to
      Turkey, on its Tuesday issue. Mr. Parris is now a
      counselor to the Brookings Institution's Turkey
      President George Bush is leaving Turkish-US
      relations worse than he found them, Mr. Parris
      In his article "Common Values and Common
      Interests? The Bush Legacy in US-Turkish
      Relations," Mr. Parris wrote, "The burden of
      responsibility for what has been the most
      problematic six years in US-Turkish relations
      since the Cyprus crisis of the 1970s lies with
      Mr. Parris added that the next president will
      get a bounce in Turkish public opinion just by not
      being Bush.
      arris.aspx for more.

      * Agence France-Presse quotes the Turkish military
      as saying that over 120 militants of the Kurdistan
      Workers Party defected from the underground
      organization after Turkish air raids against the
      hideouts of the militants in the northern Iraqi
      mountains last month.
      The agency writes that U.S. has helped its NATO
      ally Turkey by providing intelligence on the
      Kurdistan Workers Party movements inside Iraq.
      The Kurdistan Workers Party is listed as a
      terrorist organization by the U.S., the European
      Union and Turkey.
      The conflict between the Kurdistan Workers Party
      and the Turkish government cost the lives of
      44,000 people since 1984, Agence France-Presse
      writes. At the beginning of this month, the
      militants attacked a Turkish army post and killed
      17 military, which triggered the latest Turkish
      air raids.

      * In the latest act of piracy, Somali pirates
      captured a Turkish freighter, the Associated Press
      In related news, Turkey's Anatolia News Agency
      reported that the Turkish maritime officials asked
      NATO forces to help end the hijacking.
      The Turkish freighter was carrying iron ore from
      Canada to China.

      * According to the Turkish daily Milliyet,
      Turkey's defense minister Mr. Vecdi Gonul visited
      Israel this week.
      Mr. Gonul attended the test flights of unmanned
      aerial vehicles at the invitation of his Israeli
      counterpart Ehud Barak.
      Mr. Gonul sad afterwards that the first two of
      these vehicles will be delivered to Turkey next
      Mr. Gonul also met with Israeli Foreign Affairs
      Minister Tzipi Livni, who reportedly complained
      about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's
      visit to Turkey in August.
      Mr. Gonul visited neighboring Greece earlier in
      the week.

      * Wire reports and World press are reporting that
      the World Economic Forum Europe and Central Asia
      meeting has taken place in Istanbul this week.
      The Turkish daily Sabah reports that the Turkish
      Prime Minister Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed
      the Forum on Thursday.
      Mr. Erdogan said that no country or institution
      should take advantage of the global economic
      crisis, adding that those who do so will pay a
      steep price.
      Urging developed countries to lend a helping
      hand to underdeveloped ones, Mr. Erdogan said,
      "The crisis has many important messages for the
      world. A boundless lust for profits and lack of
      satisfaction paved the way for the crisis."
      The World Economic Forum executive chairman
      Klaus Schwab also addressed the forum and said
      that there is a great possibility that Turkey and
      its region can get out of the crisis by growing

      * Georgia's Rustavi2 broadcasting company reports
      that the crisis in the Caucasus region and
      development of Asia were the main issues on the
      second day of the World Economic Forum in Turkey.
      Foreign Affairs Ministers of Georgia, Iran,
      Belgium and the NATO special representative
      responsible for the issues of Caucasus and Central
      Asia have attended the meeting in Istanbul.
      The Economic Forum in Istanbul will end today.

      * Reuters reports that the U.S. Trade and
      Development Agency and the Overseas Private
      Investment Corporation will invest up to $500
      million each in renewable energy in Turkey,
      Turkish energy minister announced on the sidelines
      of the World Economic Forum.
      Also, the Turkish minister responsible for the
      economy reported to the press that Turkey is
      talking to the International Monetary Fund on a
      precautionary agreement.
      As we have been reporting to you in the past
      few weeks, the Turkish government so far has been
      resisting the idea of borrowing from the Fund.
      However, the Turkish business community has
      been urging the government to talk to the
      International Monetary Fund.

      * Turkey's foreign affairs minister Mr. Ali
      Babacan said on Thursday that Turkey has been
      somewhat cushioned from the global economic crisis
      by its adoption of the European Union criteria.
      Mr. Babacan was speaking at a ceremony
      inaugurating a European Union business development
      center in Turkey.

