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The Grid

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  • peter6264
    The Grid Dear Peter, I just read your file on The Matrix and the Grid. I was wondering when you refer to the Grid do you mean in a literal sense of as a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2007
      The Grid

      Dear Peter,

      I just read your file on The Matrix and the Grid. I was wondering
      when you refer to the Grid do you mean in a literal sense of as a
      metaphor for intricate mode of restraint? The reason I ask this is
      because years before I began studying Metaphysics I actually observed
      a network of lines and grids after altering my perception. After
      doing some reading I learnt that these grids are connected with
      Dimension 6. I've also come to realize why there's such emphasis on
      geometry in the occult, if this grid permeates and underlines our
      external reality.

      Any thoughts you have on this matter will be greatly appreciated,
      because I've been searching for answers for a long time.

      Light and Love,


      Peter: Max, there's a wonderful feature in the messages section of
      this group
      that allows for a word search.

      Below are listed 4 articles/messages that particularly address your
      but also if you read View Over Atlantis by Jon Michell about the old
      grid placed over England you'll learn more than you ever wanted to
      know --except
      perhaps its history.

      Since the electro-magnetic grid is like a net around the planet it
      could in some
      ways be thought of as a metaphorical prison wire but that all depends
      on who
      controls it. It is quite literally a world of geometric forms and
      shapes that
      allow for Creation to occur [like terraforming in videogames], much
      like was
      seen in the Star Trek movie about genesis. It is the very structure
      that allows
      for the morphogenetic fields that make shapes on the planet to be
      defined in the
      space-time continuum. It was originally set up on this planet by the
      Els, our
      ancient ancestors on the planet from whom we get the word Elders,
      under the
      darkside control of the 'unhealed' Thoth/Hermes Trimistegus, the
      grand geometer
      of the Freemasons and other ancient mystery schools. It is what makes
      the Matrix
      the Matrix with our allowance and it is what is now changing as the
      old Tree of
      Life dies and the new one begins to take shape. It's 'adjustment' by
      Kryon etc
      is an occasional 'repair of the fence like cowboys riding the range
      allowing for
      shifts in the consciousness son the planet. The last shift we have
      created calls
      for an entire new grid to be constructed during the withdrawal of
      Earth from
      active life-supporting after the ascension process so it can be
      healed and
      'retooled'. Much of this is explained in the so far 8 volumes of
      Where Were You
      Before The Tree of Life? Vols 1-2 and 7 available free from the
      website of Files
      section of the group.

      Some Background on Grid Work and Vortices

      Breaking Down the Hologram: How the Grid Creates and Supports the

      "The grid system is also doing some automatic adjustments on its own,
      cleaning debris out of the way and opening rusty valves somewhat as
      if an old program has been remembered and implemented."

      Understanding Grid Points

      The Grid
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