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The Cosmic Awareness Predictions For The Year 2011

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  • OBE Dude
    Predictions at: http://cosmicchannelings.com/i/2011/368/655 In This Issue: After Ascension What Comes Next? Some Information on Hatonn What is the Difference
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2011
      Predictions at:


      In This Issue:
      After Ascension What Comes Next?
      Some Information on Hatonn
      What is the Difference Between Ascension and Being Dead?


      Full topics covered:

      The Powers That Be Plan Many Events to Occur
      Groups will develop who question authority
      The Political Situation in the U.S.
      The Two Party System is Starting to Break Apart
      More and more will demand a true change in 2011
      Hard Times will continue in America In 2011
      A more localized economy in 2011
      Canada will fare better than the U.S.
      The European Union will continue to struggle
      China will continue to grow toward world dominance (It may try to call in the debt owed to them by the U.S.)
      Problems between North and South Korea are manufactured
      Earth Changes Seen
      Disastrous Oil spill in Gulf has Created Great Problems
      New Technology and a Back to Nature Trend
      State of Health in the U.S.
      Third and Final Wave of Mummy Energies from Ra-Ta Experiment
      Powers That Be Are Losing-May Create New Terrorism
      More Intervention From the Galactic Federation
      Rapid Personal Growth for Individuals who Think Positively
      Don't get Sucked into Extreme Energies in 2011
      Planet X Or Planet Nibiru & Other Sky Phenomena In 2011
      Cover-Up will continue but the Internet will know
      Is Nibiru Causing the Earth to Wobble?
      The Wobble Will cause the Final Separation
      Galactic Federation Update
      An Increase of Personal Close Encounters of the 3" Kind
      Numerous Group Sightings Over 3rd World Countries
      The Mayan Calendar End
      October 22nd and October 28, 2011 Could be Extreme
      Light Workers Could Go Through the Portals on those Dates
      Earth Changes to be Experienced on those Dates
      The Energies of the Long Count
      Much Can Change
      In 2011 An Acceleration of Time Even Faster than Now
      Be Careful What You Wish For
      2011 Forecast (Part 2)
      Why Awareness Does Not Report the Sensational
      A More Neutral Forecast is Given
      Individuals Create What They Believe
      Forecasting a Year in Advance is Extremely Limited
      Some Information is Restricted to the Interpreter
      A Challenge for you to Create Your Own Timeline
      The Theme of Rebellion in 2011
      Rebellion will also be on a Personal Level
      What Awareness Wishes for You in 2011
      What Cac Members Must Do
      Energies Being Affected
      Mercury Retrograde is Occurring
      A Mysterious Shadow On The Sun
      Can Planet Nibiru Be Seen Now?
      Some Information On Hatonn
      The Galactic Federation will come to Awaken Individuals
      The Battle of the Soul to Awaken is now Happening
      The Main Battle that is Occurring Now
      Can We Trust Hatonn?
      Hidden Elements in the Ashtar Command
      Always use the BS Detector
      When the heart speaks loudly it is right or correct
      Is There More Than One Hatonn?
      Those who choose Planet B are having the God experience
      The Multidimensional Nature Of Entities
      The Unidimensional Level of Consciousness
      The Limits of Dualistic Thinking
      Mass Tunnel Vision
      After Ascension What Next?
      Some Will Experience a Reality Where Weather still plays a Role
      Making Money No Longer Necessary
      Those who believe they still need to work for a living
      What Is The Difference Between Ascension And Being Dead?
      The Movie: "What Dreams May Come" is Accurate
      Some will experience Transmogrification
      How Imagination Creates
      How Reality Right Now is Created
      How Collective Consciousness Limits Reality
      The "Hundredth Monkey" Concept
      Jobs That Make Big Money
      The Pleasure Principle versus the Pain Principle
      Why Tiger Woods Had his Painful Experience
      Be Open To What Is Coming
      Each Day Wake Up and Expect a Miracle

      Full article at:
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