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The Formation of Attitudes and Programming, and Its Erasure parts 1-5

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    The Formation of Attitudes and Programming, and Its Erasure part 1 by Peter Farley www.4truthseekers.org Very few people have
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      The Formation of Attitudes and Programming, and Its Erasure part 1

      by Peter Farley www.4truthseekers.org <http://www.4truthseekers.org/>

      Very few people have spent sufficient time in their lives to come up
      with their own system of beliefs and understandings for and about life.
      Instead we are programmed from our very births to take in what our
      parents, our teachers, our friends, and our society think we should
      believe and do and think and say and act upon. Until someone asks us a
      direct question we rarely have even thought about so many issues or what
      it is we 'think' we believe, let alone formatted those beliefs into a
      coherent system that we can say is ours and that we have thought about
      and refined down to a philosophy of life.

      In Volume 4 of Where Were You Before The Tree of Life? the subject of
      how our attitudes are formed through exposure to so much propaganda in
      our lives is dealt with in some depth before then revealing how it is
      that our politicians, religions and organizations such as the Freemasons
      use these methods to control our every thought and action. Here is an
      excerpt from that volume:

      "Let's hold a mirror up here to ourselves and take a look at the art of
      propaganda to see how far we have helped this grand conspiracy to keep
      us locked into the prison camp called the Matrix through our own actions
      and reactions for propaganda truly is the art of understanding Man and
      how his attitudes are formed.

      "Jacques Ellul says that propaganda ceases when simple dialogue begins -
      not just speech, but dialogue between two people on a meaningful level.
      If people can be kept from talking about relevant issues and are instead
      kept entertained, much as they are in the world today, then there is no
      room for meaningful dialogue and almost no need for propaganda at all.

      "In propaganda, the individual is never taken as an individual but
      rather in terms of what he as the individual has in common with
      others—emotionalism, impulsiveness, excess, hopes and dreams etc.
      All these characteristics of the individual caught up in a mass are well
      known to the propagandist and are utilized by those who act as the
      'go-betweens', the news announcer, the teachers, the politicians, the
      priests and even the families, all with the purpose of drawing the
      individual within the mass further into what it is they want him to
      believe, keeping him or her a docile servant of the Matrix.

      "These intermediaries are not usually speaking in their own names with
      their own arguments but rather are simply a small segment of an
      administration, an organization, a collective movement, an accepting or
      supporting part of the grander Matrix in which they are an integral
      piece of circuitry. Though the people in these roles or professions are
      a part of the process, they must never allow themselves to buy fully
      into believing the propaganda they espouse. They must always remain
      outside the message in order to be free to lure others in.

      "This part of the indoctrination process can be seen in higher
      education in the fields where students are helped to realize the
      problems inherent in their fields of study, and yet keep progressing
      deeper and deeper into it until they themselves are invested totally
      into the system and cannot leave for fear of losing everything, even
      their very own souls. I found this myself in teaching journalism, itself
      the art and basis of propaganda. It is only those who most fully
      understand the `evil' intent of these fields of study who do not go
      forward with them but rather drop out to pursue another career. Thus it
      is a self-regulating process by which only those who know their purpose
      and the true intent of their field of study, but are willingly or
      unwittingly ready to go forward with it, who remain to fill the
      vacancies. These are people who think and believe they are `helping
      people'. Watching the movie "The Insider' last night brought home this
      idea of bowing to the pressures of the inherent or non-expressed
      paradigm in any corporation or field of study -- the 'don't rock the
      boat if you want to keep your job' syndrome.

      The Formation of Attitudes and Programming, and Its Erasure part 2

      As the propaganda message or programming flows through these
      intermediaries it must always give the impression of being directed at
      the individual, at the personal level of existence. It must never be
      forgotten that the mass is composed of individuals and is in fact
      nothing but a group of assembled individuals, even though none of us
      really like to admit to following the 'pack or herd' mentality. This is
      the act of fragmentation – the splitting of the wave of Light that
      we can be acting in unity into its individual particles or fragmented
      state where we all feel helpless to do anything about our own situations
      let alone the grander scheme of things. This fragmentation makes us feel
      almost totally ineffective to do anything about anything as we feel so
      overwhelmed by what is being presented to us through the media and the
      messages handed down to us through all these various sources. It is
      making us all forget that we are truly just a small but powerful
      ingredient in the one entity known as Soul.

