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I shall fear no evil

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    ... From: thomas santorelli To: tt-watch@egroups.com Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2000 1:02 AM Subject: [tt-watch] Re: The Lord is my favorite god Personally
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      Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2000 1:02 AM
      Subject: [tt-watch] Re: 'The Lord' is my favorite 'god'

      Personally I don't bellieve in evil.......

      The perception of evil causes the fear of evil, which in turn causes
      the fight against evil, something that removes focus from oneĀ“s own
      actions and towards fighting and fearing evil, thus by
      perceiving "evil" one becomes more likely to commit evil acts.

      ........I do however bellieve in fear, selfishness, lack of
      understanding and intelligence, and lack of emotional maturity.

      Evil and the evil-doers should not be hated and feared the farthest
      I am willing to stretch as far as allowing "evil" to affect me is
      possibly pity! 
      San - I want to answer this here, but now I really think that we'll be deviating from what should be on the tt-watch. I'll just answer this last one, I guess, and then we'll have to move it to social or even welcome, and if you want you can just reply there.
      All I want to say is that you basically said exactly what I think about it, almost read my mind. I feel that this is exactly how 'evil' should be treated, as something which deserves only pity from those who understand. You also describe well the dynamics of 'immersing in evil' - it's like playing with manure, one gets dirty. And of course we should never fear anything except fear itself, as we've been told so many times.
      I was talking about something slightly different in my posting to which you replied, I meant to point out that the 'traditional' interpretations of 'good' and 'evil' in the various myths and religions - do not allways match the symbols which represent these same concepts, often in these very same religions (thus the medical emblem has the 'snake', which represented 'the Devil' in the Bible.) This is just a small historical point, if you like, which shows how little of what we've been told we can take for granted.
      Understanding the nature of evil, as you point out, is important for understanding how people in general act when they use 'evil'. This should help any of us to 'understand', for example, how a staunch STS personality operates. With this 'understanding' - we can find forgiveness in our hearts for what they do, and this forgiveness has the power to release us from a great emotional burden.
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