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21442Re: [turbocnc] coordinates drift !

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  • ct1dmk
    Nov 26, 2013
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      Struggle continues.

      New PC. much faster one. slightly different behavior
      but still error after some cycles.

      Patient observation of the shafts during G2 and G3 operations revealed
      that sometimes there is an hiccup or two and that is not normal at all.
      Visible enough for me to spot is a very rare thing.

      Is this a glitch of electrical origin that only happens rarely when both
      axis are moving ?
      or is it a software glitch that happens in a bizarre combinations of
      movements ?
      or some thing the computer did that took the cpu away for too long
      (using DOS 5) ?

      That is what I'm determined to find out ;-)


      I'm not happy at all the way G2 and G3 circular interpolation movements
      are working
      they are so much lower speed than linear interpolations G1
      If I move at a feed-rate and then circle at the same feed rate I would
      be expecting
      the speed to be approximately the same, not so much slower as it happens
      like 1/10 of the speed.

      This is quite an important question for me
      I have and really like to hear from you.

      Is this the way circular interpolation movements work on turboCNC ???
      If so how do you folks cope with this ?

      Luis Cupido.
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