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Re: plan ahead?

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  • istari1357
    Regarding your comments on the Troubled Times blog: EMP and Tesla death rays will be the biggest factor. The new age of mediums and the channelers avoid this
    Message 1 of 47 , Dec 27, 2012
      Regarding your comments on the Troubled Times blog:

      "EMP and Tesla death rays will be the biggest factor. The new age of mediums and the channelers avoid this discussion. Their entities are the very harbingers disguised as luv and light that will blind us when we need help the most"


      "It is written Lucifer disguises himself as an Angel of Light."

      Refreshing to find someone who has not been fooled by the entities that the new agers are channeling. Our beautifully intended lightworkers have been so fooled, but you can't tell them that. They have been so perfectly hypnotized and were targeted so that they could lead their following astray too...more bang for your buck. Are you both lightworkers?


      I guess you could say I was a lightworker. I was into Mystery Schools and their teachings until I started researching them in depth and reached some very uncomfortable conclusions. The fact is that channellers have no real idea of who or what they are channelling; whether good or evil... and the path to hell is paved with good intentions. To be honest, I don't think "Love and Light" can save us from ourselves because we are fallible, weak Human Beings living in a dark, confusing material world full of agendas.

      We all have a inner link to the The Source; the Most High in the highest heavenly realm, so better (and safer) to "channel" it rather than the angels. The good angels don't channel information; only the evil fallen angels (demons) do, and the tricksters are habitual liars.

