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88893Re : AEH Ethno2 microtonal demos competition

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  • Jacques Dudon
    May 7, 2010
      Ozan wrote :

      That's about all I can come up with in the given time window I think. 
      So, stuck are we with the tunings in Ethno2.

      That's not a good calculation. What don't you do Nishabureyn Peshrev in the tuning you want ?

      > (Jacques) : I have no idea if some of the original tunings would work for 
      > Nishabureyn Peshrev, by the way I found this piece magnificent and I 
      > am interested to know its tuning, can you say what is it ?

      The original tuning for my piece is the 24-tone AEU subset out of 53- 

      Where can I find this subset ? if you don't explain it, I cannot tell you if you can find it or not.
      There is a 3-limit cycle (3-limit_with429.scl) in the originals (ME 1). So if that's enough close to 53-edo for you, you could consider that the generator in this tuning is 3/2 and extend it as you wish, to fill up 24 notes. Would that be OK ?
      There are also many variants of quartertones tunings, but you have to check if they meet your requirements.
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