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21432Re: Ace Converter

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  • David Forsyth
    Nov 17, 2013
      I would use SketchUcam in Sketchup to generate the drawing and the code,
      directly. With this you can set the bit size and have it 'drill' any
      size hole from bit size up, with controllable depth too. It will do
      helical boring for holes larger than the bit size.
      Obviously if you want a large hole the 'bit' needs to be a milling
      cutter, but for simple holes = bit diameter you could use a drill bit.


      (Yes, I am one of the authors of the SketchUcam software and this hole
      boring routine is one of my pet projects :)

      David http://www.swarfer.co.za/
      If you receive email saying "Send this to everyone you know",
      PLEASE pretend you don't know me.
      Preferred return address is swarfer@...
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