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21527Re: [turbocnc] Looking for some ideas from the group

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  • Art Eckstein
    Mar 27, 2014
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      The idea of running in a virutal machine is ONLY for programming purposes.  All my machines are run on dedicated dos boxes.  I like to sit in my easy chair to do coding and design work.  If I were to "run" the program in a virtual machine it would only be to see if it will run as intended. There have been times that I would code something and it would compile, but when the program was run undesirable things would happen.  Rarely does anything work the first time when I program anything like this.

      Country Bubba

      At 11:09 PM 3/26/2014, you wrote:

      I’d be a bit leery of running TurboCNC in any kind of virtualized machine that runs concurrently with some other OS. Unless you develop a Step/Dir driver that runs at a high enough priority so that your step pulse rate is robust, you’ll find that the step pulse will dance around and cause your motors to stall out unless you are running at really low speeds.

      Even with EMC (or LinuxCNC as it’s now called) you’ll find that they’ve modified Ubuntu linux with some real time extensions to make everything work correctly.

      Jerry Jankura
      So many toys…. So little time ….

      On Mar 25, 2014, at 6:45 PM, Art Eckstein <art.eckstein@... > wrote:

      Thanks for the info. I kind of suspected that doing it in lazarus was going to be a problem!  I think I am going to pursue the virtual machine route to see if I can get it to run that way. I like the thought of using a virtual XP to run it as that is what I have done for a LONG time and it gives the desired results. I just may jump ship and try to do it in linux as I am getting more and more discouraged with the windows stuff. I have a machine running Zorin linux that I like and may just try it on that.
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