      --- In tt-welcome@yahoogroups.com, "istari1357" <istari@...> wrote:
      > Ha. It is written Lucifer disguises himself as an Angel of Light.
      > --- In tt-welcome@yahoogroups.com, Ariah Sumaria <altazar11@> wrote:
      > >
      > > EMP and Tesla death rays will be the biggest factor. The new age of mediums and the channelers avoid this discussion. Their entities are the very harbingers disguised as luv and light that will blind us when we need help the most.
      > >
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      > > From: Pricopi Ovidiu <ovidiu008@>
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      > > Sent: Sunday, December 2, 2012 9:20 AM
      > > Subject: Re: [tt-welcome] plan ahead?
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      > > EMP and other emanation from earth core(not know to man) can affect all explosive materials from gas, propane,all tanks under the pressure,and of course everything that is explosive including bullets.
      > >
      > > from Trouble Times website: I recommend the use of only iron shielding such as is found in surplus used ammunition sealed containers.
      > > Iron or steal works for low and high frequency electromagnetic fields and for static magnetic fields.Heavy duty the better. EMP
      > > from lightning would also be shielded. Conductors like copper, aluminum, Brass, etc. do not magnetically
      > > shield well at low electromagnetic frequencies and not at all for static magnetic fields.
      > >
      > > If you chose to have AMMO, store all explosives away from the site...to be safe.
      > >
      > > But bottom line Zeta don't recommend having guns and ammo. WHY? : In fact, with insanity likely to be running high among survivors, having ammo around is not the brightest idea.
      > > Statistics show that one is more likely to be shot by a family member, by a gun kept in the home, than by an attacker.
      > > If guns and knives and bazookas are not the best idea, then how to defend the group?
      > > The best defense is a Low Profile, not attracting the kind of attention you don't want.
      > >
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      > > Sent: Saturday, December 1, 2012 6:17 AM
      > > Subject: Re: [tt-welcome] plan ahead?
      > >
      > > <AMMO very well stored is possible  to explode>
      > > Could you explain how this is supposed to work?
      > > Laurie
      > >
      > > On Nov 30, 2012, at 8:58 PM, Pricopi Ovidiu wrote:
      > >
      > > > Baby Wipes???  Toilet Paper??????????? (use 1/2 inch hose connected 
      > > > to plastic bottle...squeeze water out...wipe with leaves. Is going 
      > > > to rain a lot special 6 months after poleshift(  a dense fog) !!! 
      > > > Sunscreen????? (is going TO BE low cloud (dense fog)first 3 years 
      > > > every where after poleshift in some place will last for 25 
      > > > years)...AMMO very well stored is possible  to explode during the 
      > > > hour of PoleSHIFT
      > > >
      > > >
      > > >
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      > > > From: Carlos Cumpian <mailto:marchabrazo%40ameritech.net>
      > > > To: "mailto:tt-welcome%40yahoogroups.com" <mailto:tt-welcome%40yahoogroups.com>
      > > > Sent: Friday, November 30, 2012 10:25 AM
      > > > Subject: [tt-welcome] plan ahead?
      > > >
      > > > Yeah, what about moving to high ground without a life vest? Here's a 
      > > > nice list that I copied and might serve some of the followers/
      > > > readers and worriers out there:
      > > > Bartering Goods That’ll Be Worth Their Weight In Gold
      > > > Again, this is a partial list and a more comprehensive list is 
      > > > included in David’s book on Urban Survival Bartering.  MANY of these 
      > > > items fall under multiple categories, but are only listed under a 
      > > > single one in this list.
      > > > FOOD
      > > > Salt
      > > > Baking soda
      > > > Sugar
      > > > Yeast
      > > > Cooking Oil
      > > > Assorted Spices
      > > > Can Opener
      > > > Canning Supplies
      > > > Heirloom Seed
      > > > Coffee
      > > > Tobacco
      > > > SHELTER
      > > > (Included in Tools & Misc)
      > > > WATER
      > > > Water Containers
      > > > Bleach
      > > > FIRE/FUEL/POWER
      > > > Matches
      > > > Lighters
      > > > Stabilized Fuelâ€"any kind
      > > > Gas Stabilizer
      > > > Two-Stroke Oil
      > > > Chainsaw Oil
      > > > Batteries
      > > > Solar Battery Chargers
      > > > Cloth Diapers
      > > > Baby Wipes
      > > > Shampoo
      > > > Body Soap
      > > > Dish Soap
      > > > Laundry Soap
      > > > Toilet Paper
      > > > Reading Glasses
      > > > Dental Floss
      > > > Toothbrushes
      > > > Toothpaste
      > > > Band Aides
      > > > Ace Bandages
      > > > Pain Medicine
      > > > Fever Reducer Medicine
      > > > Thermometer
      > > > Orajel
      > > > Isopropyl
      > > > Drugs
      > > > Cough Drops
      > > > Iodine
      > > > Feminine Pads
      > > > Hemorrhoid Cream
      > > > Antibiotic Cream
      > > > Latex Gloves
      > > > Sunscreen
      > > > Camp Toilet
      > > > SECURITY
      > > > Knives
      > > > Pepper Spray
      > > > Ammo
      > > > TOOLS & MISC
      > > > Heavy Mil Plastic
      > > > 2 X 4’s
      > > > Tarps
      > > > Plywood sheets
      > > > Nails, Screws, Washersâ€"Assorted Sizes
      > > > Hammer
      > > > Shovel
      > > > Work Gloves
      > > > Garden Tools
      > > > Garden Gloves
      > > > Philips Screwdriver
      > > > Flathead Screwdriver
      > > > Duct Tape
      > > > Knife Sharpening Stone
      > > > Tire Repair
      > > > Ziplock bags
      > > > Aluminum foil
      > > > Plastic wrap (Large packing wrap and kitchen wrap)
      > > > Buckets
      > > > Games/Cards
      > > > Cord/Rope
      > > > Wire
      > > > Fishing Line
      > > > Plastic Bags
      > > > Compass
      > > > Flashlights
      > > > Emergency Candles
      > > > Oil Lamps
      > > > Replacement Wicks and Chimneys for Oil Lamps
      > > > Lamp Oil
      > > > Mosquito Repellant
      > > > Pencils
      > > > Paper
      > > > Shoes
      > > > Socks
      > > > Gloves
      > > > Fire Extinguisher
      > > > CO Detector
      > > > Fire Alarm
      > > > Automobile Repair Tools
      > > > So, what would you add to the list? What is your opinion of 
      > > > investing in high-end preparedness items…good idea, or bad? If you 
      > > > have learned new skillsets, or have existing ones you would suggest 
      > > > to the group for bartering leverage, please share by commenting below!
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    • Linda B
      Ariah, First of all, I am not a ufoabductee .   More importantly, I have NEVER had a bad experience on ZetaTalk or the Ning site.    I stopped posting on
      Message 47 of 47 , Jan 18, 2013
        First of all, I am not a "ufoabductee".   More importantly, I have NEVER had a bad experience on ZetaTalk or the Ning site. 
        I stopped posting on TT several years ago because I realized that my email address was available to anyone.  (I was naive about all sorts of things about the Internet back then.)  I had begun receiving all sorts of unwanted messages from unsavory websites offering porn, male enhancement items and other hilariously tacky things.  Doesn't everyone need a cloth that has amazing healing powers or a piece of pretty glass that guarantees you wealth?
        The ONLY ones with my email address were Yahoo, my daughter who set up my account, Troubled Times and GodLikeProductions.  The last two required my email in order for me to post there.  I ignored the porn sites which had suggestive subject lines.  I opened and read some of the offers of viagra, life readings, healing cloths and other assorted coins, rings or glass pebbles, which were all supposed to give me wealth, power, the ability to see the future, etc.  My favorite were the individuals who called me names because of my political beliefs, which I had never made known to anyone.  My daughter and I laughed a lot until we realized that many naive people would actually take the offers seriously.  Everything was designated Spam and the garbage stopped appearing eventually. 
        Recently I posted a reply to Alma Miranda.  The next day I started getting some garbage emails, which I ignored.  As stupid as it sounds, I thought my message to Alma Miranda was ONLY going to her.  My motive was to reassure her.  I had long ago stopped posting on TT but I continued to have messages sent to me so I could read what was being discussed.  I regret replying to Alma. 
        In your message to me you stated, "Not all Zetas are nasty, I met a few who need no ufo's, just the teluric stream as a vehicle, they can take you back in time when you sleep, waking up with them in the room de-briefing me."
        Alma wasn't saying the Zetas were nasty.  She appeared to be commenting that other posters were the problem.  Also, I don't need the "teluric stream" or a sleep state to take me back in time.  My introduction to reincarnation was done gradually, while awake, before I became an adult.  A specific event in my (then) present was used to connect me to a specific event in one of my past lives.  I wasn't just shown the past event, I was inside the person I used to be, while continuing to observe as the present me.  Each of those experiences, which many would call visions, I suppose, had the same clarity as my present physical experience.  Once while snuggling with my three youngest siblings, I was shown a life in which I had been their mother and how we had all died.  That may have explained my intense feelings of protectiveness towards them.
        Your comment about "waking with them in the room de-briefing me" sets off alarm bells.  Why would the Zetas need to debrief you?  The Service-to-Other Zetas are telepathic.  They read humans easily.  From a very young age I began to noticed that each "paranormal" experience made me feel more comfortable with the spiritual aspects of existence.  On the other hand, I learned to accept the quiet counsel inside me that taught me caution in physical matters.  I have never needed anyone to have prophetic dreams or crystal clear visions.  I always thought God was answering my constant requests for answers.  Having read ZetaTalk, I now suspect it was/is my soul teaching, preparing and advising me. 
        In any case, I do not want to join your group of "ufoabductees".  As I said before, I'm not an abductee.  I've been meditating since I was a child; I just didn't know what it was called. Also, if the Zetas haven't mentioned the "teluric stream" it must not exist or be important to preparing for the Pole Shift or the ongoing awaking.  Please take me off any list you might have for your new group.  These are my opinions and it is not my intention to hurt your feelings.
        --- On Thu, 1/17/13, Ariah Sumaria <altazar11@...> wrote:

        From: Ari ah Sumaria <altazar11@...>
        Subject: Re: [tt-welcome] Re: bad experiences on TT
        To: "tt-welcome@yahoogroups.com" <tt-welcome@yahoogroups.com>
        Date: Thursday, January 17, 2013, 11:28 AM


           Would you like to come to ufoabducteesyahoogroups/ New group! Not all Zetas are nasty, I met a few who need no UFO's, just the teluric steam as a vehicle, they can take you back in time when you sleep, waking up with them in the room de-briefing me.

        From: Linda B burkettgirl244@...>
        To: tt-welcome@yahoogroups.com
        Sent: Saturday, December 29, 2012 11:01 AM
        Subject: Re: [tt-welcome] Re: bad experiences on TT


        Thank you for your delightful and informative reply.  Please keep me in your prayers because I am experiencing some frustration over several health problems, which cause me pain and limited mobility.  If you don't mind, I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  May God continue to bless you.

        --- On Sat, 12/29/12, Alma Miranda wrote:

        From: Alma Miranda
        Subject: Re: [tt-welcome] Re: bad experiences on TT
        To: mailto:tt-welcome%40yahoogroups.com
        Date: Saturday, December 29, 2012, 7:05 AM


        Hi Linda

        Thanks for your post. It is not taken lightly. Just so that you know, I am an empath, I am also clairaudient and clairvoyant. But, I do not shun science at all. And I do not impose my beliefs on others.