      * The Anatolia News Agency reports that the
      Millionaire Fair-Istanbul, known as the World's
      Leading Luxury Fair, began on Thursday at the CNR
      Expo Center.
      The fair is the place where the top of the
      international luxury industry representatives meet
      to present their most beautiful and exclusive
      products and services.
      Speaking at the inauguration of the fair,
      Turkey's State Minister Kursad Tuzmen said that
      the new preference of World's millionaires will be
      Turkish products and services.
      The exhibit includes the following categories:
      Art & antiques, Luxury cars, Interior & design,
      Jewellery & watches, Lifestyle, Travel, Boats &
      Yachts, Private Jets & Helicopters, Fashion &
      Haute Couture, Investment, Spirits & Haute
      Cuisine, Cosmetics & Beauty, Home entertainment,
      sound & vision, Telecom, Hotels & Resorts,
      Property, Banking & Finance.
      Architects, designers, interior decorators,
      consultants, distributors, retailers, traders,
      government officials, and other related
      professionals and general public are the target
      The "Millionaire Fair-Istanbul" ends on November
      2, 2008.

      * The Financial Times of London writes that
      depreciation in the Turkish currency is hampering
      Turkey's efforts to bring inflation back into
      single digits.
      The Turkish currency lost one-third of its value
      against the U.S. dollar, writes the Financial
      Turkey's Central Bank is now forecasting that by
      the end of 2008 inflation will be 11.1 percent.
      To curb the inflation, the Central Bank has been
      keeping the interest rates high -- currently at
      16.75 percent. However, the Financial Times
      argues that it would be difficult for the Central
      Bank to raise it any further.

      * Turkey's Transportation Ministry announced that
      Istanbul Baghdad flights have resumed after 17
      years on October 26.


      Edited by Carol Dean Gumustel

      * The Anatolia News Agency reports the opening of
      an exhibit by five Turkish artists living in
      The exhibit, titled "Berlin-Istanbul / Here and
      There" consists of 90 works including paintings,
      sculptures and photographs.
      Istanbul and Berlin have been sister cities for
      nearly 20 years now.
      The exhibition will be open through Dec. 19 in
      Berlin and is scheduled to start in Istanbul next

      * Turkish Daily News reports that in Turkey's
      Aegean town of Ayvalik and the southeastern city
      of Diyarbakir, local women are making fashionable
      handbags from discarded ice-cream containers,
      potato chip bags and candy wrappers.
      The handbags will make their debut this month in
      the popular Boyner storefront.
      The founder of the project, Tara Hopkins, has
      been the Director of Civic Involvement projects at
      Sabanci University for the last 10 years.
      Ms. Hopkins said she wanted to work with women
      in poverty and do something that was
      pro-environment. "People are always talking about
      the environment but we don't do much about it,"
      she said. "While searching for what to make with
      trash I came across these bags."
      With only one in four women in Turkey working,
      Cop [cop] (M)adam has created a dynamic that is as
      practical as it is empowering. One of the weavers,
      Sidika, said her new work had helped her
      contribute to her household. "I've already paid
      for groceries for my family with the money I've
      made," she said.
      With the women working mostly from home, Cop
      [cop] (M)adam plans to have manufacturing
      facilities in Istanbul and Diyarbakir.
      See photos of the bags at:


      * The mayor of Antalya, Mr. Menderes Turel, is
      scheduled to give a solo performance on the
      opening night of the 9th Antalya International
      Piano Festival, reports the Turkish Daily News.
      Mr. Turel will perform Bach's F minor 1056. He
      will be accompanied by the Antalya State Opera and
      ballet conducted by Gurer Aykal.
      Following Mayor Turel, the art director of the
      festival, pianist Fazil Say, will perform
      Beethoven's Choral Fantasy.
      The Moscow Virtuosos, conducted by Vladimir
      Spivakov, will be the guest orchestra of the
      The Festival begins November 7 and takes place
      at the Antalya Culture Center. It will end on
      November 23.

      * According to the Turkish Daily News, more than
      100 children's films from 30 countries will be
      screened at the Sixth International Istanbul
      Children's Film Festival.
      The Festival runs through Nov. 13 in Istanbul,
      and through Nov. 6 in the Aegean city of Izmir.
      Young directors aged 6 to 15 from Turkey,
      Argentina, Belgium and Bangladesh are competing in
      the Short Film category.
      There are also weekend acting and filmmaking
      workshops open throughout the festival.
      See more at: http://iicff.com/english/

