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War Crimes and New Paradigms

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  • peter6264
    War Crimes and New Paradigms by Peter Farley and Sue Ann Mikrut www.4truthseekers.org Since Day 1 of doing this work I have known that those I would be working
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2007
      War Crimes and New Paradigms
      by Peter Farley and Sue Ann Mikrut

      Since Day 1 of doing this work I have known that those I would be
      working with were `special' Beings on the planet, special in the way
      of effecting the outcome of the battle taking place in Creation, more
      particularly what Gene Roddenberry correctly termed "Earth: Final

      Before writing the 9 volumes of Where Were You Before The Tree of
      Life? I understood only a small part of the role I myself had played
      in creating the darkside in this corner of the Universe. The writing
      opened up new and deeper understandings of this role and why I had to
      take part in the healing of what I, in part, had helped create.

      Since that point in time my special Guidance has not only helped me
      to heal my role in the darkside past of this corner of Creation, but
      has also led me to work with others such as myself who have and have
      had major roles in this process as well. This led to the writing of
      the final volumes of the book, those which relate to the ongoing
      changes and healing process taking place.

      Since then, most of those I have been led to work with in person have
      had some relationship to this ongoing healing process. The war has
      been tense, the future of the planet often in danger, but the
      Spiritual Hierarchy always pushed the full agenda for the healing of
      the darkside at this particular time so that the original flaw in the
      creation could be healed and all those affected by this original flaw
      move into a place of healing as well.

      As the last two volumes come to completion over the next few months,
      this full story will be told for the first time. Their completion has
      been `delayed' because the final chapters needed to be lived first
      before they could be written, particularly whether or not the central
      characters would come into and stay in the healing process that much
      of the rest of this SuperUniverse has been going through.

      Sue Ann's channeling from Aristenna below relates to the presence of
      many such Beings related to the work that we do:

      Dear Ones,

      Yes, there is a group that had so much to do with the rise and fall
      of Planet Earth. And now when anyone of them asks for forgiveness a
      wound is healed; a wound that has had long term and devastating
      effects on the planet and her original peoples.

      Things went terribly wrong for the planet and the original plans that
      had been divinely set into motion. Now all those who have usurped
      the original plans for the planet for their own self-willed plans
      have the chance to undo the damage and to contribute in a deliberate
      and conscious way.

      WE strongly urge those who have been involved in this catastrophe of
      self-will to take this opportunity to come in from the cold, so to
      speak, and help heal the planet by healing themselves of all the
      guilt and grief of their past mistakes.

      Cultivate your connection with your Guidance now. Command that you
      connect with the highest Guidance as soon possible and ask your
      guidance what the source of your own misery is and how to ask for
      forgiveness and how to make amends.

      WE are always here to help you in this most important process and WE
      urge you to do this as soon as possible.

      With all Our LOVE and Guidance,

      Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light

      Some of these people know who they are and what they have done
      through the work we have been doing, others perhaps only have a sense
      of their part in creating the problem. As Sue Ann found out the other
      day and relayed through the telling of her own story, she had been
      one of the original causes of the Orion Tear which has affected us
      all ever since it was created.

      Recently we have been working with a number of seraphim in `human
      form' who were responsible in part for the Lucifer rebellion. They
      are being worked with on all levels to realize, accept, and heal
      their past problems and move into a place for assisting the healing
      of all. A couple of those people are in this group and one or two
      still are not aware or accepting of their roles during the many past
      lifetimes on the planet.

      A while ago I told the story of Bob in Colorado who helped create the
      technology used to harvest `life energy' from the children abducted
      or bred in the San Luis Valley R and D facility for exactly this
      purpose. Bob KNEW his role after beginning the work with him, but as
      with so many of us it was easier for him to fall back into denial
      than to deal with the awful burden of what it was he had helped

      The last time I saw Bob he was giving a worship service to the
      spiritual group he belonged to. Ironically, the subject of the
      worship service was `Grace.' One thing he failed to mention during
      the course of his speech, however, was that grace needs to first be
      accepted before the past can be healed.

