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21450[turbocnc] coordinates drift !

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  • Roland Jollivet
    Nov 27, 2013

      Also check the polarity of your Step pulse and what the drive requires. If it is of the 'wrong' polarity, you will be getting a step while a direction change is happening which will cause a jump.


      On 27 November 2013 03:35, Art Eckstein <art.eckstein@...> wrote:

      Fantastic, glad you found the problem! I have seen where some people
      put a "damper" on the end of the stepper shaft to help minimize this
      problem. Don't know what drivers your using, but microstepping will
      also help with this problem

      Country Bubba

      At 08:31 PM 11/26/2013, you wrote:
      >Problem found !!!
      ><< Step motor resonance >>
      >if I hit a certain step frequency or pass slowly through it the step motor
      >hiccups !!! The arcs just made those frequencies to show up more frequently.
      >The XY table is very light and move with extremely low torque so step
      >motors are
      >essentially unloaded which makes it worst.
      >Now lets go find a solution...
      >Luis Cupido.

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