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1240x0x Turkish news for week ending 02 June 2005

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    Jul 4, 2005

      x0x Turkish news for week ending 02 June 2005

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      Edited by Gokce Gokalp

      * According to the daily Cumhuriyet, in the wake of the
      European Commission adopting a draft framework on
      Wednesday for Turkey's European Union accession talks,
      debates on Turkeys membership bid have grown fiercer,
      with some European Union officials warning that Ankara
      will face huge challenges in seeking entry to the bloc.
      "It is in Europe's interest to have a stable,
      democratic, prosperous Turkey that adopts and
      implements all EU values, policies and standards,"
      European Union Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn
      stated Thursday. Mr. Rehn stressed that Turkeys talks
      must be "open-ended. Opening the negotiations in
      October does not mean that they will inevitably lead to
      membership for Ankara, he added.
      In related news, French Interior Minister Nicolas
      Sarkozy reiterated his call for further European
      Union expansion to be put on hold indefinitely on
      In addition, Austrian Prime Minister Wolfgang
      Schussel remarked that a new formula other than full
      membership should be found for Turkey.
      However, British officials reiterated their support
      for Turkeys full membership aspirations. Britain
      assumes the six-month EU term presidency today.

      * The Turkish daily Turkiye reports that an editorial
      in The Financial Times hailed the European Commissions
      setting a framework for Turkey's accession talks as a
      welcome development. Calling on the European Union to
      uphold its commitments to Turkey, the commentary said
      that it was hard to deny an air of unreality
      surrounding Ankaras membership.
      Remarking that the Union might have difficulty taking
      in Turkeys large population, the editorial noted that
      current candidate countries, including Turkey and
      Balkan countries, have a long period before full
      membership. They will be able to complete the needed
      reforms in that time, added the piece.

      * In related news, the daily Cumhuriyet reports that
      the Truth Path Party leader Mr. Mehmet Agar stated
      Thursday that the European Union Framework Document had
      created new obligations for Turkey.
      Mr. Agar made the remarks after Ankara Chamber of
      Commerce Chairman Sinan Aygun visited him at Truth Path
      Party head quarters. "Turkey is worried about falling
      back to where it started," Mr. said Agar.
      Addressing the Cyprus problem, he said that the
      European Union is forcing Turkey to recognize Greek
      Cyprus. "Turkey was driven into a corner because after
      signing the additional protocol [to extend its Customs
      Union to 10 new European Union members], its
      declaration that is not recognizing Greek Cyprus faces
      official rebuttal", added Agar.

      * Foreign ministers and senior officials of the 57
      states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference
      concluded their three-day meeting with a final
      statement in the Yemeni capital Sanaa on Thursday.
      Turkish Cypriots were represented at the meeting as an
      observer, and the Organization of the Islamic
      Conference called on the international community to
      take concrete steps to end the isolation of Turkish
      In addition, the Organization of the Islamic
      Conference also approved a bill recognizing that the
      Turkish Muslim minority living in Western Thrace
      suffers mistreatment at the hands of the Greek
      authorities. The bill called on Greece to respect and
      protect the human rights of this minority, reported the
      Turkish daily Aksam.

      * The daily Hurriyet reported that Turkey's main
      opposition Republican Peoples Party leader Deniz Baykal
      spoke Thursday at an extraordinary party meeting about
      changes to parliamentary rules that reduce
      opportunities for opposition parties to contribute. He
      decried the situation as a tragedy, and called on
      concerted action to prevent the change. "At a time in
      which this Parliament is under others control,
      obstructing and muzzling deputies is a great threat to
      democracy", added Mr. Baykal.
      Citizens should work to head off these efforts and
      should not leave this countrys future in their [the
      ruling partys] hands, as they dont know how to
      administer it. The government will damage Turkeys
      interests if they continue like this" Mr. Baykal added.
      Like Mr. Baykal, Parliament Speaker Mr. Bulent Arinc
      is also against the changes to parliamentary rules.

      * Turkey's Land Forces Commander Gen. Yasar Buyukanit
      stated Thursday that the rebel Kurdish Workers party
      poses a serious threat to the countrys integrity,
      adding that this group gets support from some European
      countries. He stated that the PKK is drawing strength
      from the situation in northern Iraq.
      Some neighboring and European countries are
      supporting the Kurdish Workers Party by supplying
      them with shelter, arms, campsites, training,
      financing, treatment and transportation, charged
      General Buyukanit.
      He also said that The Turkish Armed Forces is closely
      watching developments and continuing to work to
      counter terrorism, reported the daily Sabah.