      * Last week we reported you about a cartoon
      competition that has been taking place for 25
      Asli Saglam of the Turkish Daily News reports
      that the awards ceremony for this year's
      competitions took place on Monday. Here is her
      At first smiles, then thoughtful expressions
      appear on the faces of people looking at the
      award-winning cartoons at the Aydin Dogan
      International Cartoon Competition.
      The award ceremony hosted many World-renowned
      cartoonists, artists and celebrities, at
      Istanbul's Hilton Convention Center. For the
      first time in its 25-year history, a woman
      cartoonist led the cartoon competition jury board.
      The Aydin Dogan Foundation's chairman of the
      Executive Council, Ms. Candan Fetvaci, emphasized
      that cartoons competing in the competition stood
      for international peace, freedom, love and
      friendship. "Each year," she said, "the
      competition gains respect among its kind and has
      become one of the most important cartoon
      competitions in the World."
      Without using any written language, cartoons are
      able to communicate with an audience. Sometimes
      they tell more than what words could. Touching on
      the hottest topics on the World's agenda, cartoons
      prove the pen is mightier than the sword.
      Mr. Ahmet Ozturk Levent, who came first in the
      competition, received $8,000, a plaque from
      Turkey's Ministry of Tourism and Culture, a Daily
      Hurriyet Golden plaque and a sculpture.

      * According to the Dogan News Agency, a school in
      Turkey's Aegean province of Mugla's Milas
      township, is working to save the traditional
      handmade Milas carpets. The carpets of this region
      are handknotted and distinguished by their
      geometric design, thick pile and muted colors.
      The Milas Anatolian Vocational High School has
      established a council with the craftspeople of the
      township to define and standardize the
      characteristics of the Milas carpet.
      The project hopes to benefit rural families that
      make carpets, carpet merchants, and students who
      want to pursue a vocational education.
      As part of the project the high school will
      re-offer a course in how to handweave carpets.
      Carpets made as part of the project will be
      tagged so that the buyer will be sure he is
      getting a true Milas carpet.


      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in New Turkish Liras: 1.54


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara, in central Turkey----------: 48/68 Partly Cloudy
      Antalya, on the Mediterranean------: 63/81 Mostly Sunny
      Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey---: 55/70 Partly Cloudy
      Izmir, on the Aegean---------------: 64/82 Mostly Sunny
      Trabzon, on the Black Sea----------: 54/66 Partly Cloudy

      Seawater temperatures

      Black Sea measured at Trabzon 66
      Marmara Sea measured at Tekirdag 64
      Aegean Sea measured at Izmir 68
      Mediterranean Sea measured at Antalya 79

      * Heavy rain caused significant damage in Istanbul on Monday.
      However, in general the people of the largest city in Turkey were jubilant
      to see the downpour.
      The region has been suffering a major drought in recent years.


      * Turkish soccer premier league

      In this week's games the following results attained so far:


      * in last week's games:


      * Standings in the league as the last week:

      1.BESIKTAS A.S. 18
      2.TRABZONSPOR A.S. 17
      3.ANKARASPOR A.S. 16
      4.SIVASSPOR 15
      5.BURSASPOR 15
      6.GALATASARAY A.S. 14
      7.KAYSERISPOR 14
      9.FENERBAHCE 12
      11.KONYASPOR 10
      14.DENIZLISPOR 8
      17.ANTALYASPOR A.S. 2
      18.KOCAELISPOR 1

      * On a cold morning with 54 degrees at the start and in steady rain which
      never stopped all through the race, the Intercontinental Istanbul Eurasia
      Marathon celebrated its 30th anniversary on October 26.
      Rain and gusty wind did not scare away crowds of recreational runners
      but it didn't make things easier for the 50 elite runners, contesting
      $1,001,000 prize purse. Kasime Adilo Roba, 29, of Ethiopia and Russia's
      Nailiya Yulamanova, 28 claimed the overall men's and women's titles in
      2:11:16 and 2:30:17 respectively.
      This year's marathon was held along a new course exposing more scenic
      historical sites. Historically, the marathon and the 15km race connect
      two continents - Europe and Asia. Starting on the Asian side, runners
      cross the Bosporus and Golden Horn Bridges, pass under the Aqueduct of
      Valens on the way to Glhane Park on the Marmara Sea coast, and finish
      on the European side, at the Hippodrome, one of the oldest race tracks
      in the world, situated in the historical district - Sultanahmet, famous
      for ancient monuments and temples, including the 3500-year-old Egyptian
      Obelisk of Theodosius.

      Leading results of the marathon
      1. Kasime Adilo Roba ETH 2:11:16
      2. Lishan Yigezu Fanta ETH 2:11:37
      3. Iaroslav Musinschi MDA 2:11:43

      1. Nailya Yulamanova RUS 2:30:17
      2. Yuliya Gromova RUS 2:31:36
      3. Mehtap Sizmaz TUR 2:33:17


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