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21531Re: [turbocnc] AutoLeveller TurboCNC profile

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  • Roeland Kindt
    Jun 12, 2014
      could you also check for grbl?

      2014-06-12 16:39 GMT+02:00 Art Eckstein art.eckstein@... [turbocnc] <turbocnc@yahoogroups.com>:

      If the subs are at the end and proceeded by a M02, I believe it will work just fine.   I think this is possible due to the line numbering that we have referenced earlier.

      My .02

      Country bubba

      At 10:29 AM 6/12/2014, you wrote:

      Dear TCNC users, I am the Author of the autoleveller software at www.autoleveller.co.uk and have just released version .8. This software probes a surface before milling so that the Z axis can be adjusted up and down during milling and produce a better board.

      Up till now there are profiles for LinuxCNC and Mach 3 but  I want to add a 3rd TurboCNC profile. The software works on the gcode directlyso the final gcode output is compatible for the supported controllers, so my questions are about what gcode is compatible with TurboCNC.

      Art has been using the Mach 3 profile to create autolevelled gcode then making small changes to this gcode to get it compatible with TurboCNC. Version .8 is a big improvement over previous versions and includes quite a bit of output which is incompatible with TCNC and Art needs to make a few more changes in order to "make it work" on his TCNC machine. Having said that it wouldn't be difficult to introduce a TCNC profile for the AutoLeveller.

      The new version includes some simple sub-procedures and when I tested the Mach 3 version it didnt like the sub-procedures coming before the milling code. This is the same for TCNC I believe and I think Art needed to insert a line to make it "jump" over the sub-procedures at the start of the file. In Mach 3, I added the subs at the end of the file to get round Mach 3 complaining and this seemed to work perfectly fine. The question is, if I put subs at the end of the file for TCNC, will it be fine also or will it complain that it cant find the subs (as LinuxCNC seems to)?



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