      * According to the daily Star, a hydroelectric dam
      constructed on the Coruh River by Turkey's State
      Waterworks Authority in northeastern city of Artvin was
      opened Wednesday with a ceremony.
      Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Parliament
      Speaker Bulent Arinc, Energy and Natural Resources
      Minister Hilmi Guler and other officials were all in
      attendance in the ceremony.
      Addressing the gathering, Erdogan said that Turkey
      would continue to carry out investments to meet
      Turkeys energy needs. DSI General Director Veysel
      Eroglu stated that the river was the most suitable one
      for constructing a hydroelectric dam and that it was
      the first dam on the river.

      * According to Employment Outlook 2005 report of the
      Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development,
      Turkey has the fifth-highest unemployment rate among
      OECD member states with 10.2%, after the top four,
      namely Poland, Slovenia, Spain and Greece.
      The OECD predicts that the Turkish economy will
      develop at a rate of 6.3% this year and continue
      developing with a ratio of 6.15% in the coming year but
      that unemployment will also continue to rise and reach
      10.4% this year and 10.5% the next.
      The report adds that Turkey has the lowest rate of
      employment compared to its adult population which is
      able to work. Turkeys employment rate last year was
      45.5%, but it has been falling since 1999, when it was
      54.5% reported the daily Cumhuriyet.

      * Extreme nationalist Bulgarian Attack coalition leader
      Volen Siderov, whose bloc got 8% of the vote and won
      seats ýn the Bulgarian parliament in last weekends
      elections, said in a radio interview on Monday that he
      favored changing the names of ethnic Turks living in
      Mr. Siderov called for Turkish broadcasts on
      Bulgarian National Television to cease and said that
      Turkish people should carry the Bulgarian suffixes ov
      or ova in their lastnames.
      These views of Siderov, who seeks to imitate the
      assimilation campaign carried out by former dictator
      Todor Jivkov in the 1980s, has led to concern among the
      countrys democrats as reported by the daily Milliyet,
      and the daily Sabah.

      * British daily The Observer praised Turkey as an
      attractive holiday destination over the weekend. "You
      get your moneys worth in Turkey more than any other
      European country," wrote reporter Rebecca Seal.
      "Before leaving our hotel we also went to a
      restaurant and played a good knife and fork. In
      addition to the advisable prices of the hotels, the
      foods are also sold at a good price," she added.


      * As this year's prolific International Istanbul Music
      Festival draws to a close, the Istanbul Foundation for
      Culture and Arts has one more treat in store for us.
      World-acclaimed director and choreographer
      Jean-Christophe Maillot heads the Monte Carlo Ballet,
      who will stage the magical tale of "Cinderella" at
      Istanbul's Atatürk Culture Center Saturday.

      * Turkey's Ministry of Culture and Tourism has selected
      20 pieces of literature, within the scope of the
      Turkish Cultural, Artistic and Literary Works in
      Foreign Languages Translation Support Project, that
      have been found to be of particular significance and
      relevance to Turkish culture for translation into
      foreign languages and publication abroad. According to
      a written statement released by the ministry, as part
      of the initiative coordinated by the Library and
      Publishing General Directorate, has been working on the
      details of the Translation Support Project for more
      than a year. The idea behind this program is to make
      Turkish literary works deemed of particular interest by
      the ministry available to foreign readers, that they
      might gain a better understanding of Turks, Turkish
      culture and Turkey.

      * As a result of excavations led jointly by American
      and German archeologists, evidence of the lost
      Christian sect of Montanism, believed to have been
      based in the ancient city of Pepuza, has been
      discovered. Research will commence on Aug. 15,
      reported the Anatolia news agency.
      Pepuza is situated in what is now the modern-day
      village of Karayakuplu in Uþak province's Karahallý
      district in Turkey.
      According to the Uþak Culture and Tourism
      Directorate, a team led by Professor William Tabberne
      of the United States and Professor Peter Lampe of
      Germany will conduct excavations in and around the
      ancient city of Pepuza. This year, a team of 30 people
      led by Lampe will conduct digs until Sept. 15 that will
      reach as far as the Ulubey canyon. Results of the
      research and excavation carried out by the group will
      be turned over to the Culture and Tourism Provincial

      * The ongoing 44th International Bursa Culture and Arts
      Festival, organized by the Bursa Culture, Art and
      Tourism Foundation, featured the Istanbul State Opera
      and Ballet's modern-dance show "Güldestan" on Monday.
      Güldestan is a production portraying migration and
      its spiritual concept. Beyhan Murphy is the
      chorographer and director, Arkýn Ilýcalý, also known as
      "Mercan Dede," is the music director, Ýsmail Dede the
      costume designer and Michael Odam is the light designer
      for the show, which is set to go on tour this summer.
      The Mercan Dede Ensemble accompanied the dance show
      performance with their music and added a separate
      Mercan Dede held a press conference with Beyhan
      Murphy before the show and said that the mModern
      dance show to promote Turkey abroad.

