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    ... From: Craig Alan Smith To: tt-welcome@egroups.com Sent: Saturday, July 01, 2000 8:26 AM Subject: Re: [tt-welcome] Friday night Are you typical of folks
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      Sent: Saturday, July 01, 2000 8:26 AM
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      Are you typical of folks over there in Israel? 
      ~your hum-drum amigo~

      Hey, that message wasn't supposed to bum anybody out. I was just trying to give people a sense of perspective, how others are perhaps at this very minute doing something totally different from them, yet thinking the same thoughts.
      I'm not typical of any folks, in Israel or worldwide. My life-style is definitely not recommended for anybody. I've only met three other people anywhere in my entire life that did something comparable. And let me tell you, 'fence painting' is something that's very rarely done here. There's just no time for it. Usually what I do when I get a new place is spend the first two or three months doing all the painting and decorating work, because afterwards, when the people start coming, all I want to do is talk and play music.
      Another thing is that Milly was surely right when she said people go crazy without privacy. Like I said, everybody here tells me the same thing. I guess this is just my personal special 'ability'. I'm really a 'people' person, just give me more people all the time, with all their different energies, problems, and laughter. Not everybody's like that, not by a long shot. And look, I may be going 'crazy' as well, you know. Just listen to some of the things I say... Also, my life-style is probably the main reason I'm divorced. Most women I've met needed privacy more than men, and certainly a lot more than me. My ex-wife tolerated it for eight years, but in the end it got the better of her as well. The women in our crowd that understand me the most are those with a very high 'Yang' field, basically their 'male' part is stronger than their female. A yoga master told me that one. He spent most of his adult life in Puna with Osho.
      Anyways, people that come here tell me all the time that I have a very special place, probably the only one of it's kind in this country right now. (There are a couple of similar places out in some villages, but not in downtown Tel Aviv.) May be worth your while to save up some money for a visit, actually, while it lasts. A lot of stuff to see in this country, and not a small amount of it has to do with previous shifts. Whole thing's gonna go, of course. But I will have all that communal experience for the aftertime, and so will many of my friends that went through it with me.
      Take care, 
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