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Re: Zeig Heil !

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  • Istari
    ... to ... half- ... to ... Mmmmmm.... sent to the wall ...as in placed against a wall, blindfolded then shot by facists with machine guns for the heinous
    Message 1 of 89 , Aug 31 11:58 PM
      --- In tt-watch@yahoogroups.com, "Jack Fisher"
      <jack_fisher_1914@y...> wrote:
      > --- In tt-watch@yahoogroups.com, "Istari" <ianrobertson5@b...>
      > > Just passing this info on folks. Suprise, suprise...the Emperor
      > Nero
      > > is at it again; burning down the new Rome so it can be rebuilt
      > > his (or his boss's)
      > now you see our First Amendment in action. Any lunatic with a
      > baked political screed can say anything without fear of being sent
      > the wall.

      Mmmmmm...."sent to the wall"...as in placed against a wall,
      blindfolded then shot by facists with machine guns for the heinous
      crime of being "unpatriotic" or "unAmerican"? How about
      these "lunatics" be locked up in a dingy rat infested dungeon for
      years without a trial by jury? Or being violently electricuted in
      the legendary Electric Chair for their "unpatriotic" & "unAmerican"
      beliefs? So Jack, what will you do when the Bush Facists come for
      you and your family....scream about the First Amendment? Read and
      note the writing on the wall well, and thank your lucky stars that
      there are SOME folk who are awake & aware!

      Have you read the polls "old man"? The country is split in two...the
      legacy of your hero and his actions. Go on, take a risk Jack....open
      your eyes ;)

    • Istari
      ... in ... True. I do because I must. My priorities though are different to yours. Why store up treasure when you can t take it with you when you die? I s
      Message 89 of 89 , Sep 11, 2004
        --- In tt-watch@yahoogroups.com, "Jack Fisher"
        <jack_fisher_1914@y...> wrote:
        > --- In tt-watch@yahoogroups.com, "Istari" <ianrobertson5@b...>
        > >
        > > Outer power is but a set of man-made rules; chains to keep our
        > > consciousness from expanding - the lowest common denominator. Is
        > the
        > > above all we as Human Beings are Jack?
        > you're playing by all the same rules too, unless you claim to live
        > a post-Apocalyptic, Mad Max-style world, where you are a law unto
        > yourself, which I doubt. the main difference is that I take
        > advantage of the system and prosper, while you merely complain and
        > wish that things will get better.

        True. I do because I must. My priorities though are different to
        yours. Why store up "treasure" when you can't take it with you when
        you die? I's rather focus on the treasures in my own soul: THE REAL.

        > Or is there MORE? Are we all
        > > but actors on a transient stage, or are we also the audience,
        > > theatre, the city, the country, the world? Get my point?
        > no, I don't get your point. but I promise to consider it this
        > weekend, down at the gun club, over scotch.

        GOOD! At least you have good taste in alcahol ;)

        > >
        > > > What kind of power are you talking about, and what do you
        > > to
        > > > do with it, exactly?
        > >
        > > Whether you believe in the "power" that you intrinsically are
        > > not, this "power" governs your life and effects the world. I'm
        > > talking about inner power, the power you were born with and the
        > > power you will die with too. What do I intend to do with it? Use
        > > for good ;)
        > I've used it to make a comfortable life for myself and family. I
        > never bothered with pseudo-radical coffee house maunderings about
        > things might be. I'd have a lot more respect for your philosophy
        > you went out and blew up something.

        I'm happy that you have a comfortable life for you and and your
        family Jack. Blow the "EGO" up because it is that what chains us all.
        > >
        > > > I'll tell you something else: I really don't give a shi'ite
        > which
        > > > party occupies the White House because the system will keep
        > > rolling
        > > > along regardless of who is president (1), but most of all
        > > I
        > > > have access to decision makers in the places it counts for me.
        > > >
        > > > Do you really think an awaking crowd of woowoos can dislodge
        > > kind
        > > > and establish some strange kind of Utopia where everyone wears
        > > white
        > > > ascension robes and dolphins fly through the trees?
        > >
        > > In a word..yes. Everything lives and dies...including
        > Civilisations,
        > > Govenments, societies, worldviews etc...I believe the present
        > > worldview is dying, to be replaced by another. The winds have
        > > changed direction and the walls are falling down. Humanity has
        > > reached the crossroads: either change or die.
        > you ought to relax, get a hobby, find a girlfriend, join the navy
        > see the world. enjoy life. its not going anywhere soon. I --
        > people like me but a whole lot worse -- will be around longer than
        > you realize.

        I don't believe so. I do have many hobbies; a girlfriend, I see the
        world (or some of it) with my mind. As for the Navy etc...I could
        never kill anyone so why bother?
        > >
        > > > (1) although I think Kerry is a political failure while Bush
        > > > likely to kill the kind of people who deserve killing.
        > >
        > > Who deserves to be killed, and what one Human Being (or any) has
        > the
        > > right to decide if another lives or dies?
        > who deserves to be killed? roughly speaking, killers who plan
        > murders, murderers for hire, mass murderers, torture murderers.
        > decides? the properly constituted courts of this country, after
        > afford the accused the full measure of due process of law.
        > al-qaida members excepted. if not shot outright, they should be
        > captured and turned over to the Isrealis for proper disposal.

        I don't believe in Capital Punishment. It has to be said, we live in
        very different worlds Jack. Our daily thought must be very different.
        > This is barbarity at it's
        > > most finest Jack. You either forgive the enemy or BECOME the
        > >
        > > Istari
        > no forgiveness for bin Laden. you want barbarity? I'll give you
        > barbarity. I'd pull off his arms and legs and sew him up, alive,
        > the carcass of a corn fed monster of an Iowa pig, and bury it in a
        > fire ant nest while it shrinks in the sun.
        > I'll let you weep for his soul.

        The short time we are alive here is a very short time indeed in the
        scheme of things. Be careful because we must answer for everything
        when we leave.

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