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  • mauro
    Excuse the interference. If you consider that the science already committed serious mistakes during his/her existence, it will still be able to be missed on
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      Excuse the interference. If you consider that the science already committed
      serious mistakes during his/her existence, it will still be able to be
      missed on other principle whose causes are still unknown for the humanity.

      Another planet Earth exists that interacts with to 4th Dimension and it is
      inhabited. These places are known as Shamballah, El Dorado, Aurora, Erks,
      etc. Their inhabitants randomly are seen in the human forms (as young and
      always in couples) or as forms of simians (Big Foot, for instance). The old
      Mayan and part of the Egyptians, they are part of this immortal
      civilization, because these places are in the time Zero. The energy of this
      4th dimension shows as light and there it doesn't exist night.

      Admiral Byrd as well as the General Fawcet arrived to one of these places
      due to a natural opening of dimensional portal. These portals can be open
      using techniques or for natural means. When this happens, an unacceptable
      reality is revealed for the normal human mind.

      I recommend that before any judgment about the reality of certain
      inexplicable facts (for the time being) you seek the truth for his/her own
      experience. Don't believe in the one that I speak. Investigate. The Truth
      is closer than you imagine. While some people speculate information
      contradictory, a lot of thing is happening in this planet without the
      population becomes aware.

      We are not alone in the Earth. Alien bases of Beings that want to help the
      humans exist. The true threat doesn't come from the space, they are the
      own humans. Who destroyed WTC were not ETs. Think well. To who it does
      interest to isolate the humanity of the contact with Beings more developed?
      Would the technology of these Beings be so rudimentary to the point of they
      could NEVER arrive in the surface of the Earth? Would such ignorant Beings
      be to the point of with who know not they he can maintain contact in the
      Earth? Why they would interfere in a system of solemnity-destruction of such
      an aggressive and selfish race? It would be convenient to just help the
      people in the Earth that they were favorable to their presence in the Earth.
      They could not be people racists, because his/her appearance is very
      different from ours. If the man has prejudice just because of the color and
      of the religion, what to think of the general physical aspect?

      The humanity is dipped in the ignorance as in the Medium Age. All of the
      faiths are false. The reality of the Universe is very different and soon
      the Truth will be revealed. The travelers of the Time had already foreseen


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      > Gravity exerts pressure on large bodies. It does so in an exponential
      > manner, the closer you get to the center of the object. The closer you
      > to the center of the Earth the more pressure per square inch you have.
      > is why heavier elements are found in the core and lighter elements on the
      > crust. A hollow Earth would collapse in on itself. Period.
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