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Re: [tt-welcome] Re: Anyonce care to chat?

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  • Lisa Toolan
    Interesting and well said Mr. Chulkches. Pay for your salvation Pay the church or pay me It s just the evil doers that change. Toolan chulkches
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 1, 2002
      Interesting and well said Mr. Chulkches.
      Pay for your salvation
      Pay the church or pay me
      It's just the evil doers that change.


      chulkches wrote:Sure...I'll give you my first knee-jerk reactions and opinions.

      I really think this should be in the tt-social section...but...

      Your Web-site directs me to web-sites that tell me of items that
      will 'save' my life before, during, or
      after the pole shift, and that I 'must' have 'it' to survive and
      then go there only to find that
      my salvation depends on a financial contribution, and I must
      then 'buy' the product to be saved.
      I just get depressed and assume fraud.

      I can't imagine there would be anything extra I possess, and would
      truly be needed by someone else,
      and provide a continuation of their existence, but only be provided
      to them, if I
      first make them pay me for it! That, in my opinion, is a Service-to-
      Self action that
      screams of fraud and selfishness. I don't believe in those that do,
      nor in those who
      Proliferate it.

      If you have a book on survival, don't waste my time telling me where
      to buy it...I know where
      I can 'buy' all the survival books or anything else I want with what
      little money I have! I don't mean to act selfish, but please provide
      me a 'free'
      download location!. Don't give me no song-and-dance excuse about
      the 'cost' of providing. Is
      my life of so little value that I have to pay with money that will
      have no meaning after the disaster? I assume that there is not going
      to be anybody concerned
      about any copywrite laws after the disaster is there? I feel you
      care, but don't direct me to
      all these 'pay' sites that will, for a small fee, provide me with a
      way to save my life....just
      help me find the ones that will provide it to me for free, because
      that all I can afford,
      and I'll do the same for you!

      I know you care, just don't recommend sites that profess care, but
      only at a price, because
      they don't.

      I downloaded my latest 'survial guide' for all those who want it(for
      free) in the 'Files site',
      in TT-welcome. It ain't pretty and it is not even close to being
      orgianized or complete, just
      a jumble of survival stuff I have found. I feel I'm not one to
      complain about paying for
      salvation, if I don't first give some of it away for free myself. As
      I orginaize it better
      I'll post it again...but its pretty messy right now.

      (If I was a hacker, this is what I would change on some of the sites:)

      ZetaTalk...wow!...free information...this I can trust.

      Welcome to L/L Research's web site...wonderful Web-site...lots of
      info that can save/enrich my
      life...(but only for a fee!)

      When Technology Fails...A good source of survival information with a
      book that you'll probably
      want to get...(in other words...give me money if you want to live).

      Readers of my book 'Winged Disc: The Dark Star Theory'..."Buy" it a
      see for yourself.

      DEWS LINKS thanks for joining Captain Nibiru!! Enjoy your stay!!
      click here< for my wife's web
      site " Tarot Enchanments" and True Tarot...(Nibiru is ok, but you
      really need to spend your
      money on me!).

      (Subject..What I plan to do with all
      the money you all paid me....sorry, I lost my head...please don't ban

      THE TIME OF GLOBAL SHIFT....Cost for the five teaching sessions is
      only $50 if pre-registered or
      paid at the first meeting....(just another pay me if you want to live


      --- In tt-welcome@y..., "GTrobaugh" <samsara2003@e...> wrote:
      > Dear fellow troubledtimes advocates,
      > I've noticed there are many who post on this site that are
      > in sharing their ideas / thoughts about this scenario. I run the
      > Earthchanges 2003 website and I invite anyone who has an interest
      > this material and this scenario to chat.
      > See http://home.earthlink.net/~samsara2003
      > I can be reached on MSN at samsara2003@h...
      > love/light,
      > Garrett

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