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  • istari1357
    ... You are right. Same ole, same ole... but I was shocked when she said she is now good friends with a wealthy Rothschild behind the scenes who believes in
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      > Yup... still the same 'ole blah... blah... blah...
      > Michael L Cunningham

      You are right. Same 'ole, same 'ole... but I was shocked when she said she is now good friends with a wealthy Rothschild behind the scenes who believes in the Zetas and their message and wants the general public to hear Nancy's message!

      I hear about evil souls reincarnating as "octopi" on water planets and my reason laughs, but the thought that the Wealthy Elite believe in Zetatalk and the coming pole shift genuinely surprised me - the fact (if it is true) that she is well known and respect in the top secret "corridors of power" is worrying to say the least. Nancy said that since these Wealthy Elite are at the top of the pile and will survive no matter what cataclysm hits the planet as they have made all the preparations to survive (undergroud bases and the like), the next goal is to tell the public so they can prepare and have a chance at survival.

      Hal Lindsey the Christian Evangelist was on C2C this week too and he was speaking about Bible Prophecy and the Book of Revelation, and HE predicts doom and gloom and cataclysm too in the very near future. If you are a Christian, there are certain prophecies that you expect to come true... the tribulation, the four riders of the apocalypse bringing death, war, destruction and plague, the seven vials/curses of the angels etc... amazing how all prophecies from the three Abrahamic religions, to Nancy, to the Hopi/Mayan pagan religions all seem to point to a major cataclysm soon to befall the earth. Maybe time is running out and I think the key is the sun.

      As for me, I would rather die in the cataclysm than choke chickens, eat worm soup, shoot innocent strangers and catch rats to cook while burning too a crisp. ;-)



      "Hal Lindsey's influential book The Late Great Planet Earth described the undeniable signs of the end times: the rebirth of Israel, war in the Middle East, natural disasters, and many others. He discussed how current events are now lining up with Bible prophecy in an unprecedented manner. He listed a number of the signs or "birth pangs" that we are nearing the prophesied end times: wars, great earthquakes, revolution, ethnic fighting, plagues, and famine. Biblical prophecy points to all these signs appearing simultaneously, and occurring with increasing intensity, which Lindsey believes is happening now.

      The Bible also warns of "terrors and great signs from the heavens," as a precursor to end times. Lindsey believes this is related to UFO activity, and the UFO occupants are "fallen angels that are developing a pattern of deception so that when the Antichrist appears he can explain away what happened to all the believers of Jesus Christ that suddenly disappeared" (in the Rapture). The Antichrist will be known as the most tremendous leader the world has ever seen "with supernatural intelligence from Satan," and be able to convince the world that he has the power to bring in peace and prosperity, he said. At that point the economy will be in such upheaval that everyone will agree there has to be a central power, and a cashless society, Lindsey continued.

      Another Bible warning refers to "signs in the sun, and the moon, and the stars...and the roaring of the sea and the waves." Lindsey pointed to climate change being caused by an increase in solar activity. The Book of Revelation talks about "a heat wave to end all heat waves" that's going to occur during that final seven years before Christ returns, he noted. As the planet heats up, storms are going to get greater and greater, he added.
    • Michael L Cunningham
      Yeah... but it s best to just toss it right back in their face. Michael L Cunningham ... From: tt-watch@yahoogroups.com [mailto:tt-watch@yahoogroups.com] On
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        Yeah... but it's best to just toss it right back in their face.

        Michael L Cunningham

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        > Michael, you have been saying the same thing over and over again for a
        > very long time with out much variation. So why are you here?
        > Laurie

        Since the woo-woos can't offer any credible evidence or convincing
        arguments, they often resort to irrelevant tactics such as this, questioning
        the motives of the skeptics.


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