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  • TonyE
    http://auravisions.weebly.com/ THE ORIGIN S PROPHECY Aura Visions have been occurring to millions, whether they are aware of it or not. Gone, is the day of
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 22, 2010

      Aura Visions have been occurring to millions, whether they are aware of it or not.
      Gone, is the day of massive abductions.
      Alien Contact for the human Race has become subliminal.
      The spiritual evolution has arrived and with it, a new way of life.
      Aura Visions answers all the questions that have plagued mankind.
      Who are they? What do they want?How does God fit into it?
      An event is coming and it will change all the traditional ways we have conducted life, here on earth.
      2012, is only 3 years away. Are we ready?


      .............This Revelation is one, I have realized recently as I was finishing this book and finishing this particular chapter: `New Beginnings' and it is just that: A NEW BEGINNING. In explaining this upcoming event to you the reader, and all the facts I present herein may seem at first, to be taken from an X-file and you will need to pay attention.
      It starts with Area 51. This military base has become synonymous among U.F.O. enthusiasts over the past few decades, for a number of reasons. However, the main cause of interest has been the work carried there on the crashed U.F.O. from Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The idea has been introduced in many documentaries, that the Aliens have an underground base under the military base itself and are working along side the U.S. Military and Russian Military in the testing of craft, that are integrated with Alien Technology.
      This mysterious base located in the Nevada Desert and was the perfect place to conduct this type of operations because of its remoteness. This was also great for the Government because they could see anyone, who may be curious enough to try to get close enough to view the base. Their security system of cameras and mobile police patrols of the area, made it almost impossible for the average citizen to even get a look at the base itself, before being either forced to leave the area or being arrested.
      Over the past couple of decades primarily since 1990, the base has had much scrutiny from television shows and the internet to the point, that it has become rather a tourist attraction.
      Unknown to anybody but those directly involved with Area 51 itself, and a few high level Government Officials is the fact, that the base does not exist in Nevada any more and hasn't since 1991. The entire facility known as Area 51 along with the work done there, is now at an entire new location...............AREA 52
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