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The Planet Earth Experiment pt1

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  • peter6264
    The Planet Earth Experiment pt1 Although there are many evolutionary processes at work in the Universe, the fact is that no human life on this planet has ever
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      The Planet Earth Experiment pt1

      Although there are many evolutionary processes at work in the Universe,
      the fact is that no human life on this planet has ever evolved from
      anything other than an intelligent, flesh and blood human, alien
      counterpart, or proto human-like life-form—and for the most part
      life on all the others planets as well.

      Does this fact make you feel like society might suddenly collapse around
      your head as the government suggests it will? No? You knew it all along
      anyway deep within that DNA of yours didn't you? The only thing that
      might collapse from admitting to this inner knowingness is the power
      structure built on the lies and subversion that have held our history
      hostage for so long—the entire Matrix of lies. We know it will take
      time before the full implications of this statement sink in, but
      somewhere deep inside you you never could believe that `crawling out
      of the swamp' stuff anyway. Perhaps the best thing to do then would
      be to take tomorrow off from work to think about the ramifications
      involved with the understanding of this knowledge. Then, set aside time
      this weekend to rearrange your priorities so that your life DOES NOT go
      on as usual and you will find that things around you WILL change for the
      better because of it.

      Some of the illusions you have held for so long may also be brushed away
      as you continue reading through this work, but after the digestion of
      its facts you will simply be left with a much clearer vision of who it
      is you are, where you truly came from, and what the heck you're
      doing here. You will also be a person much less likely to be used or
      controlled by those who are trying and most likely succeeding to enslave

      Contradictions you might find with earlier statements made in the
      previous volumes or seeming paradoxes raised with any of the earlier
      works are due simply to the growing and expanding nature of the work
      itself in which all of us have gradually learned to see the picture
      being formed.

      As Volume One describes, most of the early visitors to this planet found
      it too inhospitable to stay. Often it was covered by too much ice or was
      way too hot. Many of the strange animals and plant life at the time also
      made it difficult for these would-be colonizers to survive. The Els,
      from whom we get the word `elders', were the first Beings to
      successfully colonize the planet approximately 15 million years ago.
      Many of them are still here today, hidden away in dimensional pockets
      deep within the Earth's crust. Their civilization had once grown
      large and covered great areas of the planet. They were technologically
      advanced, but still relied heavily on their inner knowingness and their
      spiritual abilities to live.

      Their story serves to show us how many planets were started by this type
      of colonization, just as in the modern day era so many countries were
      colonized by adventurers from France, Spain England, and Portugal.
      Brother Philip shares with us here a part of their story from his book
      Secrets of the Andes:

      "After the Earth had cooled, and was ready for inhabitants, a race
      arrived from out of space that was not human, but was of the race of
      original true man. They were called Cyclopeans, and are known in the
      secret arcane knowledge as the `L' Race, or simply the
      `Els'. Before coming to the Earth planet they traversed space
      following all the great cycles of Time; they were Titans who rode the
      starways and sought always the best pastures of space for their flock.
      They were the first life upon the Earth and are the Immortals of our
      legends, the God Race or Elder Race that preceded man. . .They were
      about twelve feet tall and were male and female, but not as we think of
      sex differentiation today. Before coming to Earth they had colonized
      much of what is known today as the Milky Way Galaxy; thousands of suns
      and worlds came under their influence."

      In his work, Brother Philip makes the astute observation that Earth has
      seen many civilizations come and go. When one has gone to `the
      bottomless pit', another one rises, only to see that one leave or
      drop to the bottomless pit as well. He suggests this is a problem
      peculiar to Earth for on Venus there has never been such destructions of
      the civilizations existing there. And on Mars such destruction has only
      occurred twice, though obviously quite catastrophically. But how many
      hundreds of times has it taken place here on Earth?

      After the many comings and goings of these civilizations, their rise and
      their fall, a history that goes too far back in the dim mists of time
      for us to even worry about here, it was decided by members of the local
      spiritual hierarchy to use this planet for an experiment in 'evolution'.
      This was to be an experiment of blending the many and varied universal
      types of civilization into one 'more-capable' type of Being. Although
      this kind of experiment had been tried before with some limited success,
      this time it was to be a blending on a far greater scale than had ever
      been done before.

      The idea initially was to take a number of life-forms from one
      civilization, plant some of them on the planet, and then let them
      acclimatize. At periodic times after that, DNA from other civilizations
      in other star systems would be added to this original group either
      through reproductive intervention or by mating with the species. (If
      this sounds like 2001: A Space Odyssey, you will begin to understand how
      creative people are fed ideas from out of their deepest subconscious
      resources in order to bring about the truth of the Light and Sound).

      Even star systems such as the Pleiades were initially seeded this way.
      It is called `starseeding' and it is a basic tool of the
      Universe to get soul evolution proceeding at a higher level and
      hopefully keep it going. It is also a process used to speed up the
      entire method by which soul gains in its awareness. Nothing on the scale
      of what was to be tried on Earth had ever been attempted before,

      "We do not interfere in the civilizations. Those twenty-four
      civilizations joined with us to bring about the plan for Planet Earth
      that was conceived by all of us in the beginning. In truth the Council
      and the Twenty-Four developed and created what was necessary on Planet
      Earth in order for humanity to live on it when it was ready. We continue
      to work with this, but our wish is that you humans will now take
      responsibility for your own planet."

      --The Nine, from The Only Planet of Choice

      Part of this grand Earth experiment was to see in what manner the
      original race that was not seeded at the time [the indigenous black
      tribes such as the Aborigines] would evolve in comparison with those
      that had colonized. After a period of time, because they came from
      civilizations that had perhaps more technology or different kinds of
      developed intelligence, those that colonized often began to feel they
      were superior to the native races. They saw them as 'inferior' because
      they had evolved more from this planet than the others. Often, too,
      these colonizers contrived to dominate the original races and their
      homelands. The remnants of this attitude can still be seen in society
      today. It was the beginnings of 'elitism' and the racial prejudice thing
      we now know today.

      The experiment of the Twenty-Four Universal civilizations began as
      recently as 32,000 BC, corresponding very nicely with the 35,000 BC jump
      in the evolutionary ladder referred to earlier in these volumes. By that
      time the `seeds' these civilizations had planted had evolved
      into human Beings who were ready to receive new energies for the
      uplifting of the species.

      from Vol 9 of my Where Were You Before The Tree of Life?

      www.4truthseekers.org <http://www.4truthseekers.org/>

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