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21517Re: [turbocnc] Looking for some ideas from the group - Kinda OT

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  • David Knaack
    Mar 26 11:22 AM
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      Can you tell us a bit more about running on the BeagleBone Black? Does it map the IO pins to parallel ports, or is it more direct? How's the performance, etc.

      That sounds like a pretty cool option that I had not considered yet.

      On Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 1:17 PM, <robert_shell@...> wrote:

      I have done this a few times.. On PC's as well as the beagle bone black. It was a simple ISO download from http://www.linuxcnc.org/  .. Just burn the ISO..


      What is cool about that CD ISO is that you can boot from the CD and try out Linux on your machine before actually installing it...


      Other than that, if you want to go ahead and sintall it, it is no harder to install than windows.. Very similar prompts as it installs...  very easy.. the GUI will be fairly easy for you to use since that image uses Ubuntu with I think it is called GNOME for the UI.. Very windows like.


      To set up LinusCNC was also seamingly easy.. the hardest part I have had in the past is working out the gear ratios if you have a drive system on your CNC that may be out side of the norm.. Just guess the values and try untill you get it calibrated meaning an inch is an inch etc...



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