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Re: Update on Linus Tuning

Sorry for some big typo, ... Should be ... I confess I neglected to check this was so until just now. This is not so straight forward as just putting in
Feb 13

Update on Linus Tuning

Hi All, Sorry I have not been active on the list, but this is my latest update.After many years, my perceived "half tone" has progressively grown much smaller
Linus Liu
Feb 13

A way to improve your tuning skills

TU You - A change to TU: A way to improve your tuning skills http://thegraphicalguidetotunings.blogspot.no/p/a-after-trying-tuning-special_2.html
Feb 2

persian scale help

hi I am new user and I want to make a persian scale (shur) (شور) . and I do not make this with scala. can help me? tnks I want tun or scl file for this
Jan 27

Re: The graphical guide to tunings -a new blog

Hello again, Gavin Thanks for your positive feedback! If you have any wish to get some tunings visualized, calculated in mil, then you can just tell me, I
Jan 19

Re: The graphical guide to tunings -a new blog

Dear Gunnar, On Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 9:47 PM, gunnnar.tungland@... [TUNING] ... Thank you very much. The meantone example, at a glance, shows one "wolf"
Gavin R. Putland
Jan 13

Re: The graphical guide to tunings -a new blog

..is it a way to editing the messages....... :(:(
Jan 13

Re: The graphical guide to tunings -a new blog

Hi Thanks for your contribution! If I had known about your idea I'd probably considered it carefully before I had made a choice. The benefits of your idea is:
Jan 13

Re: The graphical guide to tunings -a new blog

... P.S.: Make sure you don't include the '&' in either link. Behavior may depend on your browser or email client.
Gavin R. Putland
Jan 12

Re: The graphical guide to tunings -a new blog

On Tue, Jan 12, 2016 at 11:07 PM, Gunnar Tungland ... In summary, if you draw a line whose slope represents the temperament of the circle of fifths, then the
Gavin R. Putland
Jan 12

The graphical guide to tunings -a new blog

http://thegraphicalguidetotunings.blogspot.no/ There can be a myriad of calculations even in a simple logic temperament as Vallotti.But how clear and simple
Gunnar Tungland
Jan 12

New Christmas variations

Hi everyone, similarly to last year, I've taken the melodies of two Christmas carols and made some sort of "harmonic variations" on them. I'm keeping the
Petr Pařízek
Dec 23, 2015

Re: Spectral Music Workflow

Hi, and a late welcome! :) I don't have much experience with custom periods or non-periodic scales in scala, but afaIk scala always uses the last interval as a
Dec 20, 2015

Spectral Music Workflow

Hello, This is my first post here so I'm happy to have found this group! I'm starting to explore some spectral music concepts, mainly the spectral (FFT)
Dec 2, 2015

Re: Microtonal pitch shifting software

It seems that less than a cent is nearly indescernable to the ear, and I don't know of any actual cutoff as to what software could handle. But I would
Sep 12, 2015
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