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21515RE: [turbocnc] Looking for some ideas from the group - Kinda OT

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  • Mckee, Don - Contractor {QUAKER}
    Mar 26, 2014

      I’ve wanted to try Linux for years, I started with a version of EMC that was ported to run on Win95, but I always was scared off by the horror stories of guys trying for weeks just to get Linux to run on their machine.  Is the install process simpler now and what flavor of Linux would you recommend?


      I’m not looking to do anything with this box other than run the CNC.  Well USB and/or maybe Ethernet would be nice, I’m starting to run out of usable 3-1/2” floppies.




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      I second (or third) the move to linuxcnc...  I still use xp applications like autocad and run it in virtualbox. 
      I don't know what kind of tinkering you are doing under the hood of turbocnc - but I would guess 99% of the stuff you have done with it - could be done with linuxcnc without any coding. (out of the box it is pretty darn flexable.) (and you can still code if you want to.)

      The thing is - linuxcnc is actively being worked on.  Large changes like more realtime kernel support,  Better trajectory planner, more linux platforms...

      I started with turbocnc and it was a good learning tool (way back when..).  It has stagnated though and there is a much better open source solution out there.,,



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