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What would your city look like with Beijing's air pollution? Use thi

Decades ago I witnessed gratuitously choking smog in several cities in US, while today extraordinary success has been reached in major cities and
Brave New Dawn
Mar 7, 2014

Documentary Film on Science & Spirituality

Dear Friends Please enjoy my latest thought provoking documentary film on Science & Spirituality: http://www.cultureunplugged. com/documentary/watch-online/
Feb 21, 2014
C Brown
May 26, 2013

Re: How we went from Middle-Class to Homeless

I heard of BLM land. Something having to do with land owned by the government and it is granted to people sometimes for a time if the cause is right. I do not
May 26, 2013

How we went from Middle-Class to Homeless

From April-2010-to-PRESENT: My Husband Michael and I have been Homeless. we are a couple in our early 60s who was middle class ($100,000+ per year income)
May 26, 2013

[Progressive Reform] Israel Shaking the World with Tesla Technology:

*Is Israel playing with Tesla quake technology?* * by Wayne Madsen * * January 30, 2013 * The White House has stated on the record
Feb 5, 2013

Re: Brand New film on Science & Spirituality

Thanks, Frank--- I very much appreciate you and your passion for enlightening people...... Colleen
C Brown
Jan 26, 2013

Brand New film on Science & Spirituality

Hi, I'm an independent documentary Film producer and have just released my third film, Beyond Reason, which is about science and spirituality, but in a way
Jan 25, 2013

Re: bad experiences on TT

Ariah, First of all, I am not a "ufoabductee".   More importantly, I have NEVER had a bad experience on ZetaTalk or the Ning site.    I stopped posting on
Linda B
Jan 22, 2013

Re: bad experiences on TT

   Would you like to come to ufoabducteesyahoogroups/ New group! Not all Zetas are nasty, I met a few who need no UFO's, just the teluric steam as a vehicle,
Ariah Sumaria
Jan 17, 2013

Re: bad experiences on TT

Bryan, spiritual preparation is different from culture from culture, and can be in many forms.But at the base the best is to care for others .of course not
Pricopi Ovidiu
Dec 31, 2012

Re: bad experiences on TT

You insist on preaching to me. May you find what you are looking for. You think you have found absolute truth. And that I am lost. Think about that. Alma
Alma Miranda
Dec 30, 2012

Re: bad experiences on TT

So sorry to read about your troubles. I will definitely keep you in my prayers. I can relate. And of course, I appreciate that you will keep me in yours. :)
Alma Miranda
Dec 30, 2012

Re: bad experiences on TT

Definitely, Bryan. I have tried direct communication with spirit. I also closed my third eye through asking because for me, I had no business being in a
Alma Miranda
Dec 30, 2012

Re: bad experiences on TT

MAY God give you health, may god light our paths.Thanks Linda.Delightful ?! Good to know. Alma, "Truth NOT varies as we walk the path of life" Truth is
Pricopi Ovidiu
Dec 29, 2012
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