      This is what is taking place right now with so so many people who
      have major roles in what has taken place. As Edgar Cayce says, we
      were all there at the sinking of Atlantis with our powers and
      abilities co-opted into being used for darker purposes. We're all
      back here now at this time with an opportunity to make different
      choices, to use our powers and abilities to help heal that which we
      helped create. The only problem is so many are not making different
      choices and will only doom themselves to a long, long period of
      continued work on their pasts if this gift of grace is not accepted
      during this time of Universal healing. If, like Sue Ann's piece
      suggested, we are not enjoying this lifetime because of such guilt
      affecting our ability to enjoy life, imagine what thousands more
      lifetimes of such guilt and pressure could be like for those who make
      such a choice.

      To heal the past we must first accept the past and our particular
      role in it. As many who have worked with me know I helped start the
      Mormon Church, one of the two darkest entities now existing on the
      planet. Much of what I have done in my mission is directed at helping
      the female energies on the planet heal and many I have worked with in
      their healing have been those I helped cause to be abused in the past.

      It's time folks. Having worked with the healing process of Lucifer
      himself, I know that He was welcomed back into healing without
      judgment just as the offer is now being made to everyone involved
      with creating the problem. I myself once had to let go my own
      attachment to the past and move into a place of healing and then into
      a place of helping other people heal. One of the greatest lies ever
      told is that we are all just human -as most of my work has been aimed
      at proving to be false. Rudolph Steiner himself said how many of
      these particular Beings would be back at this time to help with the
      healing and many of us ARE those Beings.

      Search through your own conscience for elements that may relate to
      such a past. Ask your Guidance in channeling for any such past
      connections to the creation of what now exists. If you need help, I
      and others in the group are all willing to help identify the
      particular problems related to you and assist in pointing out the
      directions needed to be taken to correct the past problems. Do the
      healing work needed, and then allow yourself, as Sue Ann was directed
      to do, to move into helping others heal.

      The best news related to this subject is shared here for the first
      time in Sue Ann's channelings from Aristenna related to the most
      recent information we have received about Thoth, the darkside's Darth
      Vader and the major Creational figure left needed to enter healing
      (see past articles on Thoth):


      Dear Ones,

      I am here to talk to you about Thoth. He will be trying to stop you
      and undo what you have done. He will not be able to undo it as WE
      have changed the combination locks on the points and he won't be able
      to figure our the new locking codes to unlock them.

      He will not be able to find you that easily either as WE have you in
      a cloaking device. Keep your thoughts loving, kind patient and
      connected. This will strengthen the device. Acknowledging it's
      presence and expressing gratitude that it has been created for you
      will strengthen it also.

      The Council of Scion is also keeping a very close eye on you both.
      Do your work as you always have, but this time know that you have
      extra, extra protection.

      All OUR LOVE, Protection and Gratitude,

      Erthzen, of the Spiritual Hierarchy's Council of Light


      Dear Ones,

      I want to tell you of the latest developments with Thoth. As Peter
      told you Thoth has come in for healing and this time for good.

      The determination that you and Peter demonstrated in getting to the
      Orion Tear in spite of his obstacles had a lot to do with his
      return. He said it just was not as much as fun as it all was before
      and he is getting very tired.

      What this means is the grid work that has been done is not in
      jeopardy and the rest of it will not be as hazardous.

      The work you did to day was very important as it shut the amount of
      energy that has been available to one of their main end usage points
      down to a trickle.

      A large portion of this energy has now been diverted into the main
      grid. This energy can now be used for healing the entire planet and
      her people instead of being siphoned off to make the rich richer.

      The female grid point in Fort Lauderdale was a collection point for
      energies that were then transferred to the male point across the
      street and then used by a select few with the secret knowledge on how
      to use it for their own self-aggrandizement.

      With the grid points beginning to be balanced the energy is being
      given back to the planet and her people for healing and balancing
      purposes, and for getting prepared for what is to come. Anyone can
      tap into this newly available energy if their intent is for healing
      and higher purposes and they must share it and pass it on. This
      energy is for the good of everyone equally and cannot be horded and
      control of empire building without dire consequences.

      Accept this healing energy with an open heart and let it flow to you
      and through you to others.

      All Our love,

      Erthzen, of the Spiritual Hierarchy's Council of Light

      Change is in the air. Use the energy the grid is now being able to
      provide to help prepare yourself and others for the changes coming.
      Although the war is not yet fully won, the darkside is in despair
      with the loss of so much ground and so many of its leaders. The time
      is now to get up and help do the work of cleaning up the creation WE
      all helped create.

      With love, In service, Peter
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