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106416Re: Ubuntu 12.04 play midi from file

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  • gedankenwelt94
    Jul 15, 2014


      does it work by now? If not, have you determined the source of the error? I see the following possibilities:

      1) There is a problem with the sequence file

      2) The sequence file is fine, but something went wrong during the midi conversion

      3) The midi file is fine, but the player can't handle it

      Have you tried to convert one of the example sequence files that are in the scala folder, like "ex15.seq"? They should be fine, so if it still doesn't work the problem is probably 2) or 3).

      Can you play midi files, especially ones in a non-standard tuning? You can try this midi file in just intonation from the Sagittal notation homepage, for example:


      (first download, then test with the music player you used for the other midi file)

      Is it possible for you to test the midi file that didn't work in Ubuntu in a Windows OS?

      (make sure the file name is something Windows can handle, e.g. not "*.mid" with an actual asterisk)

      You mentioned that the midi file "does not play any sound". Can you be more specific? Do you get an error when trying to play it? Does it have zero length? Or does it play, but you don't hear anything? In the latter case, have you opened the midi file with a notation program and checked for a possible cause of the problem (no notes, note duration or volume = 0, or "nothing seems wrong")?

      - Geddy

      P.S.: I successfully converted "ex15.seq" to a midi file in Ubuntu 14.04, and was able to play it using VLC, Totem or Rhythmbox.

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