      We see this kind of fragmentation taking place in every aspect of our
      lives today under the guise of catering to our `individuality'. The more
      deeply involved in the mass people are, the more they pretend to be
      "strong individuals". This is reverse psychology at its most insidious -
      the coward boasting or playing at being macho. The propagandist is
      appealing here to the strongest desire we have, that within our cell
      memory which longs to once again feel the connection to the Oneness of
      Soul along with all the other pieces, which in truth are all around us
      in our fellow `human beings' if we just reached out and remained
      open to the flows of energy that exist between us all. It is the
      darkside's greatest strength to keep us all feeling isolated from both
      ourselves and our Higher Self, and from all those around us who are also
      feeling `alone'.

      All modern propaganda and those who wish us to be so deeply programmed
      profit from the structure of the mass, for it is in the mass that one
      can exploit the individual's need for self-affirmation—individually
      and as a part of the group. This is the situation known in the business
      as the "lonely crowd." It is when the individual is alone in the mass
      that it is the most favorable time to seize and influence him, to
      program him with the accepted paradigm. The bigger the mass, the
      lonelier he feels, the better and easier it is to ensnare him.
      Population growth is therefore allowed and even covertly rewarded for
      multiplying as we can see today in the rewards offered by a welfare or
      `big brother' state to those who have the most children. Driving
      people off the land and into the city only increases the size of the
      mass and increases the loneliness in all of us. It concentrates the
      population in larger groups to add to the effectiveness and minimize the
      effort needed to control all. Have you ever met a lonely farmer or
      person of the land?

      The Formation of Attitudes and Programming, and Its Erasure part 3

      Going back to the brief lesson in quantum physics, for propaganda to be
      truly effective psychologically and sociologically, a combination of
      demographic phenomena is required.

      · The first is population density, with a high frequency of
      diversified human contacts, exchanges of opinions, and experiences, and
      with primary importance placed on the feeling of togetherness—thus
      the importance placed on the commonality of the network news experience.
      The feeling of wanting to be a part of something, the togetherness
      feeling, keeps us from wanting to do anything that would place us
      outside this feeling at home with other people. This is why peer
      pressure is subtly promoted at every level of school even though the
      powers that be would say they are actually fighting to diminish its

      · The second is urban concentration, which, resulting from the fusion
      between mass and crowd, gives the mass its psychological and
      sociological character. Propaganda addresses itself to the individual
      but acts on the masses. Do you ever wonder why people leave their homes
      across the world simply to come to another place where they then band
      together with people exactly like them from their own homeland? In the
      Eastern United States to ask someone where they come from means where is
      their family's ethnic place of origin, which country – Italian,
      Russian, Greek, or maybe Jewish and from what part of the world? People
      of the same ethnic background have the same `hooks' that draw
      them into social programming, and these various subtleties must be and
      are known to those who wish to manipulate them as a group.

      Propaganda is a true remedy for loneliness. It has practically no effect
      however on individuals before that group, that mass, has been
      fragmented. Thus it is that we get the races warring, the sexes
      fighting, the TV-viewing audience segmented, using not one but all of
      the media at hand. Leaders are built up in minorities who will further
      their minority group's attitudes and policies of dissension and
      separation—Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the KKK, the Jewish
      extremists, etc.,

      The Formation of Attitudes and Programming, and Its Erasure part 4

      · A big part of the power of propaganda is due to its use of
      the mass media.

      This power can, however, be dissipated if these intermediary people rely
      on old power words or symbols that have lost their force. Much of my
      work and the millions of words I write have as their essential basis the
      power of words and symbols and how they can be used either for or
      against humanity in this war against the New World Order.

      Power words and symbols need to constantly be upgraded and everything
      the appearance of being `new' and `fresh'. That is why we
      constantly see company logos beings given upgrades, and new slogans
      created, and always the ubiquitous `new and improved' on just
      about any product we use. Words such as collaborator, Bolshevik,
      fascist, integration, peace, no longer have any meaning—tragic,
      devastating, catastrophe, victim, terrorist, white supremacist,
      attack—these are the new catch-phrases which conjure up strong
      emotional associations and get the listener involved. There is no better
      time to hear these new catch-phrases introduced and proliferated than
      during a presidential campaign such as we now have going on.

