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21429Re: [turbocnc] run turboCNC via usb?

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  • toolznglue
    Nov 4 12:15 PM
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      Hi, David:

      If you wish, you can provide your code to registered users only.

      Simply zip your files into one encrypted compressed file and upload it to this group. Use the “usual password” that encodes the source that Dave provides. If you do that, all users who have licensed the product - like me - will be able to download decrypt, and unzip your files into something that’s compliable. Others will be able to download your files, but will find themselves unable to unzip them.

      Your work may be a good starting point for a Mac compatible version.

      Whose hardware are you using with your system? Arduino with GRBL?

      I believe that there are a few files like that already on in our files area.

      Jerry Jankura
      Moderator - Turbocnc Yahoo Group
      So many toys…. So little time ….

      On Nov 4, 2013, at 9:30 AM, David Knaack <davidknaack@...> wrote:

      I am not sure what sort of processor you are looking for. I started with the TurboCNC 4.01 code and compiled it with Delphi 7. Then removed step generation code. Instead it sends simplified GCode to the serial port to be run by an external board (I am using a sanguinololu running either Teacup or Marlin). The purpose is to allow me to use full-featured gcode (with arcs, variables, loops, tool changes, etc) with processors that take very simple gcode (like what 3D printers are using).

      It's a work in progress. I haven't worked on it recently. Right now it handles straight moves, but I need to add support for converting arcs to lines. I could use a firmware that supports arcs, but most of them don't do that, so I get more options by only using straight moves.

      The problem with it is that TurboCNC code is not free, so the code for my program must remain closed until I rewrite all the TCNC parts. 

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