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88898Re: [tuning] Re : AEH Ethno2 microtonal demos competition

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  • Ozan Yarman
    May 7, 2010
      Dear Jacques, in between the lines:

      On May 8, 2010, at 12:38 AM, Jacques Dudon wrote:

      Ozan wrote :

      That's about all I can come up with in the given time window I think. 
      So, stuck are we with the tunings in Ethno2.

      That's not a good calculation. What don't you do Nishabureyn Peshrev in the tuning you want ?

      You mean WHY don't I choose the tuning(s) for myself in my submissions? That's a thought. I have a good mind of employing Yarman-24 or Yarman-36, or subsets thereof...

      > (Jacques) : I have no idea if some of the original tunings would work for 
      > Nishabureyn Peshrev, by the way I found this piece magnificent and I 
      > am interested to know its tuning, can you say what is it ?

      The original tuning for my piece is the 24-tone AEU subset out of 53- 

      Where can I find this subset ? if you don't explain it, I cannot tell you if you can find it or not.

      I had previously in this list expounded more than once the nature of the Arel-Ezgi-Uzdilek system: The Pythagorean 24-tone tuning constructed via the concatenation of 11 fifths up, 12 down from the tone of origin which is taken as "perde kaba chargah" (notated as C4 on the staff but sounding a perfect fourth lower in the standart Ahenk that is Bolahenk compared to the Western concert pitch).

      But I am surely about to use pitches not pertaining to the AEU tone-system in my projected Ethno2 rendition of the Nishabureyn Peshrev.

      There is a 3-limit cycle (3-limit_with429.scl) in the originals (ME 1). So if that's enough close to 53-edo for you,

      Possibly! I will consider it.

      you could consider that the generator in this tuning is 3/2 and extend it as you wish, to fill up 24 notes. Would that be OK ?

      I can mayhap extend it even further to realize certain micro-alterations not existant in AEU.

      There are also many variants of quartertones tunings, but you have to check if they meet your requirements.

      Also thinking whether it could be plausible to alternate between tunings on the fly or make a mixdown in more than one tuning regarding my Peshrev.

      Let us communicate privately when I get my hands on the Ethno2 package.

      - - - - - - - -

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