      And it is only through the concentration of a large number of media in
      the hands of the power machine as we see occurring in the world today
      that one can attain a true orchestration, a continuity and consistency,
      an application of scientific methods of influencing individuals. Whether
      it is a state-owned monopoly or a private monopoly such as we have in
      the United States (media concentrated in fewer and fewer hands), either
      is equally just as effective. When Bill Gates, founder and CEO of
      Microsoft, says that it is Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corporation -
      Media & Entertainment Company, who is the most powerful man in the
      world, it is exactly for this very reason—the concentration of media
      in the hands of a few – and therefore the greater the ability to
      influence others. While traveling across country by car it is no
      accident that one keeps hearing the same 20 or so songs as one travels
      from county to county, from state to state, since all are now owned and
      programmed from one central location. The power the New World Order has
      over us is only made obvious when one compares what one is experiencing
      with others in other locations such as this long-distance travel

      It is also important that there be a variety of newspapers or magazines
      or radio stations or TV channels for the consumer, for the reader or
      viewer or listener will only buy a newspaper or magazine or watch or
      listen to a station or channel he likes, one where he finds his own
      ideas and opinions well-reflected. This is the same with the various
      products on any grocery shelf, all promising differences but all made by
      the same company, most probably with the same ingredients –just a
      different label and advertising campaign, just another means by which to
      further segment us all.

      The Formation of Attitudes and Programming, and Its Erasure part 5

      · Propaganda must relate solely to what is timely in order to
      be effective in instilling the necessary or required programming.

      The fundamental currents of society must be reflected in the news that
      is utilized by propaganda. Propaganda can succeed only when man feels
      challenged or afraid. It can have no influence when the individual feels
      stable and unafraid . Keeping society and the individual off balance is
      the purpose of the media and of the news in particular. The public is
      prodigiously sensitive to current news. Its attention is focused
      immediately on any spectacular event that fits in with its
      myths—news such as the O.J. Simpson trial, and sex in the
      presidency, the disappearance of Natalie Holloway—the myths that
      Justice is unfair, and that all politicians are corrupt, that it's a
      dangerous world out there so be afraid. News loses its frightening
      character when it offers information for which the listener already has
      a ready explanation in his mind, or for which he can easily find one.
      Thus we get the emphasis placed on the "tragedy" and "the senseless
      killing," the seemingly random acts of violence and the unexplainable
      actions of people in the news. The school shootings at Columbine High
      School in Colorado are a prime example of a destabilizing incident
      created by those in power to keep society off-balance. That is also why
      talk shows dealing with this conspiracy tend to bring in guests who only
      leave the listener with more questions than answers.

      · Public opinion always rests on problems that do not
      correspond to reality – to what can easily be termed `Matrix

      Since the government cannot follow public opinion, public opinion must
      be made to follow the government. This is the case of `the tail wagging
      the dog' [and a good movie to watch to understand this is `Wag the
      Dog' with Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro]. In the United States,
      the government almost always conducts its foreign policies on its own
      initiative, but where the public is interested in a particular question,
      it can only proceed with the support of a substantial majority of the
      people, either real or apparent. That is why manipulated public opinion
      polls have now become the norm. At least one or two public opinion polls
      are released supporting any idea the government wants us to think or
      feel, or any agenda they wish to push through.

      Governmental propaganda in collusion with the mass media therefore
      suggests that public opinion demand this or that decision. The majority
      prefers expressing stupidities to not expressing any opinion at all, as
      proved by Tonight Show `man in the street' interviews, and any myriad
      number of radio talk-back shows.

      · A government does not feel legitimate and cannot claim to
      be so unless it rests on the sovereignty of the people, unless it can
      prove that it expresses the will of the people, even though this very
      same will is manufactured through government manipulation and the use of

      Because of this mythical belief in the sovereignty of the people, all
      dictators, even those supposedly elected by the majority, try to
      demonstrate that they are the expression of the people's sovereignty.
      Therefore, we can hardly complain when modern dictators and even
      today's politicians talk about the sovereignty of the people. Castro
      called the whole population to sit in judgment of the former regime in
      Cuba. By doing so, he tied the people to his government by the strangest
      of bonds—the ritual crime—the tie that binds the initiated to
      the organization as seen in many secret organizations even down to the
      level of the street-gang or college campus sorority and fraternity.

      www.4truthseekers.org <http://www.4truthseekers.org/>

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