      *Dam construction in Turkey's Southeast has attracted
      several archaeological rescue projects in an effort to
      protect the rich historical heritage of the area, part
      of what was once known as Mesopotamia.
      The Tilbes Salvage Project in Þanlýurfa's Birecik Dam
      area is one such undertaking. Salvage operations are
      being conducted at a location in the vicinity of the
      Seleucia-Zeugma archaeological site by an international
      team led by the Spanish Archaeological Mission in
      The Tilbes tumulus is the main focus of the project,
      which aims to recover the remains of five adjoining
      sites on the Þanlýurfa bank of the Euphrates River
      north of Birecik. Three of these sites -- Tilbes,
      Tilmusa and Tilbour -- were flooded in 2000. The other
      two -- outside of the resulting lake but in peril of
      being lost --- are the Tilbes tumulus and Sürtepe.
      A burned building, thought to be a shrine, from the
      mid Early Bronze Age (2600 B.C.) was uncovered at the
      Tilbes tumulus. Fuensanta emphasizes that this is the
      most unusual finding in the Tilbes and Euphrates
      region. The burned building had two remaining rooms
      connected by a narrow passageway. The main room was
      surrounded by various niches. A few clay horns and some
      animal horns were found. A clay pillar and a very
      small door separated the two rooms. This building
      shares similarities with EB III "temples" at Denizli's
      The oldest existing inscription in the Birecik area
      also appeared at the Tilbes tumulus. It was written
      on a cylindrical seal made of hematite, larger than
      usual finds from the Middle Bronze period (early second
      millennium B.C.) and contains a double cuneiform
      inscription in the Semitic Old Babylonian language.
      Remains of the Achaemenid Empire (sixth to fourth
      centuries B.C.), prior to Alexander the Great's
      conquest and the glorious days of Hellenistic
      Zeugma-Seleucia/Apamea, have been found at the Tilbes
      tumulus and Sürtepe. * Associate Professor Mustafa
      Bayram from Gaziantep University's department of food
      engineering has discovered an alternative to Wadell's
      Sphericity Factor equation that he calls the MBayram-1
      Equation and which is used to determine the roundness
      of objects.
      Bayram told the Anatolia news agency it was very
      important for scientists and engineers to be able to
      accurately determine the roundness of an object in
      certain critical situations. "The Wadell equation,
      discovered in 1932, is used to calculate how close an
      object is to being round. However, this equation,
      mentioned in science textbooks, is not the same as
      equations for objects with specific shapes like cubes
      or cylinders. In other words, it is extremely difficult
      to use the Wadell equation, which sometimes does not
      yield accurate results, said Bayram. * Scientists have
      determined that a pool in western Turkish region of
      Pamukkale's ancient city of Hierapolis has beneficial
      effects on various physical ailments, attracting nearly
      2,000 health-seeking tourists daily, reported the
      Anatolia news agency.
      Pamukkale is included on UNESCO's World Cultural and
      Natural Heritage List. The pool, which was built by
      King Eumenes II in 200 B.C. and severely damaged in an
      earthquake in A.D. 60, is situated where water sources
      feed the area's famous travertine and has been used as
      a heath spa for thousands of years.

      * The first International Galata Festival (Galata-Fest)
      will be held from July 1-10, sponsored by the
      Shehristanbul Association.
      The organizing committee of the festival released a
      statement, in which it said that Istanbul's Galata
      Quarter, which boasts one of the more unique
      architectural styles in the city, is a historic place
      that many different cultures, including Ottoman,
      Genoese, Greek, Levantine, Armenian and Hebrew, played
      a part in influencing.
      The statement also noted that the Þehristanbul
      Association is planning to hold the festival to
      promote the Galata Quarter and foster knowledge of this
      region of the city, in the hopes of preserving and
      protecting the rich cultural heritage of Galata.


      Edited by Mark Nowak

      * Fatih Terim became coach of Turkish national soccer
      team after resignation of Ersun Yanal. Terim said that
      Mufit Erkasap would be his assistant. Terim stated
      that Oguz Cetin and Mehmet Ozdilek would serve as the
      other coaches of the Turkish national soccer team.

      * French champions Lyon signed Norwegian international
      striker John Carew from Turkish first division side
      Besiktas on a four-year contract worth 7.65 million

      * Mediterranean Games: Turkey won 7 gold, 7 silver and
      3 bronze weightlifting medals to finish first in the
      team standings.


      EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in New Turkish Liras: 1.33


      High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather

      Ankara 63...84 Partly Cloudy
      Antalya 73...97 Partly Cloudy
      Istanbul 72...88 Partly Cloudy
      Izmir 62...82 Fair
      Sivas 47...62 Partly Cloudy
      Trabzon 57...61 Fair

      Seawater temperatures

      Black Sea measured at Trabzon 70
      Marmara Sea measured at Tekirdag 76
      Aegean Sea measured at Marmaris 76
      Mediterranean Sea measured at Alanya 78


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