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    Beans Beans your musical fruit It has been a long long week friends. this is just a small portion of what our puny
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2011
      Beans Beans your musical fruit It has
      been a long long week friends. this is just a small portion of
      what our puny little garden has produced this week alone. This
      was one evenings pickings from 3 25 foot rows of string beans..
      we have greasy cuts, blue lake and half runners.. Don't ask the
      actual names as I have no idea, these seeds came from a farm
      that has been using them and saving them for the past 40 years
      or so and before that another member of the family ran it for 20
      so in all about 60 years of the same seeds.... Now that is
      what I call Heirloom. We scaled down the garden this year to
      grow only what we actually ate which basicly is greens, beans
      and tomatoes. Add a few cuke plants and of course my Okra and
      Collards plus a few Jalapeno plants and we are good to go.
      Growing cabbage and other vegetables which take up a lot of
      space and produce only one item is a waste to me plus it is
      cheaper to buy a cabbage around here than to take the time to
      grow one. Tim's friend grows a few acres of corn still and we
      get 5 or 6 bushels from him in trade for some of our beans.
      Works for me as we have enough beans canned to feed half of
      Asheville for at least a week... I mean I have beans. I simply
      cannot throw away a piece of food plus Karen is coming next
      month and can haul back to Texas some good ol NC beans...

      With 2 canners going at one time I can make 14 quarts of green
      beans. Not bad and it gives me time to get the next batch ready
      to go.

      With the pints of shelled beans we got 24 pints which will last
      a good long time, I made some pork and beans out of about half
      of them using some of the tomatoes that had to be saved.

      If I sound like I am complaining I am not.. I am happy that I
      have the plants and even more thankful that I have the ability
      to can it all and make sure our family is fed well no matter
      what happens. I even had time to experiment with new pickles. I
      never did lime ones and did two batches.. One out of the cukes
      that had not been picked in time and got too big which is what
      the recipe called for.. They turned out so good so I tried
      another batch of limed sweet cubes. I havent tasted them yet
      they have to sit for a couple of weeks but they look really

      In all I canned 12 cases of things this week. That should keep
      us in groceries for a few days anyway. Beans, tomatoes,
      peppers, cukes, collards and pork n beans. Oh I forgot I
      dehydrated 4 bushels of the beans too.

      Folks get ready. It is going to be a rough ride this winter I
      think. In fact I have a feeling that these next two months will
      also be pretty traumatic as it is hurricane season again and
      even though Texas needs the water it doesn't need the wind and

      Our country is in bad condition, not much we can do as
      individuals but collectively we can refuse to co operate with
      the facist... just say Hell No... or don't say anything at
      all and just don't do it. Save all you can, buy all the supplies
      you can and store them, make sure you have the ability to eat
      and that your children won't be going to bed with government
      food in their bellies...Too much going on to be able to know
      what is true and what is not any longer. On the radio they are
      speaking about hybrid human and animal species being raised in
      England, my Lord people what is going on? Then they tell us that
      in 2004 the University of Gainsville developed a living brain
      from rat cells grown in a petri dish that can control a jet
      plane? Can this be true? How did we come to even begin to think
      of this mess?

      And if that isn't bad enough now we see that the American Red
      Cross will now be taking blood donations from homosexuals? That
      was banned with the event of HIV and the people contracting it
      from transfusions.. A safe guard to protect the normal people.
      Now the normal people are the ones that are being destroyed
      gradually and effectively with chemicals, sound, education and
      even our churches. This is scary folks.. I personally do not
      want to take the chance of contracting Aids while getting a
      transfusion to save me from something else.....


      John Kerry is now paying us back for not electing him.. he is
      the purpertrator of this garbage. I hope he is the first to have
      a transfusion with bad blood..

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