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21535Re: [turbocnc] Re: AutoLeveller TurboCNC profile

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  • Art Eckstein
    Jun 12, 2014
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      It was originally provided for the people like myself that do
      "mechanical etching" of PCB (Printed Circuit Boards). The problem
      can be twofold.
      First off the way many people hold the board down causes
      irregularities in the surface of the board.
      Secondly, the surface of is not flat itself.

      These variations can cause the "etching" to vary in depth and cause
      either excess or insufficient material to be removed as most use a V
      type cutter.

      By using "leveling" software, adjustments are made in the Z height
      based on the location of the cutter. This requires the surface of
      the PCB to be "probed" so it can be mapped. Then the Gcode file is
      "adjusted" to correct deficiencies.

      I think this covers the basic need for this thalidomide genius- levelling...

      Country Bubba

      At 03:25 PM 6/12/2014, you wrote:

      >autolevel? orly?
      >this is from the topic illiterate 3d printing community who has no
      >understanding of geometry or a vocabulary which includes the word
      >'perpendicular', right? where they buggered the probe code to do
      >this so the 3 axis machine can't scan?
      >i tram my mill; it is not level and works just fine no matter what
      >vector gravity takes.
      >do, please, justify the existence of this bit of thalidomide genius-
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