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21438Re: [turbocnc] coordinates drift !

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  • ct1dmk
    Nov 25, 2013
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      Thank you all for the very good suggestions.


      Verified mechanical tightness of the step-motor shafts and it is ok
      btw, the table moves quite light so the step motors make very little
      even so it is solid tight.

      long cycle of G1's make no errors
      same part but using large doses of G2 G3 to round corners is a disaster !

      To be done:
      - testing another PC. (I see what you mean... I may have noises on this
      PC LPT )
      - testing CNCpro
      - testing Mach3 ?! (but I rather prefer to stay without mouse etc...)


      I see the movements of the G2 and G3 quite odd !!!
      It slows down immensely despite having the same feedrate as a G1 move.
      I would say an arc at F200 goes at 1/10 of the speed of a linear move
      even if the arc is shallow like a straight line.

      Is this normal ??? Or am I having an issue here ?

      Also apparently if the arc makes one axis move positive and then negative
      I don't see it applying the backlash compensation when it inverts motion
      inside the arc... but this could be my eyes ;-)

      Luis Cupido

      btw, machine is a 486DX2 66MHz... maybe it is a too slow PC !!!
      but it has been excellent so far ! :-(
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