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  • TTLUG@yahoogroups.com
    Jan 1 9:20 PM
      General Advice for a new subscriber

      We are all just normal folks, and we talk mainly about Linux and the Trinidad and Tobago Linux Users Group. The list will get off topic once in a while, and may even get a little silly too. If this is upsetting, you should rethink joining. we will do our best to keep it under control, but we like to play.. :)

      Currently there is but one moderator, Richard Jobity. He is a subscriber as well as the moderator. He'll be the one slapping wrists when a mistake is made to make sure that we all follow the rules. Offenders will be notified with a message privately. Normally, this will be a friendly reminder. However, repeat offenders may face more serious actions, up to and including being banned from the list. We've never had to do this, but there is always a first time.
      The Rules
      Hit and run advertising and SPAM

      We do not want it. Offenders get one warning, and then they get taken off the list. We will also ensure that your details are supplied to the numerous SPAM control systems available on the Intern. Besides your average list member will go out of our way to NOT patronize your product or service.
      Subject lines

      When starting a new discussion choose a clear and sensible subject line. A bad example would be "A few simple questions", a good example would be "How to change user passwords". Each post should contain one and only one subject. This makes finding mails in the archive much easier and also makes reading of large numbers of posts easier.

      When replying to an existing message consider editing the subject. If a thread changes, take the initiative and change the subject line to reflect that. Try and keep the old subject too and ensure that you maintain the [TTLUG} prefix (for example, "[TTLUG] Graphical user management tools (was: how to change user passwords)").

      Digest list subscribers should be aware that if you don't change the subject line when you reply, it will be wrong since it will be the digest subject line not the individual posts subject. Be sure to edit it.

      When quoting back previous posts, please... ONLY quote back the part that is necessary. Try not to EVER quote an entire message.

      When quoting back previous posts, be certain that people can tell at a glance where the quote ends and your message begins. Don't run your post together with what you've quoted.

      When quoting back previous posts, try not to quote back that person's signature unless it is relevant to your post. In fact, once you have signed an email consider reducing bandwidth and storage waste by deleting everything after your signature.
      No Flame Wars

      If you disagree with someone, say so clearly and politely. There is no need to tell anybody that they're full of crap. Please... keep your tempers in check. This applies to EVERYBODY. We don't mind friendly joking, if this bothers you, let the list know, and we will try to keep you happy by toning down our posting. We may also decide to ignore you, though.

      Do Not use HTML in your messages. These lists are 100% pure ASCII only. HTML eats up bandwidth and not everyone has an HTML-capable reader.
      No Private Mails

      Never post a private Email to the list (any list) without the author's permission. This can cause a lot of hard feelings, so please don't do it. :)
      Urban Legend Stories

      Never post these to the list(s). Anyone who posts these (even in humorous reference) will very likely be warned. These are stories that have been floating around for years, and we're all sick of hearing about them. If you have a story you feel is legit, send it via the list moderator and ask for it to be reviewed.
      Virus Warnings

      Never post these to the list. If you have a warning you feel is legit, send it to richjob@... the list moderator and ask for it to be reviewed.
      File Attachments

      Attachments are not allowed on the list, this is to keep bandwidth usage down and to ensure those on slow dial up connections are not impacted by large attachements. If you need to make an attachement available to the list please post it on a public web server, if you have one available. If not contact the list and someone will help you out.
      Spelling and Punctuation

      Please try to take the time to ensure that you use proper spelling and punctuation in your posts. We have no (on duty) school teachers or mothers, but we hope you take enough pride in your posts to try to make them readable to others... because in the world of email, your writing abilities as well as what you say are what leave an impression.
      Foul Language

      We request that you limit the use of foul language in your posts, though we do not prohibit it. We do, however, prohibit it in Subject Lines. However, feel free to use "legal" variations (e.g. friggin').

      There is to be No discussion of pirating or pirated software on any TTLUG list. If you wish to participate in this activity, keep it to yourselves. It is against the law, after all. I will reserve the right to suspend or ban persistent violators without warning.
      For Sale Adverts

      For sale ads by list members are welcome, but please limit these types of posts of them to once a week. Additionally, anybody responding to these posts should do so PRIVATELY. This is the TTLUG Linux list, not a list attached to an auction site. Please ensure any such posts have a clear subject line, for example, "(For Sale) 486 Router".

      Please consider for a moment that including a large signature in each post is not a good idea, especially when these posts go into the Digest; it just adds that much more stuff that Digest readers have to wade through.

      Never use one of these while you are subscribed to the list. It will send an automated reply back to the list for every single message the list sends.
      Microsoft/Windows discussion

      This is the Trinidad and Tobago LINUX Users Group. We answer questions related to the Linux operating system. Unrelated questions are likely to get anything ranging from a polite answer to laughter, with curmudgeonly and sarcastic replies being somewhat of a norm. Good karma points are awarded to those who tell us where they got our address and the reason they thought that we might help with troubleshooting your Windows registry errors. While a question about using Samba to share data between a Windows and Linux machine is welcome, a question about Excel Pivot Tables is not. Members are encouraged to use their discretion.
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