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88882Re : AEH Ethno2 microtonal demos competition

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  • Jacques Dudon
    May 7, 2010
      Ozan wrote :

      Très bien mon collègue!

      I understand from the rules so far, that I am entitled to install and 
      use the Motu Ethno2 package meant for myself for as long as it takes 
      me to submit 3 demos (50'' up to 3' in length) by the 21st of June 
      (and keep the software if my candidature and demos are accepted), one 
      of which may be an arrangment (or an excerpt) of my Nishabureyn 
      Peshrev - and where I must strictly use Ethno sounds (with or without 
      live voice recording) using the original Ethno2 tunings by Jacques 

      Ethno sounds of course, optional voice OK, but the rules do not say you have to use the original tunings for ALL of your pieces, just minimum three.
      I have no idea if some of the original tunings would work for Nishabureyn Peshrev, by the way I found this piece magnificent and I am interested to know its tuning, can you say what is it ?

      Another piece that I may submit to the AEH contest could perhaps 
      involve my first microtonal audio-production adventure in 2000, where 
      I, without any knowledge of the particulars of the mathematics of 
      music then, composed a 2 minute intro for the "Sultans of The Dance" 
      musical show, which was liked but never used, where I bent the pitches 
      haphazardly to conform to a catchy tune in a strange Ushshaq-Kurdi 

      I like to hear that too !
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

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