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  • tina delgreco
    In deep meditation I asked Cazekiel what is it I am feeling. I have been feeling deep saddness in the collective consciousness. Everytime there is a major
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2004
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      In deep meditation I asked Cazekiel what is it I am feeling. I
      have been feeling deep saddness in the collective consciousness.
      Everytime there is a major event where people die and loose love
      ones those who are sensitive to the connectiveness of all life feel
      it. Iran just suffered a major quake and many lost their lives. What
      many fail to realize is when one suffers we all suffer. We live in a
      sea of consciousness where everything is connected. What is done to
      one is done to the whole and knowing God as omnipresent it is done
      to the Creator as well. After all who are those other races and
      cultures other than the diverse children of God.
      Who are the so called terrorist? What made them that way? I often
      ask if anyone has ever asked them what they want? What do they need
      to release the past and choose universal peace? Maybe an apology,
      restitution for what has been done to them and their families? Of
      course we all know some of them for many reasons want to perpetuate
      the violence. I know one thing for sure if we take the $$$$ out of
      war, war would not exist.
      I often ask the question is the defense department being used
      offensively and why? Do the alphabet agencies protect our rights and
      the freedom some so arduously fought for? Has the foundation of
      America been undermined by greed and profit at any expense?

      What happened to the men and women of integrity, honesty, those of
      heart and soul who know within their soul what is right and what is
      wrong? What happened to the basic morals many so called Christian
      religious and political leaders proclaim while they are
      participating in or allowing torture, sexual abuse and rape? Why
      doesn't the media stand up and say what is wrong with this picture?
      Has it been bought and sold? Look at the owners of the major TV and
      radio stations and where their alegiance lies. If you knew the
      answers it would shock you. God being omnicient,"All knowing" when
      hearing our prayers for help in saving this civilization is probably
      scratching his/her head saying why? Why interfere in a civilization
      bent on destroying itself and the very platform for life? Souls have
      chosen this lesson. What happens when two groups pray for the
      destruction of the other? Does God say okay, I have to destroy my
      children over here because the others prayed the loudest? Where is
      the logic? It does not matter if or which image of God you believe
      in use common sense. Thou shalt not kill does not mean just white
      men, red men, black men, yellow men, or the men women and children
      that have something you want.
      The coming Earth changes just may be a reality check to get back to
      the basics, get our priorities and values in order. 180 tornadoes
      last weekend just might be a heads up. We will have a lot of work
      here at home in the days to come. It is time to bring the troops
      home and use them in the clean up and restoration following the
      natural disasters which are going to intensify. Let them truly serve
      the American people of which the disaster victims will be eternally
      greatful. Be well James

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