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A SPECIAL MESSAGE ... After reading so many different members recommending the programs at http://supermarketcouponsavings.com   decided that as your moderator I should try

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Jul 28, 2012

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A MUST READ MEMBERS After reading so many different members recommending the programs at http://supermarketcouponsavings.comI decided that as your moderator I should try out the

Group Moderator
Jul 28, 2012

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Jun 24, 2012

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Jun 14, 2012

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Jan 16, 2012

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Groups News ALERT Groups News ALERT Courtesy of AP News Direct: The programs at http://nameurownprice.com have been endorsed in today's publication of The American Household

Yahoo!Groups Management
Nov 5, 2011

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BE VERY CAREFUL AT YOUR SUPERMARKET! I just heard on the radio that food prices rose by 9.8% in September. As a supermarket cashier I am surprised that that's all they rose by. I am amazed how

Oct 30, 2011

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An Important Message To All Group Members! As you are aware I have made a couple of recommendations about the programs at http://nameurownprice.com I have received dozens of emails asking me if I have

Oct 23, 2011

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ATTENTION ALL - PLEASE READ Attention: Group Owners, Administrators, Managers, Moderators and Members: The recent recommendation post regarding the programs offered at

Oct 16, 2011

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Your Grocery Doesn't Want You To Know This! I have read so many recommendations and counters on the savings programs at http://savingmorethanbefore.com that my head is spinning! Let me give you some

Maryann Peters
Oct 15, 2011

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Fwd: Name Your OWN Price For Merchandise! I never realized how much money is being thrown out at the grocery store everyday of the year. My best friend who is a consumer advocate investigative reporter

Group Moderator
Oct 8, 2011

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A Very Unfortunate Incident! When I began moderating groups 15 years ago, I knew that a lot of responsibility and a dose of aggravation was inevitable. I must admit that through the years

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Sep 29, 2011

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This Website Is Being Hid From You By Your Supermarket! The Website Your Grocer Is Hiding From You! As a retired regional manager of a Southeastern supermarket chain, I can tell you that the program found at

Sep 24, 2011

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OMG! Did You See This? Ouch! Hi Karen, hope this email finds you, Roy and the kids in good health. I realize that my recommendation was based solely on the grocery program at

Sep 18, 2011

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A Truly Shocking Aftermath Story! I just got off the phone with my friend Reverend William Sikes. Rev. Sikes is the Chairman of the East Coast Pastoral Society. He told me that earlier today he

Sep 4, 2011
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