        Net etiquette has a reason for existing. Actually, I was more concerned for the poster than for myself.

        I always feel comfortable expressing myself. Fought long and hard for that. But, I also know, that sometimes silence speaks volumes. It is not self expression that concerns me. But, the conveying of unsubstantiated claims, even if believed whole heartedly, to those who are seeking answers.

        When and if a person who claims knowledge, ends up doing that which he or she criticizes, it is time for me to move on. Part of my learning process has been realizing that some people initiate a movement with partial truths, some truths, even maybe whole truths, and yet somewhere along the line they veer down a dangerous path taking with them lots of other folks.

        I have read many statements on this list about Zeta Talk and let them go. But, repetition can be such a peril to many, that I felt the need to speak up, because after all, I have an opinion as well.

        Truth varies as we walk the path of life. We are all at different points of a journey.

        Thanks again.


        On Dec 28, 2012, at 3:49 PM, Linda B wrote:

        > I am so sorry that you have had bad experiences due to expressing your views here and on the ZetaTalk website. I used to post sometimes when we were on GLP. I was frequently attacked by debunkers. Surprisingly, the attacks mostly amused me. On the other hand, it was a relief to go to the Ning site, where we are more focused.
        > I was raised in an environment where people were allowed to express their opinions freely. I read the post that you appear to be referencing and, even though your name was in caps, I didn't get the feeling that P. O. was ridiculing you or yelling at you. It appeared as if he (or she) was merely pointing out his beliefs on several matters.
        > I am a VERY CAUTIOUS person and I don't trust easily. I've have several paranormal experiences since I was about six or seven. Each experience was in response to a fervent prayer for guidance and clarity. Before I ever discovered ZetaTalk in early 2008 on GLP, I had built up a picture of the Earth as a precious gift and a school. I never felt the need to discuss my experiences with anyone, even though I was surrounded by open-minded, service-oriented parents and grandparents, who just happened to be Christians.
        > I believe with every fiber of my being that every human has a right to decide what to believe. I don't feel bothered when other people disagree with me. If someone tries to ridicule me, I usually walk away. I have no desire to tell anyone what is fact or fiction, especially about matters so basic as reincarnation, the reasons for life on Earth or if the Zetas exist.
        > I know benign aliens exist because I met one when I was about thirteen. I seriously doubt that evil is capable of projecting love, acceptance and amusement as that tall individual did. I was surprised that he (or she) knew that I had had serious complications following a surgical procedure several days before. I remember feeling irritated that he (or she) felt the need to "check in on me" and I stated, "My mother is doing a perfectly fine job of taking care of me, thank you very much!". The scientist in me wanted to come closer to study him. He told me to go back to bed and left. I pouted and was irritated the next day.
        > From the time I was a child, I was given wonderful glimpses into some of my previous lives, even before I had ever heard the word reincarnation. I discovered a paperback book about Edgar Cayce when I was about seventeen. From there I expanded my awareness by reading. I am a great believer in Ask and Ye Shall Receive. I asked for more information on all sorts of matters and found myself flooded with books, people and more paranormal experiences.
        > By the time I discovered ZetTalk my brain and my files overflowed with information. I was so discouraged about what I saw happening around the world that I demanded answers. I specifically wanted to know why God allowed terrible things to happen to people, especially children. I didn't have a computer or an internet connection. Within a few weeks of my demand for answers, my daughter gave me her new computer and set up the internet. I had told no one about my prayers, my demands or needs, well, no one except God.
        > Not long after that, I found ZetaTalk. At first glance, I expected to be amused and entertained before I moved on. Instead, I found that the underlying information matched, even expanded upon, what I knew to be true. As I have said before, "It was like putting on reading glasses for the first time and seeing everything with CLARITY." Everything I had asked for was answered right there. And, new information and answers were added all the time. The predictions came true and the insights into real time events were totally believable. ZetaTalk is my second reliable source. My first source is an internal one, which never fails to amaze me.
        > Alma, I want you to feel comfortable expressing your views. Please consider that not everyone who disagrees is disagreeable. Without the body language you can't always see that the poster is not being mean.

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