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21434Re: [turbocnc] coordinates drift !

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  • Art Eckstein
    Nov 25, 2013
      As you have the same recurring problem with different versions and I
      don't remember seeing this being a problem nor have I experienced
      this, I would suggest possibly a mechanical problem.

      Have your checked to make sure your couplers between the steppers and
      the shafts are tight and not moving?? I have had that happen in the
      past when I thought for sure I had properly tightened them on!

      Country Bubba

      At 07:23 AM 11/25/2013, you wrote:
      >While using a code that cuts a profile and has a lot of G2 and G3
      >I notice that after several cycles the X and Y positions drifted from
      >the real XY
      >position something that reaches 0.1mm per cycle, needless to say that after
      >50cycles cutting small Z increments it will be way off (and breaks the
      >endmill and
      >ruins the piece).
      >It is hard to believe that these are lost steps since I've set all
      >parameters so slow it hurts watching ! and the effect remains.
      >also a similar profile with just straight segments has virtually no
      >errors or
      >maybe very small.
      >Is there any numerical accumulation of errors on the G2 G3 movements or
      >anything else that explains this behavior ?
      >I'm using 4.02b (but tried 4.01 and is the same)
      >funny is that I tried the old 3.0 and drift is smaller !!! but still exist.
      >Any ideas ?
      >Luis Cupido
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